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Well respected within the film, broadcast, and theater technical communities since 1971, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation.
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  • RM - Remote Control for SM Series Transmitters The RM gives you remote control of SM Series transmitters* using an audible tone delivered through the lavaliere microphone attached to the unit. Operating parameters on the transmitter can be set by holding the speaker on the RM close to the microphone and pressing the pushbutton. A "dweedle" tone will play from the RM speaker into the microphone and the parameter on the transmitter will be set immediately. The RM2 offers an economical alternative, with the same functionality of the RM except the ability to change frequencies. *Firmware version 1.5 or higher required for use with SM, SMD, SMQ models. Functions with all firmware versions in SMa, SMDa, SMQa transmitters.
  • MM400c - Water-Resistant Digital Hybrid Wireless™ Miniature Transmitter The rugged, water resistant MM400C is based on Digital Hybrid Wireless(R) technology, a revolutionary new design that combines 24-bit digital audio with an analog FM radio link. The result is outstanding audio quality plus the extended operating range of the best analog wireless systems in a package that can withstand the most extreme moisture and temperature environments. The MM400C is conveniently powered by a single AA battery, with internal switching power supplies providing constant voltages to the transmitter circuits from the beginning (1.5 volts) to the end (0.85 volts) of battery life. The 100 mW output with an RF circulator/isolator in the output stage provides excellent operating range while virtually eliminating intermodulation problems common in multichannel environments. The 4.5 hour battery life (lithium) is comparable to standard transmitter models operating on 9 V batteries.
  • HM - Digital Hybrid Wireless® UHF Plug-on Transmitter The HM Digital Hybrid® UHF plug-on transmitter features a DSP-based design that allows the transmitter to operate in its native Digital Hybrid Wireless® mode, Lectrosonics 200 Series, 100 Series, IFB product groups, plus two modes for compatibility with analog receivers from other manufacturers. A unique multi-voltage phantom power feature allows the transmitter to be used with virtually any microphone, including high-current condenser types, expanding its usefulness in high-end applications such as motion picture production.
  • SMV - Single Battery - UHF Belt Pack Transmitters To meet the demand for both extended operating range and extended battery life, the "V" series SM transmitters offer selectable output power of 100 or 250 mW. A third selection at 50 mW is provided for some theatrical applications where the system design specifies lower transmitter power. The input section features the unique servo bias input circuitry with a standard TA5M type jack for use with electret lavaliere mics, dynamic mics, or line level signals. A DSP-controlled analog audio limiter is employed before the A-D converter. The limiter has a range of more than 30 dB for excellent overload protection and a dual release envelope that makes the limiter acoustically transparent while maintaining low distortion. The limiter recovers quickly from brief transients, with no audible side effects, and also recovers slowly from sustained high levels to keep audio distortion low while preserving short term dynamics.
  • LMa - Digital Hybrid UHF Belt Pack Transmitter The LMa transmitter brings Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology to a moderate cost level while preserving superb performance and maximum flexibility. A unique benefit of the LMa design is multi-mode compatibility with several different hybrid and analog receivers. Best performance is achieved when the LM transmitter is used with a hybrid receiver, however, the DSP also provides emulation of an analog compandor so the unit can be switched for use with 100 and 200 Series Lectrosonics receivers.
  • RM2 - Remote Control for SM Series Transmitters As an economical alternative to the full-function RM, The RM2 provides remote control of SM Series transmitters using a "dweedle" tone played into the microphone to enable and disable the Sleep and Lock modes, and to adjust the transmitter input gain. In situations where the transmitter is buried in costumes and not easily accessible, remote control saves time, extends battery life during extended waiting periods and eliminates last minute costuming adjustments. Separate buttons and a level control are provided for each function to simplify operation. The RM2 has the same functionality as the RM, except for the ability to set frequency.

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