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products are developed for deployment at the design phase of ASICs and SOCs to create and embed micro testers in a device to self-test and diagnose at operating speed throughout its lifetime.
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  • ETSystemMemory - Embedded External Memory Test LogicVision?s ETSystemMemory provides a complete solution for the at-speed testing of component memories. The solution provides support for most SRAM and DRAM memories, including those that utilize burst modes of operations, such as DDR and QDR memories. 
  • ETMemory - Memory BIST LogicVision's ETMemory provides a complete solution for at-speed testing, diagnosis and repair of embedded memories, targeted specifically for nanometer scale designs. On-chip generated algorithmic test patterns are delivered to the memories at application clock frequencies.  
  • Silicon Insight Silicon Insight Desktop is a PC or laptop solution that enables test bring-up and silicon characterization to be performed on devices containing LogicVision BIST capabilities. Silicon Insight Desktop provides a fully interactive graphical debug environment that runs on any Linux platform.
  • ETBoundary - Boundary Scan ETBoundary provides a complete solution for the creation and integration of boundary scan cells and related control logic for embedded test and diagnosis of integrated circuit (IC) semiconductor I/O as well as test and diagnosis of board-level interconnect nets between ICs.
  • ETLogic - Embedded Logic Test ETLogic is industry-proven embedded test and measurement IP and corresponding design automation software for the at-speed test and diagnosis of digital logic blocks. This product's random-pattern-based approach provides the most efficient trade-off between test time and test quality.
  • ETPLL - Embedded PLL Test ETPLL provides unique and comprehensive IP for the digital characterization and production test of analog phase locked loops. ETPLL enables the on-chip testing of critical PLL parameters essential for the success of today?s timing critical, multi-clock domain ASICs. 
  • ETCompression - ATPG Compression LogicVision's ETCompression is a deterministic test compression solution that builds upon the LogicVision's embedded logic test capabilities. ETCompression provides test time and test volume compression values equal to other 3rd party compression solutions, but also offers true at-speed launch-on-shift test application using LogicVision's patented Burst-Mode test timing architecture. 
  • ETSerdes - Embedded SerDes Test The explosive adoption of high speed serial data links and the proliferation of multi-lane SerDes channels have created a new set of challenges for semiconductor design and test teams. These multi-Gbps low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) channels are proliferating in many standard forms, including PCI express, Gbit Ethernet, Serial ATA, RapidIO, Fiber Channel and Infiniband to name just a few.

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