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A pioneer in the industry, Electrom Instruments started making surge testers in the 1980’s and produced the first digital Winding Analyzer in the early ‘90s, revolutionizing the motor testing industry. Today computers and software contribute to a greater level of instrument performance, flexibility, and ease of use. Electrom Instruments is proud to continue spearheading technological advances for motor, generator, and coil testing products, and remains an industry leader with the latest and most ...
Phone 800.833.1881
+1 720.491.3580
Fax +1 720.491.3533
Address 1821 Lefthand Circle, Unit A
P.O. Box 745
Loveland, , Colorado 80501
United States
Email info@electrominst.com
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  • ATF-11 - Armature Test Fixture The ATF-11 is a one size fits all fixture used when testing DC Armatures. It has a one step set-up and allows one hand operation so the other hand can be used to operate the iTIG. It should be used together with the Foot Switch.
    Electrom Instruments
  • iTIG - Winding Analyzer The iTIG is a complete "all in one" Winding Analyzer. Its main function is that of an insulation tester designed to safely detect weak or unstable insulation at voltages far below what the apparatus being tested is designed to withstand.
    Electrom Instruments
  • iTIG II - Winding Analyzer and Motor Tester Like its predecessor - the Electrom iTIG surge tester - the iTIG II has a modular and flexible design. It comes in several different models with varying options and output ranges from 4kV to 12kV to fit most budgets. Tests and product features can be added to various models at any time as the needs of the user change.
    Electrom Instruments
  • Power Pack The Power Pack is used to test large and high voltage rotating machines such as slow speed 4,160V, to 13,800V electric motors All tests available with the iTIG are standard in all Power Packs when used together with an iTIG. Power Packs may be used for Stand Alone DC Hi-Pot and Megohm Testing.
    Electrom Instruments

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