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Mobile Metrics is a specialized company that focuses exclusively on wireless data test tools.
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  • Torrent 5100 - GGSN Test System The Torrent 5100 test system represents the state of the art in UMTS/GPRS traffic generation systems. It features highly realistic mobile simulation and full automation capabilities which can be used to both increase GGSN quality and decreasting testing cost and effort. Support for a wide number of protocols including HTTP, WAP, MMS, PTT, SMTP, POP3, FTP, and ICMP is built in, as is support for dynamic routing protocols and IP fragmentation.
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  • Torrent 6100 STS - SGSN Test System Whether you're testing a standalone SGSN, or a CGSN (combined SGSN/GGSN), the Torrent 6100 STS offers the same industry-leading, Third Generation characteristics of the Torrent suite.
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  • Torrent 6200 LTS - LTE Test System ยป The Torrent 6200 LTS The Torrent 6200 LTS (LTE Test System) is designed to comprehensively test enhanced Node Bs (eNBs) as well as mobile stations in a complete, turnkey LTE esystem. It builds on the architecutre established by the the Torrent 7200 WiMAX and like it promises to allow thousands of emulated mobiles to stress test the eNB or eNBs under test. The Torrent 6200 will be available in two varients; one which actually tests the airlink and one which bypasses it entirely for cases in which MAC rather than MAC/PHY testing is of interest. Availability: 1H11.
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  • Torrent 7100 WTS - WiMAX Test System The Torrent 7100 WTS (WiMAX Test System) is the world's first test system for ASN gateways and CSNs (Press Release) and has been in the field since September of 2006.
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  • Torrent 4100 - MIP/WiFi Testing The Torrent 4100 test system exercises WiFi and Mobile IP networks to ensure robustness and quality. With the same software, it can work over a real WiFi network or simulate a WiFi network.
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  • Torrent 7200 - WTS (WiMAX Test System) The Torrent 7200 WTS (WiMAX Test System) architecture builds on the successful Torrent platform, adapting it for WiMAX Base Station testing. The flexible Torrent 7200 WTS gives you three ways to test your Base Station over real or simulated R1 airlinks: 1. By a custom API into your lab's R1 simulator 2. By a custom API directly into your Base Station, bypassing R1 3.
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