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InterWorking Labs optimizes application performance in mobile, cloud, and wide area networks. The Company's products and services help customers diagnose, replicate, and remediate the performance of embedded systems and network applications. InterWorking Labs empowers its global customers to develop and deploy the highest quality and most reliable network devices while maximizing the most utility from their networks. Notable clients include Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, AT&T, BMW, Boeing, C ...
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  • Maxwell G ® - One Gigabit Network Emulator The Maxwell® G Network Emulator will create the same real-world conditions that affect production networks in your lab or on your desktop, so you can visualize and understand the effects of these conditions on your application or embedded system prior to deployment.

    Maxwell G offers a simple, easy to use, graphical interface to get you up and running quickly.

    Maxwell G is well suited to training and learning environments, demonstrations and trade shows, and testing, validation and troubleshooting.

    Limiting bandwidth to see how your new application will perform on slower network connections, particularly wireless, is one of the most popular applications for Maxwell G
    InterWorking Labs
  • Service Agreements | Consultations | Training Sessions | Product Reviews Depending on the product, InterWorking Labs provides a 90 day or 12 month standard warranty covering software updates and hardware replacement in the event of hardware failure. For extra protection, additional service agreements may be purchased.

    InterWorking Labs offers consultations and complimentary training sessions worldwide via web-conferencing to meet their clientele's needs.

    InterWorking Labs educates, informs, and enlightens current and prospective clients and investors about saving the world from network failures through our press releases, white papers, tweets and blogs. Support this important mission by letting us know how IWL can help. Have you used an IWL product to prevent a network failure? Do you need our CEO or CTO to speak out on: network test methodology, likelihood of occurrence of network events, product reviews, ICANN, the History of the Internet (HOTI), and more?
    InterWorking Labs
  • Mini Maxwell ® - Network Emulator Rack Unit As an alternative to the compact, portable, and lightweight enclosure, Mini Maxwell is now available as a rack unit for customers desiring physical security in their test labs.

    The Mini Maxwell Network Emulator Rack Unit package is available now at a price of $2,256.

    Includes: processor, memory, three Ethernet interfaces, and power supply in one rack unit. Linux OS, Mini Maxwell® network emulator engine, graphical user interface. 90 Day Warranty.
    InterWorking Labs
  • SilverCreek SNMP Libraries, APIs, and Tools InterWorking Labs provides software developers with a full set of libraries and tools for creating network applications. With full support for SNMPv3 security as well as a comprehensive set of tools, SilverCreek SNMP APIs and Tools is the ideal solution for creating network management applications.

    SilverCreek's APIs are written in C++ and are accessible through a Tcl shell or command line or a Tcl program. Tcl, the Tool Command Language, is a flexible, interpretive language, popular for network applications.

    Price includes technical support, updates, bug fixes, and new releases for 90 days.

    If you require SNMP Tests, please contact:
    InterWorking Labs

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