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Provides innovative functional test, machine vision and automation solutions to the automotive, optoelectronics, telecommunication and consumer electronics industries. Alfautomazione is an ISO9001 certified company. Alfautomazione’s technical specialists are located in its headquarter in Lissone, Italy and branch offices in the USA, France, Brazil and Singapore.
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  • DAB Toolkit - LabVIEW-based DAB/DAB+/DMB Generator The NI LabVIEW-based DAB/DAB+/DMB generator is essential in factory testing facilities to verify the performance of radio receivers in manufacturing, design validation, and quality assurance applications.
    The DAB generator:
    * Stores and plays signal waveforms at RF frequency
    * Is ideal for R&D validation test
    * Is ideal for manufacturing test automation
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • V-Series - Accessories Cables, Connectors, and Adaptors Alfamation offers custom accessories for the FlexMedia V-Series family of products, featuring: * VHDCI high-speed grade connectors * High-speed and integrity twinax cabling * Shielded 100 ? twin pairs * 1.9 Gb/s speed grade (950 MHz) * 15 ps typical time skew * Standard cable lengths: 1000 mm
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • LTCX Video Probes - Accessories for FlexMedia A-Series Products Completing the FlexMedia A-Series family, Alfamation's LTCX video probes offer:

    * Maximized signal integrity along 30 ft (10 m) of coaxial cabling
    * Optimal solution for LVDS test through RF shielded boxes
    * Reduced LVDS test solution cost
    * Wide variety of proprietary and open standard LVDS probes
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • NavRadio DP - Dual Software-Defined Radio Player NavRadio DP is a PXI/PXIe solution that fully interprets the software defined radio paradigm. NavRadio DP operates in combination with a wide variety of radio modulation software (including GPS mono, FM/RDS, DAB/DAB+/DMB, and NI GPS), allowing it to simultaneously play two radio streams over independent RF channels.
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • Pacemaker Battery Tester - Lithium Battery Tester Alfamation's Pacemaker Battery Tester (BDU) is an independent instrument that performs quality testing over lithium batteries for implantable devices like pacemakers.
    The instrument is Ethernet LAN controlled and autonomously operates the battery contacting the constant current or constant resistance battery discharge cycles. It also monitors and stores battery voltage, sunk current, and temperature values.
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • X-Raptor PCR - Fully Automated X-Ray Tire Testing Machine The next-generation X-Raptor PCR provides tire manufacturers with a fast and reliable approach to quality inspection and quantitative control of passenger and light truck tires, while reducing overall cost of ownership. This Plug & Play system is a powerful, compact and innovative off-the-shelf solution for superior tire imaging. X-Raptor is portable, incorporates green technology for reduced consumption, and is configurable for both off-line and in-line use. Built-in manual measurement functions offer ease of use, and Automated Defect Recognition is optional.
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • DashTest C - Compact End-of-Line Instrument Cluster Test With DashTest C, Alfamation brings its engineering passion, domain experience and creativity to a new level.. This product is an off-the-shelf compact and comprehensive end-of-line tester ,designed for inspection and calibration of automotive instrument clusters, including electromechanical pointers as well as full digital displays such as LCD and VFD dashboards, HVAC control panels, radio& telematics front panels.
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • Tire-X 3000 - X-Ray Inspection System for Truck and Bus Tires The Tire-X 3000 is an automated x-ray system for bus and truck tire inspection. Tire-X 3000 is designed to identify foreign materials, body ply cords, chafer dimensions, bad splices, and belt step offs. This system, which delivers a superior tire image, also offers automatic detection of certain tire defects.
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • FlexMedia VA-01 - High-Definition LVDS Video Analyzer The FlexMedia VA-01 features high-speed LVDS HD Video BER Analysis with exceptional performance and compactness, through the industry-standard NI PXI/PXIe and the FPGA-based NI FlexRIO technology.
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • RDS Toolkit - LabVIEW-Based Toolkit for AM/FM and RDS Radio Receivers Test The RDS Toolkit offers AM/FM/RDS signal modulations used in manufacturing test as well as R&D product validation tests.
    * Supports a wide selection of audio signals
    * RDS features include radio-text, enhanced other network, and alternative frequencies
    * Offers customizable signal configurations
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • GPS Toolkit - Multi-Satellite GPS Simulator Format Converter This LabVIEW VI converter interfaces to the NI GPS toolkit (purchased separately) to create a NAVRADIO-DP compliant stream file, and is ideal for implementing GPS receivers test in manufacturing, quality assurance, and R&D applications.
    * Create GPS tests quickly and easily in LabVIEW
    * Essential satellite simulator for performance verification
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • FlexMedia AM-02 - Parallel Testing for Infotainment Systems The FlexMedia AM-02 integrates a multi-format and multichannel analog video generator, a dual-channel LVDS analyzer, and dual-channel LIN, K-line, I²C, and SPI communication interfaces in a single instrument. Targeted for applications using parallel testing technology, the FlexMedia AM-02 allows for accurate and high-performance testing of two products simultaneously.
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • FlexMedia AM-03 - Comprehensive Solution for Infotainment Test The FlexMedia AM-03 provides a wide collection of interfaces to meet your single-channel test needs. * Widest variety of communication interfaces * Single-channel CAN HS/LS/SW, LIN, K-Line, I²C, and SPI interfaces * Dual LVDS input channel 18-bit color video analyzer * PAL/NTSC composite and components analog video generator * Output video matrix supports differential video
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • A-Series - Accessories Cables, Connectors, and Adaptors Alfamation and its partners offer various cables and accessories to meet your infotainment test solution needs. For more information or pricing, contact us.
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.
  • FlexMedia AM-01 - Video Test for Infotainment Systems The FlexMedia AM-01 integrates a dual-channel LVDS analyzer and a multi-format analog video generator in a single instrument. * Dual LVDS input channel 18-bit color video analyzer * PAL/NTSC composite and components analog video generator * Output video matrix supports differential video
    Alfautomazione S.r.l.

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