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Our core competence is Video DNA Technology, which extracts the most essential information from digital images. It is based on our unique image compression technology, which evolved from basic research conducted at KDDI R&D Laboratories over a period of more than 30 years.
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  • QuMax-2000 - Single/Double Stimulus Video Quality Monitoring Multi-Channel Baseband Video Quality Monitoring / Audio Quality Monitoring Equipment. The QuMax-2000 is a video quality monitoring and audio quality monitoring device for High Definition and Standard definition that automatically detects video and audio errors in real time, including Lip Sync.
  • VP21S - Double Stimulus Video Quality Evaluation The VP21S achieves automated, real-time video quality measurement and picture quality analysis by comparing the source and the tested video. Our patented Video DNA Technology gives video quality evaluation that highly correlates with subjective testing according to ITU standards (DSCQS*). Video synchronization is done automatically by the equipment, and analysis is done at pixel level of detail. VP21S is mainly used for CODEC evaluation, QA verification and SDTV system performance improvements.
  • TS-7815 - TS Analyzer The TS-7815 is user friendly and its light compact design (3U half rack), alarm function and flash memory are special added features that distinguishes it from other TS analyzers. Measurement features include TS bit rate measurement, PID list display, program tree display, PCR jitter measurement, and PTS/DTS analysis (no PC required). Any basic element of the TS can be analyzed in real time.
  • VP21H - Video Quality Analyzer High Definition and Standard Definition Baseband Picture Quality Measurement and Video Quality Analysis Device. The VP21H is a powerful high-picture quality measurement and analysis device for Baseband Video (HD/SD SDI).
  • VP-3000S - Portable SCTE104/SCTE35 Analyzer This affordable and portable device analyzes SCTE35 and SCTE104 messages in MPEG over IP and SDI signals in real time making it easy for content providers, broadcasters, encoder/decoder manufacturers, and technicians to verify advertisement insertion along their broadcast chain. It includes multiple GPI interfaces for measuring immediate commercial insertions via external signals.
  • Video DNA Analyzer Software Video DNA Analyzer monitors quality (base band quality) of the transmitted video in real time. Video DNA Analyzer is most effective to monitor the quality of digital moving video that is transmitted through the networks.

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