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  • STATIRON DS3 - Static Electricity Measuring Instrument Statiron DS3 portable precision static electricity measuring instrument with digital display, capable of measuring the potential of a charged object without touching it. It measures static electricity by causing the electric field that the detecting electrode receives to vary, thus converting it into AC voltage.
    Shishido Electrostatic
  • STATIRON DZ3 - Static Field Meter Statiron DZ3 is a handy-type static field meter with digital display, capable of measuring ESD checking. This is an epoch-making single-unit measuring instrument that can perform measurement of static potential in 3 different modes: normal (instantaneous value), peak value hold, and AC potential.
    Shishido Electrostatic
  • h-0110 - Static Honestmeter Attenuation Meter For plastics or synthetic fiber, enormous number and type of high polymer are used in broad areas. As these materials are insulators, static electricity is easily generated and electrification is apt to occur in these materials, causing various problems. Because of this, the major task is to measure the electrostatic characteristics of these materials and devise a countermeasure.
    Shishido Electrostatic
  • Statiron DX - Static Field Meter This is a handy-size ESD Field meter, incorporating multiple functionalities including measurement of surface potential of ESD objects, monitoring of charged plate, and monitoring of ion balance.
    Shishido Electrostatic

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