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Developer's of dvbSAM the most comprehensive DVB-H analysis, measurement, test and monitoring solution.
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  • SAMitor - The DVB-H Video Wall * watch all DVB-H video services live and simultaneously * adjustable number of monitor columns * support of several media libraries (VLC, Quicktime) * 5 different monitor sizes to optimal fit to the available screen size * support of DVB-H, DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-S2
    Decontis GmbH
  • SAMcover - DVB-H Coverage Measurement SAMcover collects all coverage relevant data from a GPS mouse and from SAMbera and stores the results into an MSSQL database for further processing. From this database the relevant data for displaying the coverage measurement results can be filtered and visualized via Google Maps or Google Earth.
    Decontis GmbH
  • SAM-CV 100 - DVB-H Coverage Measurement SAM-CV 100 is a portable DVB-H coverage measurement device. It can be delivered on either laptop or tablet PC hardware and is suited for both field coverage measurement inside a car and even by walk, because of its lightweight and no need for external power.
    Decontis GmbH
  • SAMflute - DVB-H Data Carousel * Reception of IP streams containing FLUTE/ALC carousels * support of IP multicast * extraction and storage of all FDT instances * extraction and storage of all transmitted files * display of announced and received data and files * measurement of carousel cycle time * calculation of the file transfer bitrate for each carousel * several simultaneous FLUTE carousel receivers * useable also for FLUTE file reception in IP based networks * decoding of XML ESG and announcement files * archiving of all received files
    Decontis GmbH
  • SAMager - SNMP based DVB-H Monitoring * SNMP Master Agent functionality * Support of SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 * Powerful decontis Base-MIB for monitoring and configuration purposes * Real-Time Monitoring all DVB-H relevant parameters of ETSI TR 101 290 * Real-Time Monitoring of additional DVB-H parameters as Jitter, MPE-FEC ... * Real-Time Monitoring of ESG receipt * Automatic start/re-start of dvbSAM components * Individual configuration of Error- and Warning-levels * Automatic creation of TS snapshots if an error-level is exceeded * Logging of all SNMP operations
    Decontis GmbH
  • SAM-MT 450 - ATSC & ATSC-M/H Monitoring Probe via SNMP SAM-MT 450 is an SNMP enabled ATSC and ATSC M/H monitoring probe, which covers SNMP based monitoring of all important parameters on all technical layers. It covers: RF layer, MPEG2 layer, M/H layer, IP/UDP/RTP/SDP layer, FLUTE layer, ESG layer, Audio/Video layer, Application layer (EPG, Closed Captioning), Conditional Access layer.
    Decontis GmbH
  • SAMalyzer - Analyze DVB-H Streams With SAMalyzer an in-depth analysis of DVB-H transport streams can be performed. It simplifies finding problems and errors within DVB-H and other DVB transport streams.
    Decontis GmbH
  • atscSAM - Analysis Pack for ATSC & ATSC-M/H atscSAM Analysis Pack for ATSC+ATSC-M/H consists of high-end software components for in-depth anlaysis of ATSC+ATSC-M/H live broadcasts and recorded ATSC+ATSC-M/H transport streams on all technical layers.
    Decontis GmbH

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