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RF Field Strength Meters

measure magnitude of electromagnetic field.

See Also: Electromagnetic Field, RF Power Meters

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  • Field Strength Meter

    SMP2 - Wavecontrol, S.L.

    2-in-1: broadband measurements (1 Hz - 18 GHz) and spectrum analysis (1 Hz – 400 kHz)Real-time FFT-based spectrum analysis using digital processing.Weighted Peak Method (WPM) for automatic and real time comparison with limits.Special auto-gain function for peak detection (indispensable for procedures such as welding).Display of results in RMS and peak values.Function for time domain measurement of a specific frequency.Automatic field probe recognition.E&H field selection.Total field value and value for each component (X, Y, Z).Frequency SPAN selection.High Pass Filters at 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 25 Hz and 100 Hz.Max-hold function.Display of maximum, minimum and average

  • Field Strength Meter

    DIGI-FIELD - I.C. Engineeering

    Measuring radio frequency and microwave radiation has never been easier! This unit covers the amazing range of DC - 12 GHz and will give you digital readout of the relative field strength of broadcast signals such as cellular phone, microwave oven leakage, TV station, CB radios using the (1MHz - 1GHz) telescoping antenna provided.