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sense and display measures of gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration or light.

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  • Bolt Tension Meter and Monitors


    Ultrasonic Bolt Tension Monitors (Extensometers) measure the elongation produced by tightening a threaded fastener. Our line of monitors can measure the elongation very accurately in fasteners of virtually any material from 1/2 inch to 4 feet in length. The operator uses the to instrument measure the length of a bolt or fastener before it is tightened and again after it is tightened to calculate the delta or change in length. The on-board microcomputer automatically interprets this measurement to display the time (nanoseconds), elongation, load, stress, or %strain from stretching a fastener.

  • Broadband Field Meter

    NBM-520 - Narda Safety Test Solutions

    Available with Isotropic Probes to cover 100 kHz to 60 GHz. Plug-and-Play Probe Interface with Automatic Probe Parameter Detection. Fully Automatic Zeroing. Extra Small and Lightweight

  • Broadcast Loudness Meter

    LM100 - Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

    Measures the subjective loudness of dialogue within broadcast programming. The LM100 employs Dialogue Intelligence technology that automatically analyzes and measures the input signal only during the presence of dialogue.

  • Bucket Rain Gauge Meter

    HD 2013 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2013 is a reliable and sturdy bucket rain gauge, built entirely from corrosion resistant materials in order to guarantee its durability. So as to ensure accurate measurement even with low temperature climatic conditions or during and after precipitations of snow, a version with a heater which is automatically activated around +4C has been developed so that snow deposits and ice formations are prevented.The rain gauge is formed by a metal base on which a tipping bucket is set. The rain collector cone, fixed to the aluminium cylinder, channels the water inside the tipping bucket: once the predefined level is reached, the calibrated bucked rotates under the action of its own weight, discharging the water. During the rotation phase, the usually closed reed contact opens for a fraction of a second, sending an impulse to the counter.The quantity of rainfall measured is based on the count of the number of times the bucket is emptied: the reed contacts, usually closed, open at the moment of the rotation between one bucket's section and the other. The number of impulses can be detected and recorded by a datalogger such as the HD2013-D DeltaOhm or by a pulse counter.A removable filter for periodic cleaning and maintenance is inserted in the water collector cone so as to prevent leaves or other elements blocking the end of the hole.For better water flow, the collector cone is treated with a teflon paint.The HD2013R, the version with a heater, operates using either 12Vdc or 24Vdc voltage and uses about 35W. Heating is activated around +4C.When submitting your order, upon request a bird dissuader, made of 8 3 mm diameter spikes, 60 mm in height, can be installed on the rain gauge.

  • Cable Length Meter

    CLM33 - Fine Instruments Corp.

    The CLM33 quickly measures the length of any reeled wire up to 9,000m(30,000ft) and with the gauges from 26AWG to 500MCM. Within seconds, cables up to 9,000m can be measured and digitally displayed without the cumbersome unrolling of cable reels. Very useful for electrical contractors, utilities and distributors to control inventories of wire

  • Cable Length Meter

    Shanghai Beihan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    only required one cable end (with two wires、• Cannot only used for multi-wire conductors !• 58 fixed, pre-programmed measurement ranges,representing the most common cable types• 87 variable measurement ranges, individually programmable by the user to measure customer specific conductor and cable types• Cable and conductor length measurement up to approx. 2000 m (depending on the cable type)• Detection of line interruptions or short-circuits to assist trouble shooting, in one or more strands of a multicore cable

  • Cable Phasing Meter

    4183 CP - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    Safely operates at low voltage ● Measures system voltage.● Measures capacitance of test point if system voltage is known.● Checks phase rotation of cables.● Phases out cables.● Rugged - comes with portable case.● Operates from potential test point of elbow connec-tors.● Battery operated.

  • Capacitor Leakage Current Meter

    DU2316/2317 - Delta United Instrument Co., Ltd.

    Leackage Current range display: 0.0001uA ~ 20.00mAAutomatic or Manual trigger with CHARGE/TEST/DISCHARGE100 sets of memory, can be saved test parameter and comparator setting, easy to use.Cover up free, system firmware upgrade can be update via RS-232, easy to maintenanceHi / Lo current limit setting & PASS/FAIL judgment240*64 Graphic LCD display, can be read the reading clearly and easier.User friendly programmable interface, easy to useProvided RS-232C and Handler combinatorial interface option, to meet your needed

  • Bearings Vibration Meter

    HG-2510 - Rinch Industrial Co.,Limited

    DETECTING VIBRATION INTENSITY OF EQUIPMENT Vibration Detection of Machinery Equipment Hitches of rotary machinery will result in abnormal vibtation. Increasing of low frequency vibration intensigy can be caused by unbalance of rotor, nonaxiality of rotating axis,looseness of base and iol membrane vibration of bearings.

  • Belt Tension Meter

    BTM-400PLUS - Checkline

    Supplied with 2 sensor probes - plug-in type for one-hand operation and cable-connected type for limited-access locations

  • Bench Combined Conductivity/pH Meter

    3540 - Jenway

    The 3540 is ideal for use in all laboratories where pH and conductivity analyses are required. The setup menu gives quick and easy access to the whole range of instrument, pH and conductivity measurement options. Calibration of both channels is automatic, with the option to select 1, 2 or 3 calibration points. The pH channel can also display mV values if required.

  • Bench-top Optical Power Meter

    ST-3201N - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    It is a test instrument with a high precision and wide measurement range developed by us and designed for the factory and the research and development institution, It got the features of easily for operation, precious testing result, and durable to use, ST3201N is an ideal testing instrument which can instead the advanced imported products and with the better cost-performance ratio.

  • Bili Light Meter

    Olympic Bili - Meter - Netech Corp.

    The Olympic Bili-Meter has long been recognized as the standard of accuracy for measuring irradiance during neonatal phototherapy - used for almost 20 years in thousands of nurseries worldwide. Now the new Model 22 Bili-Meter offers the same trusted accuracy along with several improved features, including memory.


    Nippen Electrical Instruments Co.

    NIPPEN Bimetallic maximum demand ammeters with integration times of 15 or 30 minutes. with utilities increasingly being vigilant about such demand that influences billing of energy consumed, are increasingly sought in panels. There are two models to choose from. Model MD-96 has only a slave pointer attached to the bimetal movement. In Model MD-96S, the instantaneous values ,can also be monitored in addition to the maximum demand values, by the additional moving iron movement.

  • Dew Point meter

    HT-6292 - Rinch Industrial Co.,Limited

    Dew Point meterMODEL: HT-6292 MEASUREMENT RANGE:TEMP.:-10~60?HUMIDITY:10~95%RHDEW POINT:-60~60?