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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Brushless DC Motor Drivers


    ST’s STSPIN drivers for 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors includes power drivers in a 3-phase bridge configuration and integrated solutions with built-in decoding logic for Hall-effect sensors.

  • Modular Rack-Mounted Multi-Channel Position Sensing System

    KDM-8206 - Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products

    * Modularized rack format* Standard 3U by 7T Eurocard modules* Resolution to 10 microinches or better* Multiple channels, rack mounted or bench-top enclosures* 16 standard sensors

  • Gas

    Automation Components Inc.

    For toxic and combustible gas, as well as refrigerant leak detection, ACI’s line of gas sensors will solve the most challenging applications with the fewest devices and lowest total installed cost

  • Centor Dual R, 2 channels force gauge, external load cell

    CNR DLR - Com-Ten Industries

    The force gauge Centor Dual R series have all the functions of a Centor STAR R force gauge. And thanks to its ability to read two sensors simultaneously with a 500 Hertz sampling rate per channel, the force gauge Centor Dual is a true test console. It offers all of the functionality of an efficient force gauge, its calculating power enables it to save values from two different sensors simultaneously, to monitor set points and to perform calculations on each channel.

  • Device Current Waveform Analyzer

    CX3300 Series - Keysight Technologies

    The mainframes of CX3300 series of Device Current Waveform Analyzers captures measured current waveforms by the Current Sensors with a maximum of 200 MHz wide bandwidth and a maximum of 1 GSa/s fast sampling rate. The data acquisition is done by 14-bit or 16-bit by just selecting the "High Speed Mode" or "High Resolution Mode" from the front panel. To maintain the low noise current sensing capabilities of the Current Sensors, the mainframes are also designed to minimize the noise even under such wide measurement bandwidth.

  • Magnet Wheels Pulse Generators

    199SM / 198EM Magnet Wheels - Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    Magnet wheels work with Electro-Sensors Hall Effect shaft speed sensors providing 120 alternating magnetic poles around the circumference of the 3.75" diameter. The 199SM models mount around shafts up to 3" in diameter and are secured with set screws (provided). The 198EM mounts on the end of a shaft with a 10-32 UNF screw (provided - requires center drilling and tapping the shaft).• Use with 906, 906B, 1101 and other Hall Effect, non-metallic-end-capped shaft speed sensors (consult factory)

  • Wind Measurement and Meteorological System

    Moriah - Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd.

    MWS is a solid-state system with no moving parts, so providing a highly accurate, reliable and low cost of ownership system, which is ideal for supporting ship based aviation activities. The system comprises of 1 to 5 Solid State Wind Sensors, Dual Redundant Processor Unit, a range of Multi-Function Color Displays (8.4”, 10.4” and 15.0”) and utility Software/Graphic User Interfaces. In addition full Meteorological capability can be achieved with the inclusion of Air Temperature & Humidity, Air Pressure and Sea Temperature Sensors.

  • Instrumentation Tutor

    Unitech Scales And Measurements Pvt. Ltd

    This comprises of temperature and speed using different methods. RTD, thermistor and thermocouple are used as sensors with digital temperature indicator to measure temperature. A small water kettle is supplied as a temperature source upto 100°C. Glass bead thermometer is used as standard temperature measurement source to conduct the experiment. Magnetic and photo reflective sensors are used to measure speed. A FHP motor with speed regulator is used as speed source. To the shaft 60 teeth tone wheels are fixed to generate pulses.

  • Detectors

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' photodetectors are capable of detecting light throughout the UV, VIS, NIR, IR, and THz spectral regions. Our photodetectors feature sensors that enable properties such as intensity, power, intensity distribution, wavefront shape, energy, and wavelength to be measured. We offer unmounted photodiodes as well as amplified, biased, and avalanche photodetectors. Thermal power detectors are available unmounted, mounted on a PCB, or mounted on an aluminum plate. Also available are position-detecting sensors, integrating spheres, and an acoustic detection module.

  • Space & Science Imaging

    Teledyne e2v

    Teledyne e2v has been trusted to design and deliver CCD and CMOS imaging sensors and sub-systems for over 150 space missions by the world's largest space agencies, including NASA, ESA, JAXA, CNSA and most recently for the Russian-led World Space Observatory.We offer space imaging solutions, including space qualified imaging sensors, arrays and sub-systems for space science, ground astronomy and Earth observation; helping solve the mysteries of the Universe and understand climate change on Earth.

  • Low Power Wireless Gas Detector

    CX - Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

    Model CX sensors are equipped with standard analog 4-20mA, and Modbus™ RTU RS-485 outputs and can be used with SmartWireless Site Sentinel CX/CXT controllers. The CX is a very low power device making it an ideal choice for a battery powered detector (optional) in applications where power is unavailable or not economically feasible.CX gas detection sensors are easily and economically deployable in both permanent and temporary installations. These low power sensor assemblies utilize electrochemical technology for a long list of toxic gases.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Sample Conditioning Packages

    Bacharach, Inc.

    Neutronics Sample Conditioning Packages are designed to ensure that our oxygen sensors always have a clean and dry sample gas stream. Process conditions that include solvents, corrosive chemicals, and temperature extremes present significant challenges. To deliver accurate and reliable gas measurement, sensors require a sample that is free of contaminants. Sample conditioning systems built to withstand harsh processing conditions and efficiently remove damaging contaminants from the sample stream are critical to delivering reliable continuous-duty low-maintenance gas monitoring.

  • Cormon Integrated Monitoring Software

    CIMS - Teledyne Marine Cormon

    ​Cormon Integrated Monitoring Software (CIMS) processes real-time corrosion, erosion, pressure, or temperature data from up to 50 monitoring sensors to provide a complete picture of pipeline and device health. Alarm functions can be configured to ensure that potential issues are identified with ample time for correction, reducing operational risk and unplanned downtime. CIMS is the only industry software that can bring together data from both topside and subsea sensors, giving operators a comprehensive view into the entire asset integrity program.

  • Industrial Gas Detector

    OLCT 60 - Teledyne Gas & Flame Detection

    The OLCT 60AD version allows the sensor to be installed remotely up to 15 meters (standard), allowing detection in inaccessible locations, or in Zone 0 in the case of the intrinsically safe (IS) version. The detector units are made of 316L stainless steel, and are rugged and resistant to corrosion. Pre-calibrated sensors can be disconnected by turning the head of the unit. These “smart” sensors can be calibrated outside hazardous areas.The OLCT 60 is equipped with non-intrusive access to a safe menu. In hazardous areas, calibration can be done with an operating mode in accordance with safety rules.

  • DC SQUID System

    Quantum Design Inc.

    Quantum Design's patented high-symmetry SQUID design and electronics provide the most rugged and sensitive all-thin-film sensors commercially available, and give you everything you need to configure flexible, powerful detection systems for your research. These sensors can easily withstand the rigors of a laboratory environment such as repeated temperature cycling. Their robust performance offers a level of reliability and adaptability that has earned QD a worldwide reputation as the SQUID of choice. OEM services are also available for special commercial applications.

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