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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • PXI 5W Programmable Resistor Module, 2-Channel, 1Ω to 31.5Ω

    40-252-110 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The 40-252-110 is a programmable resistor module with 2 channels which can be set between 1Ω and 31.5Ω with 0.125Ω resolution The 40-252 range provides a simple solution for applications requiring up to 5W of power handling per channel. The 40-252 is available in a variety of resistance ranges and resolution capabilities that meet the needs of most functional test systems. Each channel is able to simulate short or open circuit conditions that can be experienced in a system caused by faulty wiring or sensors.

  • PXI 2.5W Programmable Resistor Module, 8-Channel, 1Ω to 122Ω

    40-251-012 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The 40-251-012 is a programmable resistor module with 8 channels which can be set between 1Ω and 122Ω with 0.5Ω resolution The 40-251 range provides a simple solution for applications requiring up to 2.5W of power handling per channel. The 40-251 is available in a variety of resistance ranges and resolution capabilities that meet the needs of most functional test systems. Each channel is able to simulate short or open circuit conditions that can be experienced in a system caused by faulty wiring or sensors.

  • 10-Ch Pneumatics CAN

    YAV90PNE - 6TL Engineering

    The YAV90PNE is a complete “plug & play” pneumatics subsystem controlled by CAN, for ATEs with Virginia Panel receiver. Thanks to this module, pneumatics actuators that are commonly used in the fixture side of an ATE, can be controlled. 10 3-way micro-valves are able to contorl 10 simple effect actuators or else 5 double effect ones. The module includes input for the position sensors. A pressure sensor is also included, so that the system air mains working pressure can be set between a minimum and a maximum.

  • Industrial Automation

    Cyth Systems, Inc

    Industrial automation involves integrating Data Acquisition and control logic with various third-party components, devices, and sensors. Bringing together this broad mix of technologies, and integrating them into a final solution requires Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers, and a common technology platform to ensure all system components work cohesively. Leveraging the LabVIEW, PXI, and CompactRIO, platforms we can solve extremely complex industrial automation challenges and deliver success for our customers that could not otherwise be achieved.

  • Soil Moisture Sensor

    SoilWatch10 - Pino-Tech

    SoilWatch 10 is a soil moisture sensor which allows measuring relative water content in the soil. Our sensor does not have any exposed electrodes that usually corrode in resistive sensors. Whats more the reads will almost not drift over time or with temperature changes. Our sensor will give the same readings regardless of supply voltage. The sensor is weatherproof. It can be buried in soil for extended periods of time without adverse effects on accuracy or reliability. Designed to work with Arduino.

  • Displacement and Encoders

    Orbit Controls AG

    INCREMENTAL digital Transducers are mainly designed for displacement measurement in machine tools and other industrial applications. The sensors are characterized by high precision and are absolutely dust and waterproof. The used materials permit applications in heavy industrial environments.DISPLACEMENT Transducers are suitable for measurements of small distances up to 50mm. They are characterized by high accuracy and repeatability, reliability and fast response. Digital ENCODERS operate on optical or magnetical principal and are offered with incremental or absolute coded outputs. They are suitable for precision industrial applications.

  • Power Distribution Unit with Switchable Outputs, Soft Start & Integrated Ethernet Switch

    PDU-200 - Konrad Technologies GmbH

    The PDU-200 is a power distribution unit for automatic tests equipment (ATE). Its outputs are software controlled to allow power on sequencing and direct interaction form the test sequence. The integrated 24V power supply provides power for additional equipment like relays and sensors. The PDU-200 is intended to use with an external remote-control panel which provides On & Off buttons as well as an E-Stop and acknowledge button. It’s integrated eight port switch simplifies wiring as no additional components are required.

  • Computer Vision and Visualization

    Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications

    The Computer Vision and Visualization Department consists of three research and development groups working on innovative technologies in the field of monocular, stereoscopic and multichannel video processing. It covers the entire processing chain from original capture to rendering, with a focus on advanced 2D and 3D analysis, post-production synthesis, computer vision, image understanding, human-machine interaction, and immersive media , The department also has expertise in processing complex systems consisting of multiple cameras, sensors, displays, projectors or screens.

  • Pressure Comparators

    AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

    Our high-pressure, hydraulic pressure comparators are portable, self-contained, hydraulic pressure generators for calibrating pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, and safety valves. They are much faster than deadweight testers and most automated pressure controllers; and it’s so quick and easy to use, it’s ideal for calibrating those low cost gauges that are often overlooked for ISO9000 compliance. Each pump is available on its own, or in one of our complete ready-to-use pump systems.

  • 5-in-1 Environmental Meter

    Extech 45170CM - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The 45170CM is a convenient 5-in-1 Environmental Meter which measures Air Velocity, Air Volume, Humidity, Temperature and Light. Ergonomic housing design with a large dual "smart" LCD where characters on display reverse direction depending on the function in use. This multi-functional meter is ideal for professional or home use in testing the environmental quality in a building. Featuring Data Hold, Min/Max, Auto Power Off functions. Complete with built-in sensors, wrist strap and 9V battery.

  • Sensor

    Grid-EYE - Pure Engineering, llc

    The Panasonic Grid-EYE® is a type of thermal imaging sensor that can detect the presence of people or objects based on their heat signature. It consists of an 8x8 grid of 64 thermal sensors, which allows it to provide a detailed temperature map of the area being monitored. The built-in lens has a 60 degree viewing angle. The Grid-EYE features compact surface mount design using MEMS thermopile technology and offers digital output (I2C) for thermal presence, direction, and temperature values.

  • Vacuum Leak Test Systems

    Cincinnati Test Systems

    Vacuum leak testing is the principal leak test method for testing parts that could have leakage from an external source into their housings and casings. Parts like underwater sensors or housings, outdoor electrical housings, sealed components, and components associated with vacuum sources are all prime candidates for vacuum leak testing. Operation of instruments that supply vacuum to test parts instead of pressure works in a similar, yet essentially opposite, manner as pressure decay testing.

  • Temperature Calibrators

    Fluke Corporation

    Fluke Temperature Calibrators simulate process sensors for testing temperature instrumentation. Specifically designed for the field, these lightweight compact tools are EMI tolerant, dust and splash resistant and offer an easy to use single push button interface. When paired with a temperature sensor they can take high accuracy temperature measurements to verify process temperatures and ensure the highest product quality and safety. There are a variety of different temperature calibrators designed for your unique calibration and testing requirements.

  • FlowQuest Acoustic Current Profilers

    LinkQuest Inc.

    FlowQuest is a line of Acoustic Current Profilers manufactured by LinkQuest Inc., a company renown for its innovation, capability and product quality. The FlowQuest current profilers are ideal for measuring currents and flows in oceans, harbors, lakes and rivers. With its capability for significantly longer range, standard deepwater depth rating and seamless integration with third-party sensors and LinkQuest acoustic modems, the FlowQuest system is not just a current profiler. It also serves as a focal point for your underwater deployments.

  • Laser Doppler Surface Velocity Meter

    LV-7000 series - Ono Sokki

    The LV-7000 series detects speed, uneven speed, distance, length of moving object or rotating object without contact. By contacting with 2 sensors, it enables to calculate difference in velocity/length between the two points in real time and output with 3,000 ppm of accuracy. The frequency response can be expanded up to 20 kHz, which achieves to understand phenomena and evaluate mechanical systems at high speed, efficiently, and accurately. It is useful for evaluation of motor control and behavior measurement, improving parts quality, and reducing loss of material.

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