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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Pressure Sensors

    Tekscan, Inc.

    At the heart of every Tekscan pressure measurement system is an ultra-thin, tactile pressure sensor. Every Tekscan sensor is comprised of numerous individual sensing elements, or sensels. The sensel density represents the total number of sensels per unit of area. In order to use Tekscan's pressure sensors, you must have a Tekscan pressure measurement system as well as the corresponding sensor map (software driver) for the sensor.

  • Speed Sensors

    Series 18 - Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    Features • Square-wave pulse frequency output • NPN or PNP output options • Single channel or bi-directional options • 5-24 VDC powered • Hall Effect or Magnetoresistive sensing options • Standard and wide temperature options • Rugged M18x1 stainless steel sensor housing (all models) • Four housing options • All sensors are epoxy filled and sealed against liquids and dusts • Works with Electro-Sensors magnetic pulser discs/wraps

  • Position Sensors

    TE Connectivity Ltd.

    Position sensor is a device that can detect the movement of an object and converts these into signals suitable for processing, transmission, or control. TE Connectivity (TE) is a leading manufacturer of industrial linear and angular position, tilt and fluid level sensors. Both off -the-shelf and custom position sensing solutions are available featuring our core technologies, including inductive, potentiometric, magnetoresistive, hall effect, reed switch, electrolytic and capacitive sensing.

  • Detectors & Sensors

    Excelitas Technologies Corp.

    Excelitas offers Photonic Detection Solutions ranging from Silicon and InGaAS PINs and Avalanche Photodiodes, Hybrid Receivers, and Photon Counting Modules to address high-performance, high-volume applications across a wide range of markets. Excelitas Thermal IR Sensors represent a broad range of Pyroelectric Detectors, Thermopile Detectors and IR Sensor Modules used for motion detection, presence monitoring, temperature measurement and gas detection.

  • Power Sensors

    8480 Series - Keysight Technologies

    The 8480 thermocouple and diode power sensors series provide extraordinary accuracy, stability, and SWR over a wide range of frequencies and power levels.50 dB dynamic range (maximum) over –70 to +44 dBmFrequency range from 100 kHz to 110 GHz (sensor dependent)Accurate average power measurementsRange of thermocouple and diode power sensorsCompatible with EPM, EPM-P, P-series, and E1416A power meters

  • Contrast Sensors

    Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

    Contrast sensors detect and compare contrasts very precisely through the use of different light sources such as white light, laser-generated red light or RGB light. The detected contrasts marks are then reported to the process with minimal signal jitter. Through the automatic selection of the right transmitter colors, various color or gray value combinations can be reliably detected. Bar graph indicators offer additional ease in making adjustments during manual setup.

  • Temperature Sensors

    PCE Instruments

    We offer a variety of models of type-K temperature sensors / thermocouples. There is a standard temperature sensor, such as: surface sensor, penetration sensor, immersion sensor or special sensor with an adhesive tape, a patch, a Temperature Sensor overview screw, or a flexible cable. Consider the different combinations of materials and measurement ranges of a temperature sensor. With the help of thermal elements, temperature measurement problems can be solved in industrial processes, in machines and installations, such as in the environmental sector, and reliable results obtained.

  • Pre-Calibrated Sensors

    B-Smart - Bacharach, Inc.

    Bacharach’s B-Smart sensors allow for easy field-replacement with a pre-calibrated sensor. Eliminate the need to send your equipment in for annual calibration, and always have your analyzer reading accurately and ready to go. Just snap in your sensor, enter the B-Smart code displayed on the sensor label, and get back to work. Each B-Smart sensor comes with a certificate of calibration for your internal compliance recordkeeping, giving you the confidence that your analyzer is accurate every time.

  • Speed Sensors

    McLAREN Applied Technologies

    DHE (Differential Hall Effect) sensors give an output when subjected to a changing magnetic field. The field is set up by a magnet inside the sensor body and changes when ferromagnetic teeth are passed beneath the sensor (no magnets are required in the target). To improve noise resistance, the sensor has two Hall effect elements and only responds to changes in magnetic field strength corresponding to tooth passing frequencies above 15Hz. As each tooth passes the sensor, the digital state of the output changes.

  • Ultrasonic Sensors

    Omron Industrial Automation

    Ultrasonic Reflective Sensors have a user friendly adjustable sensing distance from 0.3m to 3m, operating under stable operation with problems of background interference. This simple-to-use sensor has a built-in unstable operation check function that allows for easy adjustment to proper mounting direction. The tough, rugged mono-block, self-contained construction also incorporates synchronous selector and reference pulse input and output terminals makes this sensor ideal for multiple parallel operation use without the problems of mutual interference.

  • Optical Sensors

    Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

    Optical sensors use light in various forms to perform their detection tasks. An extensive product line is available with reliable and efficient sensor solutions for all applications that can be solved optically. Object detection for different surfaces, object sizes and colors requires various function principles, such as a throughbeam photoelectric sensor, a retro-reflective photoelectric sensor or a diffuse reflection sensor. All different operating principles are usually available in a given series (size). Universal series are also available with extended models and additional useful functions.

  • wavefront sensors

    HASO4 FIRST - Imagine Optic

    HASO4 FIRST is the ideal choice for results driven professionals in domains including adaptive optics, optical process optimization, laser beam characterization, and many others. Thanks to our patented technology, the HASO family by Imagine Optic are world's only sensors with no bias error, keeping its phase accuracy on any measured intensity profile (Gaussian, Top-Hat, hyper Gaussian, etc.). The USB 3.0 connectivity and the ergonomic design allow an easy plug and play installation of the HASO4 FIRST in any application.

  • Flow Sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Rugged and precise – flow measurement technology from SICKSICK provides innovative sensor solutions for flow measurement technology which combine flexible measuring methods and rugged equipment design with cost-efficient connection concepts to integrate higher-level systems. Whether you need to detect the current flow rate value using analog values or find the quantity using pulse detection – SICKs flow sensors are always reliable and safe and can work with a wide range of media under difficult process and ambient conditions.

  • Sensors and MEMS

    Maxim Integrated

    Analog Devices MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope solutions provide designers with discrete components and plug and play iSensor® MEMS subsystems. Our iSensor MEMS IMUs are highly integrated, multiaxis solutions that combine gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, pressures sensors, and additional technology for multiple degrees of freedom applications under dynamic conditions. Download our technical articles and read our customer success stories to discover how we are efficiently and reliably addressing today’s complex application requirements.

  • Glare Sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    The Glare sensor detects and distinguishes glare on even surfaces. It also provides maximum reliability and saves costs. Previously, gloss on object surfaces was a disruptive factor that regularly had engineers breaking into a sweat.Now, gloss properties are a distinguishing criterion for process control – regardless of color, transparency or pattern. And it will be engineers’ eyes that shine, not their brows. Equipped with intelligent Delta-S-Technology, Glare is a further milestone in customer-oriented sensor development. Once again, SICK is confirming its leading position in opto-electronic sensors for the detection of a range of objects.

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