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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Quadrature Sensor

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    DIGISPEC Hall Effect Quadrature Sensors provide two digital output signals, 90º out of phase to each other, detecting speed (down to true zero speed) and direction of rotation of gear teeth and ferrous targets. Gear teeth as small as module 0.10" wide can be sensed. Standard output is provided from a 2.2kOhm internal pull-down resistor to a collector, which can sink 25 mA. Open collector can be provided. Output is protected against reverse voltage.

  • SparkFun MicroMod MikroBUS Carrier Board

    SparkFun Electronics

    The SparkFun MicroMod mikroBUS Carrier Board takes advantage of the MicroMod, Qwiic, and mikroBUS™ ecosystems making it easy to rapidly prototype with each of them, combined. The MicroMod M.2 socket and mikroBUS 8-pin header provide users the freedom to experiment with any Processor Board in the MicroMod ecosystem and any Click board in the mikroBUS ecosystem, respectively. This board also features two Qwiic connectors to seamlessly integrate hundreds of Qwiic sensors and accessories into your project.

  • Thermocouples

    WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

    Thermocouples are temperature sensors that generate a voltage directly dependent on temperature. Compared to resistance thermometers, they are particularly suited for high temperatures up to 1,700 °C. Instrument designs from mineral-insulated sheathed cable are very resistant against extremely high vibration loads (depending on instrument model, sensor element and wetted materials). The accuracy classes 1 and 2 apply for thermocouples in accordance with IEC 60584 as well as the standard and special classes in accordance with ASTM E230.

  • Vehicle Presence and Data Collection Sensor

    TrafiCam x-stream - Teledyne FLIR

    TrafiCam x-stream combines a CMOS camera and video detector in one unit. TrafiCam x-stream sensors detect and monitor moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections and collect traffic data at intersections or interurban roads. Via detection outputs or via IP protocol, vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller so that signal timing can be adjusted dynamically. TrafiCam x-stream offers streaming video at full frame rate, to be used for traffic monitoring in a control room.

  • Field Data Recorders

    SAVER - Lansmont Corporation

    SAVERs are “best in class” Field Data Recorders that can measure and store tens of thousands of events. The data you collect allows you to assess and characterize the dynamic characteristics  of various environments.  SAVERs are self-powered instruments that provide 16-bit resolution, an internal tri-axial accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensors, and USB connectivity. They provide time domain waveforms with pre-trigger, SRS (Shock Response Spectra), PSD (Power Spectral Density), and optional GPS spatial and situational data awareness.

  • Digital Fiber Sensor

    FX-300 - Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    Fiber Sensors have again taken another step forward. The deterioration of light emitting elements over time, previously accepted as unavoidable, as well as the conventional idea that Lenses could only be attached at the Fiber end, have now finally been overcome by Panasonic technology. A newly developed light eliminates deterioration, and by incorporating a Lens within the Fiber Sensor itself, stable long-range sensing for long periods of time is now possible for the first time ever.

  • Averaging Clip-on Extensometer


    The Instron 2650 Series Biaxial Extensometers are ideally suited for testing a wide range of materials, including polymer matrix composites, metals, and plastics over a range of temperatures. Two sensors measure axial strain on opposite sides of the specimen. Versions are available which provide either a single averaged axial output or 2 independent axial outputs. The extensometers meet the calibration requirements of ASTM E83 class B1, ISO 9513 class 0.5, and ISO 527.

  • Calibration Equipment

    Mountz Inc.

    Calibration is the method of comparing tools and measuring devices to higher accuracy standards. Torque calibration equipment is the official means by which torque testers and sensors are calibrated and are traceable to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T and ISO. In order to maintain precision accuracy, it is essential that torque measuring equipment be calibrated regularly. By equipping your team with Mountz calibration equipment, you can avoid the costly chore of sending your torque tools to the lab whenever they fall out of alignment.

  • PDS Bar Sweep Survey Software

    Teledyne Marine PDS

    Teledyne PDS Bar Sweep supports different ways to monitor your leveling operation. Teledyne RESON provides the software as well as the sensors to accompany the system.Teledyne PDS visualizes the bar in top, profile, and 3D views indicating where the leveling has taken place. The position and depth of the bar is logged to a digital terrain model (DTM) which is color-coded for depth. It is possible to display a design depth in the profile views, indicating whether the bar has to be lowered or hoisted.

  • PDS Ploughing Software

    Teledyne Marine PDS

    Teledyne PDS Plough supports different ways to monitor your leveling operation. Teledyne RESON provides the software as well as the sensors to accompany the system.Teledyne PDS visualizes the plough in top, profile, and 3D views indicating where leveling has taken place. The position and depth of the plough is logged to a digital terrain model (DTM) which is color-coded for depth. It is possible to display a design depth in the profile views, indicating whether the plough has to be lowered or hoisted.

  • Microscope Cameras From ZEISS

    Axiocam Family - Carl Zeiss AG

    In contrast to digital cameras for photography or industrial inspection, many aspects of the microscope cameras are optimized to meet specific requirements of applications in science, research and documentation. As each application has very specific requirements, there is a wide range of different digital camera models to choose from. Different pixel sizes, for example, regulate camera sensitivity and spatial resolution. Lower pixel count enables higher frame rates and larger sensors offer better coverage of the field of view.

  • PXI Precision Resistor Module 2-channel 10 to 36k

    40-261-002 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    PXI programmable resistors featuring fine resistance setting resolution and excellent resistance stability and accuracy through the use of advanced switching networks and software correction techniques. The two modules in this range support two identical resistor channels that can be set to values of between 1.5Ω to 2.9kΩ or 10Ω to 36kΩ with a precision of better than 2mΩ (40-261-001) or 15mΩ (40-261-002- this version) making them ideal for simulating sensors that can be accurately controlled to fine values.

  • Micro Smart Sensor

    MISS - BioAge s.r.l.

    The Micro Smart System is one of the many autonomous systems with very low consumption designed by BioAge. The system is characterized by autonomous operation with very low energy consumption thanks to its operation in "Energy Harvesting" which allows to exploit the power supply from a micro solar panel with which each sensor is equipped. Furthermore, these systems are equipped with radio frequency communication able to remotely transmit the information acquired by the sensors on board, it is therefore possible to create a network of sensors, operating autonomously and with a very high autonomy thanks to solar energy.

  • IO-Link Transceivers


    IO-Link is a Factory Automation fieldbus-independent communication standard dedicated to connecting sensors and actuators as described in the IEC 61131-9 standard. Easily integrated with any of the most commonly used communication protocols found in factory automation systems through dedicated interfaces or bridges, it is a simple solution for extending existing networks to connect remote sensors and actuators.  Developers will take full advantage of the Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concept where every sensor and associated data point is used to control and optimize even the most complex industrial processes in real time.

  • Portable Process & Pressure Instruments

    Time Electronics

    Time Electronics offer a range of portable process instruments for field and laboratory use. Products include temperature calibrators and simulators for RTD and PT100 applications, and loop instruments for field instrumentation testing of transmitters, transducers and sensors.

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