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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Web Sensor

    T3510 - COMET SYSTEM, s.r.o.

    Web Sensor with built-in relative humidity and temperature sensors. High precision capacitive polymer sensor ensures excellent long term calibration stability and ultimate accuracy. Dual line LCD is an advantage. Measured values are also converted to other humidity interpretation: dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio and specific enthalpy.

  • Line Scan Cameras

    JAI A/S

    JAI’s extensive product offering includes color line scan cameras featuring prism technology with multiple CCD or CMOS linear sensors delivering high performance color/NIR imaging solutions for high-speed web/continuous applications such as print verification, tile inspection, food/fruit sorting, and more. Also monochrome line scan cameras with ultra fast scan rates.

  • Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensor

    GX-U/GX-FU/GX-N - Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    These compact Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensors with built-in amplifier offer an improved sensing range that is 1.6 times longer than Panasonic's previous model [GX-12ML(B)] and can be mounted at a greater distance from the object. Having their enclosure and pigtail cable entirely coated with a fluorine resin makes them splatter-resistant so they can be safely used in applications prone to splatter.

  • Affordable, Ultralight, Easily Integrated Cameras

    ARIA Series - Alkeria Srl

    ARIA represents Alkeria’s answer to the increasing demand of affordable, ultracompact, ultralight and easy to integrate cameras. Choose between the most common and requested sensors, get all the benefits of USB3 interface and Alkeria’s smart I/O. Top quality delivered in the size of a coin, the weight of a feather and at convenient price. A camera born for embedded vision, inspection and OEM design.

  • Batch Slide Transfer

    Recif Technologies Inc.

    The AWT (Automated Wafer Transfer) and MWT (Manual Wafer Transfer) machnes transfer wafers horizontally between cassettes.On AWT, a series of sensors on the loading stage ensure cassettes are in the correct position for transfer. Removing a cassette during a transfer cycle will automatically stop the cycle. Mechanical guides on the load stage also help the Operator place the cassettes correctly.


    MDMAXTPMSTTD - Matco Tools

    *Add-on accessory that allows technician to measure tire tread depth with high accuracy when checking TPMS sensors*In one simple gesture, it can detect worn tires, tire damage and indicate poor alignment with tread depth trigger activation button*Provides a quick vehicle safety check, quickly captures 3 tire measurements (inner, center, outer)

  • Panel-mount Type Conductivity Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, 2-channel)

    HE-960CW - HORIBA, Ltd.

    HE-960CW connects conductivity sensor (ESH /FS Series) and measures conductivity and temperature in the sample water. It is ideal for the conductivity control of the purified water, pasteurized water, and water for injection that are used in the production of pharmaceuticals.And we have developed a lineup of electric conductivity sensors that can be used in conjunction, from the conventional insertion type to the flow-through type with improved cleaning and sanitary properties.

  • 1-4 Channel Digital Charge Amplifier

    Type 5074A - Kistler Instrument Corp.

    Direct integration of piezoelectric sensors into real time-capable Ethernet systems. Measurement technology for dynamic and quasi-static processes. Open measuring range 20 pC … 1000000 pC. Parameterization via machine control. Up to four piezoelectric signals can be digitized per unit. Individual filtering and scaling of single sensor signals. Individual measurement channel control for asynchronous processes.

  • 3D Imaging Sensor

    FSI Technologies Inc.

    The GS 3D sensors, can be used in applications such as bin picking, robotic manipulation, sorting products, mold clearance checking, and space monitoring and object recognition. In addition, the 3D technology will aid in determining spatial positions and measurements.The GS 3D images larger objects at longer distances and does so in milliseconds without the cycle time and motion required by scanning-based methods.

  • Brushless Rotary Torque Sensor

    BLRTSX - Mountz Inc.

    The Mountz brushless rotary torque sensors are an ideal torque-auditing tool for testing the actual torque being applied on the assembly application. Particularly valuable for measuring torque on pulse tools with strong vibrations. By connecting a rotary torque sensor between an electric or pneumatic tool and the assembly application, you can monitor the torque being applied from the tool to a fastener or bolt.

  • Machine Health Module for PrintRite3D

    PrintRite3D Machine Health - Sigma Labs Inc.

    Sigma’s PrintRite3D Machine Health module marks the beginning of Sigma Additive Solutions software-only approach to quality assurance by allowing users to take disparate machine log files and standardize them. Built upon our robust PrintRite3D monitoring and analytics technology, we are creating a framework for connecting and standardizing distinct sensors and images into a cohesive product suite.

  • Flexible Current Sensor Probe

    CTA - Powertek LLC

    The CTA current sensors convert ac current to an isolated 0-5A current with available ranges from 100A to 10,000A. Because the current sensors are flexible split core, installation is possible without shutting down the LV electrical supply, avoiding expensive down-time costs. Typical applications are retrospective energy monitoring in factories, offices buildings, process control data logging systems, where power, energy and current monitoring is important. Typical applications are factories, offices buildings, ac/dc VFD drives, welding, power conversion and power distribution. For all CTA current sensor models, a NIST/NPL (UKAS) traceable calibration certificate and certificate of conformance is supplied. All CTA sensors use UL94V0 or CSA approved materials. The CTA flexible current sensors are suited to permanent or semi permanent installation. The coil sensor is durable, lightweight, flexible and will easily clip-around a power cable. The 5A output from the CTA current sensor connects direct to installed metering, rotary metering or current transducers.

  • Handheld Power & Energy Meter

    Nova 7Z01500 - Ophir Photonics

    *Compatible with all standard Ophir Thermopile, Pyroelectric & Photodiode sensors.*Single shot energy measurement with thermal sensors.*Optional RS232 computer interface. Works with Ophir's StarCom32 application.*Power and energy logging with graphical display and statistics.*Laser Power Measurement averaging.*Easy to use soft keys, menu driven.*Screen graphics.*Backlight & rechargeable battery.*Analog output.*EMI rejection.*LabVIEW software included.

  • Optical Meters

    Gamma Scientific Inc.

    The Gamma Scientific range of light meters includes handheld and benchtop models.  Configuration options include a wide range of sensors and calibrations in units including:  Luminous Flux (lumens) or Radiant Flux (Watts),  Illuminance (lux, foot-candle) or Irradiance (W/cm2 ), Luminous Intensity (candela) or Radiant Intensity (W/sr),  Luminance (cd/m2 , foot-Lambert) or Radiance (W/m2 sr),  or Pulse Energy (Joules). Cooled sensors and reference standard detectors are also available.

  • LVDT I/O Cards

    CP3000 - Computer Conversions Corporation

    Universal AC Sensor interface digitizes up to 8 channels of individually Programmable Synchro, Resolver and LVDT/RVDT sensor inputs on a 3U cPCI (Compact PCI) and PXI Compatible plug-in circuit cardProduct allows users to interface into the widest variety of AC Position sensors all programmable within a single cardA must have for anyone using LVDT-RVDT's, Synchros and Resolver sensors or signals, electronic gauging, motion control, and instrumentation.

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