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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Pressure Sensor Interface

    USB2251 - Validyne Engineering

    The USB2251 Pressure Sensor Interface provides real-world data acquisition for your PC via the USB port. 8 calibrated variable reluctance pressure sensor inputs are accepted by the USB2251. No external signal conditioning is required.The USB2251 includes a connector panel for sensor cables, calibration constants for each sensor , configuration and data acquisition software. The USB2251 produces a floating-point value for all readings, directly in engineering units.The USB2251 can record pressure readings up to 5000 samples per second. Combined with the fast response of the Validyne VR pressure sensors, the USB2251 is ideal for transient pressure studies. The USB2251 is compatible with the following Validyne variable reluctance pressure sensors: AP10, DP103, DP10, DP45, DP15 DP360, DP215, and DP363. Each sensor is calibrated with the USB2251 at the factory and is ready to make measurements.

  • Thickness Check Calix

    LAP GmbH

    For the manufacturing of a perfect cold strip, many factors are crucial. Our measuring frames specifically check the thickness-related quality parameters of the strip steel or steel sheet. Free of radioactive radiation, laser sensors are used in the cold strip areas that do not require protection measures with laser class 2, or only low precautions when using laser class 3B sensors. The installation of our measurement systems is quick and uncomplicated for our customers. The CALIX is integrated into the line with its C-shaped frame across the material flow. Our solutions with and without traversing determine all important parameters for quality assurance, including strip thickness, edge thickness, wedge or cambering, and measure the complete thickness profile. Thus, you have full process control in the current production.

  • Data Logger for Temperature and Humidity

    DSR-TH(professional) - ZOGLAB Microsystem Co., Ltd.

    Built-in compact high precision temperature and humidity sensors Selectable USB, RS232/485, LAN, wireless communication interfaces High definition LCD with wider viewing angles and redundant operation temperature Support on-line linear and nonlinear calibration Suitable for pharmaceutical, electronic production, biochemistry laboratory, museum management and other applications

  • Desktop stand-alone

    Optical Comb, Inc.

    All Three Sensors Of Optical Comb Can Be Installed On The Gate Type Stage And It Can Be Used As A General-Purpose Stand-Alone Machine. Tasu Since It Is A Rectilinear Laser, Complex Shapes Can Also Be Measured Tasu Measuring Time With A Working Distance exceeding 100 mm can be easily measured + parts with high irregularities can be measured with deep depth of focus

  • Flow Meter Sensor

    RF Pickups - SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC RF pickups are excellent for applications that require near zero speed and zero magnetic drag sensing characteristics, such as flow meter sensor applications. SPECTEC RF (modulated carrier) sensors have a long history of use in turbine flow meters and turbine engines in the aerospace, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • High-Temperature Zeus PEEK FBG Cable Sensor

    Technica Optical Components, LLC

    The T150 is a ruggedized high temperature non-metallic cable sensor designed for monitoring distributed temperatures and strains in environments to 260 Degrees Celsius with submillisecond response time. High temperature resistant non-metallic sensor. Ideally suited for applications where there is concern that the high temperature or chemical composition of the surrounding environment will cause damage to the sensors.

  • Stimulus Test Cell

    HA7300 - Advantest Corp.

    The Stimulus Test Cell HA7300 is a test cell which provides an environment for high-speed, highly accurate temperature and pressure test of differential pressure sensors, utilizing Advantest’s unique temperature control unit with simultaneous temperature control for 8 devices, as well as a newly developed 2Port pressure controller and pressure application nozzle.

  • Temperature Calibrators

    Beamex Oy Ab

    We offer temperature calibrators in different shapes. We offer temperature dry blocks that can generate an accurate temperature, for example for temperature sensor calibration. We also offer electrical temperature calibrators that can measure and simulate various temperature sensors (RTDs and thermocouples). We also offer high-accuracy reference temperature probes.

  • Vaccine Storage Alarms


    ThermoWorks vaccine storage alarms feature temperature sensors housed in a vial of glass beads to more accurately measure biopharm stored chilled products. Visual and audible alarms record max and min data along with date stamps so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pharmaceutical storage.

  • ATOS ScanBox

    Series 5 - GOM GmbH

    Both ATOS ScanBox models use ATOS Triple Scan sensors of the highest performance class. Thanks to the automatic precision calibration, high levels of accuracy are also achieved with large parts. As the relative position between the component and the sensor is constantly monitored throughout the entire measurement, interfering ambient influences can be detected and eliminated.

  • *High Power Measurement From Short Exposure

    mks Ophir

    Ophir has a number of ways to measure high laser powers up to 12kW without heavy water cooled equipment. Most of today’s lasers can be set to emit for a short, precisely controlled period of time. If a short exposure to the laser of 0.3 – 10s is sufficient to measure the power then there are compact, uncooled sensors available for this purpose.

  • Distance Sensor Technology

    Linear encoders - Baumer Holdings AG

    The MLFK linear measuring system works with linear contactless sensors according to the magnetic measuring principle, and is used for the positioning and measurement of distance and position as well as direction recognition. Thanks to its special features, it is ideal for cost-effective solutions in many industrial applications in plant and machine construction. Contact-less measuring technology is largely wear-free.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – 4GB With Wide-Angle PIR And PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

    32357 - Parallax Inc.

    This kit teams up the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – 4GB with two great sensors: the Wide Angle PIR Sensor with LED Signal for detecting motion, and the PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for measuring 3-300 cm distances. This combination is great for DIY security systems, interactive animated exhibits, and robotics projects.

  • UltraTEV Detector

    EA Technology

    The UltraTEV Detector is the ideal instrument for initial PD surveys. EA Technology's UltraTEV Detector identifies faults BEFORE they lead to failures by testing for critical PD activity using both internal and surface sensors. This device is essential to personal safety and due to its self-explanatory LED display system requires minimal training.

  • Light Meter

    Lumu Labs

    Lumu Light Meter incorporate two state of the art sensors. True color sensor, based on the color standard CIE 1931/DIN 5033, and fast silicon photodiode capturing light at astonishing 750 000 measurements/second. Each Lumu Light Meter is calibrated before leaving the manufacturing line and comes with calibration certificate.

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