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  • Low Noise Prepolarized Microphone

    378A04 - PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

    The 378A04 is a matched system that is comprised of a high sensitivity microphone and a low noise preamplifier that contains a built-in filter that enables the free-field response to remain flat over a wide frequency range. The system requires a minimum of 4 mA and measures to 6.5 dBA (5.5 dBA typical) within a cost efficient, prepolarized (0V) design. PCB's model 378A04, the industry's first prepolarized low noise microphone and preamplifier system allows you to measure extremely low amplitudes. In the past this was only possible with externally polarized solutions. With a typical noise floor of 5.5dBA, this microphone system delivers all of the benefits commonly associated with prepolarized systems.

  • Mobile Communications DC Source, 15V, 3A

    66311B - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight Mobile Communications DC Source 663xx series offers several features ideal for testing wireless and battery powered devices. Excellent voltage transient response ensures maximum test-system throughput by minimizing device shutdowns due to significant voltage drops in the test wiring. Built-in advanced measurement system to accurately measure battery current drains when the device operates in different modes and a Keysight-developed feature that enables cellular telephone manufacturers to detect permanently and intermittently open-sense wire connections.The Keysight 66311B mobile communications DC source provides fast transient, exceptional sourcing, and precision measurement.

  • PIM Testing

    Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG

    Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is a non-linear response of two or more signals of different frequencies mixing together in a passive device, e.g., antenna, cable, con- nector or splitter. Today, PIM has become a very serious, and challenging issue for mobile operators, equipment vendors, and component manufacturers due to frequency planning in modern communication networks, the usage of high-power transmitters and the usage of more sensitive receivers in base stations. If a PIM with sufficient magnitude generated from a transmitter falls within an adjacent receiver channel, it causes serious interfe- rences to the base station receiver and will significantly degrade the network quality of service.

  • spectrophotometer

    i1Pro 2/Display 3 Bundle - AccuPel

    The i1Pro is a true spectrophotometer, and thus offers the most accurate readings for the widest range of displays at an affordable price. It is the closest one can come to a reference instrument for less than $1,000.The i1Pro's only drawback is relatively poor low-light sensitivity. Thus, it is a nearly ideal choice to use in concert with the Display 3 colorimeter. Simply create an offset using the i1Pro as a reference and then use that offset to correct the response of the Display 3. Then use the Display 3 as the color analyzer for the calibration session.The i1Pro-Display 3 combo offers excellent accuracy, speed, and low-light sensitivity. It is also one of the most affordable options for professional use.

  • Spiral Antenna UHF Trafo

    Techimp HQ S.r.L

    UHF Spiral antenna is a partial discharge sensor designed to receive electromagnetic (EM) emissions from a PD occurring in the monitored asset. It is a broadband antenna with a flat response which makes Spiral antenna suitable in a number of different applications. It has been optimized to operate in a frequency range typical for PD activity and it was designed to provide maximum sensitivity and high gain. Its compact and robust design (passive sensor) makes Spiral antenna the optimal sensor for direct installation on high voltage Transformers. It can be virtually applied in any electrical equipment provided that it has apertures or EM transparent surfaces. Contact our sales department for consulting.

  • 6-Channel NIR Spectral_ID Device w/ Electronic Shutter & Smart Interface

    AS7263 - ams AG

    The AS7263 is a digital 6-channel multi-spectral sensor for spectral identification in the near IR (NIR) light wavelengths. AS7263 consists of 6 independent optical filters whose spectral response is defined in the NIR wavelengths from approximately 600nm to 870nm with full-width half-max (FWHM) of 20nm. An integrated LED driver with programmable current is provided for electronic shutter applications.

  • Wireless Belt-Pack Instrument System

    IS400 - Lectrosonics, Inc.

    The IS400 Digital Hybrid Wireless system sets new standards for wireless guitar and bass. Flat frequency response, low distortion and compandor-free operation provides the closest thing to using a high-quality instrument cable. The system faithfully reproduces the lowest fundamental from a 5-string bass (low B) at 32Hz up to the very highest overtones and harmonics.

  • Integration API

    Bitbar Inc

    Testdroid API is an easy-to-use gateway for managing your development and testing effort on real Android and iOS devices. As an alternative for an official Testdroid Cloud site, the API provides all infrastructure through different clients (e.g. Java, Python, Ruby) following the RESTful architecture paradigm and returning JSON with appropriate HTTP response codes.

  • Trace Oxygen Analyzer

    7100 - Bacharach, Inc.

    The Neutronics 7100 Trace Oxygen Analyzer is a compact analyzer designed for trace oxygen gas measurement. This analyzer features a rapid-response mini-zirconia sensor with a measurement range of 0 to 1000 ppm oxygen. Extremely fast response, high accuracy, and no requirement for periodic calibrations make this analyzer a low-maintenance solution that delivers reliable performance for critical process control applications.

  • 16 Channel Comparator/Detector

    EX1200-7416 - Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    The EX1266-7416 has 16 true differential channels of analog comparator input that can be selected to generate an external signal, or provide an interrupt to the EX1200 system when the input falls outside the software programmed bounds. The EX1200-7416 is an ideal device in go/no-go testing where a device fails if the voltage outputs exceed a threshold or window. It is also useful in control applications if a device or test needs to be shut down or if a voltage level falls out of tolerance. Using an analog comparator/interrupter in certain applications, as opposed to a traditional scanning DMM approach, considerably improves the overall response time of the system. It provides the ability to “constantly monitor” signals of interest for fault conditions.

  • Single Channel Instrument for General Acoustic / Vibration Measurements

    SVAN 979 - SVANTEK Sp. z o.o.

    SVAN 979 is the most advanced and powerful single channel instrument for general acoustic and vibration measurements ever made. The list of the instrument outstanding features and functionalities includes:- high accuracy sound and vibration measurements- most powerful frequency analysis package- time-domain (WAV) and Audio Events recording to Micro SD card- very high dynamic measurement range- extremely flat frequency response (digitally compensated)- extremely flexible set of interfaces (USB, Bluetooth, IrDA, RS232 and more)- USB Host port providing very flexible functional extensions capabilities- firmware ready for GPRS and WLAN communication (USB Host port)- GPS time synchronisation

  • Active Filter

    J2190A - PICOTEST Corp.

    The J2190A active filter presents a high impedance (approximately 150kOhms) minimizing the loading of the circuit being tested. The output impedance is 50 Ohms allowing low noise coaxial connections to all typical test equipment. The 0.1Hz-10Hz noise band is common for opamp measurements, voltage regulators and voltage references. Many application notes offer schematics of such a filter for test purposes. An engineer’s time is much too valuable to be spent building test equipment. We have created a 4th order high pass and 4th order low pass filter with an optimally flat response and 0dB gain. Additional filters can be cascaded for even sharper cutoff.

  • ELiiXA+ 8k Mono And Colour

    Teledyne e2v

    Teledyne e2v’s next generation of line scan cameras are setting new, high standards for line rate and image quality. The ELiiXA+ 8k features Teledyne e2v’s recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, providing high line rates of 100,000 lines pers second and combines high response with extremely low noise levels. This delivers a high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 5μm pixel size is arranged in four or two active lines in the monochrome model and two active lines in the colour model. The dual line filter configuration allows the camera to be operated in several modes.

  • ELiiXA+ 8k Tri-Linear

    Teledyne e2v

    Teledyne e2v’s next generation of line scan cameras are setting new, high standards for line rate and image quality. The ELiiXA+ 8k tri-linear features Teledyne e2v’s recently developed multi-line CMOS technology, providing line rates of up to 33,000 lines pers second over CameraLink and up to 58,000 lines per second over CoaXPress. The camera has a high response rate, which delivers a high signal to noise ratio even when short integration times are required or when illumination is limited. The 7.5μm pixel size is arranged in three separate active lines in RGB configuration allowing a high colour resolution.

  • Field Machine

    ACM Instruments

    The Portable Field Machine is our most versatile full specification corrosion testing instrument. Its rugged construction and protective water resistance IP68 enclosure enables it to be operated at extreme locations throughout the world. This instrument takes laboratory precision outdoors to oil rigs, pipelines, concrete walls and just about anything that needs corrosion monitoring in situ. The potentiostat, ZRA, integral Frequency Response Analyser and Sweep Generator are exactly as provided in the laboratory Gill 8 model ensuring the most accurate testing available. The choice of tests is not limited; the AC, IR Compensation and DC tests plus the Sequencer and Analysis that are supplied with this field instrument are the same as supplied with the laboratory instruments.