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  • Photodiode Characterizer

    4700 - dBm Optics, Inc.

    Complete PD Measurement System. The 4700 Photodiode Characterizer is a complete photodiode test system. It will characterize PDs or APDs (upcoming) without the need for additional power supplies. It is this simple: connect your device and press start. Like the dBm Optics optical power meters, the dBm Optics photodiode meters employ an electrometer-based design.

  • Optical Receivers

    Lab Buddy - Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.

    For busy test stations or student labs, where users of different experience levels might be handling high value opto-electronics that are easily damaged by mishandling, order your photodiode or photoreceiver to be mounted in the Lab Buddy.

  • Optical Receivers

    40G - Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.

    Discovery Semiconductors introduced its first commercially available 40 Gb Dual-Depletion InGaAs/InP p-i-n Photodiode at the Optical Fiber Conference in Dallas, Texas, in 1997. Since that OFC, we have expanded our pioneering dual-depletion photodiode design for several cutting edge products such as Balanced Photodiodes for 40 Gb, and Ultra-fast photodiodes up to 60 GHz. Today, our 40 Gb product line has evolved to include PIN+TIA optical receivers, with both linear and limiting amplifiers. These receivers work up to 40 Gb from 1064 nm to 1650 nm for single mode applications, and additionally up to 25 Gb for 850 nm multimode applications. For 25 Gb data rates, these receivers come with an optional CDR. Additionally, we supply 40 Gb Integrated Balanced Optical Receivers for 40 Gb DPSK/DQPSK systems. For busy test stations or student labs, where users of different experience levels might be handling high value opto-electronics that are easily damaged by mishandling, order your photodiode to be mounted in our Lab Buddy instrument.

  • Laser Diode Drivers

    Arroyo Instruments

    Arroyo Instruments offers a broad range of laser drivers to meet your exact test needs. From 100 milliamps to 20 Amps, all of Arroyo Instruments' LaserSource benchtop laser drivers include unique features not found on competing products such as optically isolated photodiode and modulation inputs, programmable PD bias, and both RS232 and USB computer interfaces. The LaserSource also has laser diode protection circuits such as interlock, ESD protection, and hardware limits for current and voltage.

  • Network OTDR

    FiberPal - Radiantech, Inc.

    The NFO OTDR unit injects the laser pulse into the fiber under test and picks up scattered and reflected optical signals by an avalanche photodiode (APD). The unit accepts remote commands from Internet to control all related timing and data acquisition processes. Maximal three wavelengths are available at the NFO with options on 1310, 1490, 1550, and 1625 nm.

  • Laser Photonic Integrated Circuits

    MAOP-L284CN - Macom Technology Solutions Inc.

    MACOM’s MAOP-L284CN features four high bandwidth Mach-Zehnder modulators integrated with four lasers (1270, 1290, 1310, and 1330 nm) and a CWDM multiplexer, with each channel operating at up to 28 Gbps. The L-PIC™ transmitter operates on a standard single mode optical fiber, and includes integrated tap detectors for fiber alignment, system initialization and closed loop control. A single fiber aligned to the output edge coupler of this 4.0 x 6.6 mm die is the only optical connection required for integrating this device into QSFP28 transceiver applications. A bidirectional coupler is provided on the multiplexed output to facilitate both fiber coupling and to monitor output power via an integrated photodiode. The MAOP-L284CN is available as part of a complete MACOM chipset platform, including the MAMF-011095 silicon PIC controller and the MASC-37053A high-speed, low-power modulator driver. Optimized to work together, this chipset solution offers customers improved performance, eliminates the need for assembly of discrete components, reduces configuration and test costs, and accelerates time to market.