OTDR: OTDRs characterize the integrity of optical fibers by measuring the impedance of applied light pulses.

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  • OTDR-110-SM - OTDR

    Company: Syoptek International

    The OTDR-110-SM OTDR is ideal for FTTx/access and CATV testing. It can test the length, fiber loss, connector loss and other physical characteristics of fiber. With up to 128000 sampling points, it can locate events on fiber cables precisely. It is really the tool of choce for the FTTx/access and CATV appliction installation and maintenance as well as for fiber R&D and SM network testing.

  • OT700 series - OTDR

    Company: Shanghai Tarluz Telecom

    SM OTDR, MM OTDR, visual fault locato), PON online test, Optical Power Meter, Optical Laser Source, Fiber Microscope, Ready for all kinds of environment.

  • OTDRs

    Company: Anritsu

    Anritsu''''s comprehensive OTDR range ensures fast and highly accurate measurements of optical fiber cables with a unique range of handheld, benchtop, and OEM module solutions. Experts in fibre testing Anritsu''''s range includes the unique Coherent OTDR for testing submarine cables up to 12,000 km and the NEW uOTDR, with performance that rivals traditional OTDRs that are four times the size and more than double the price.

  • FTE-7500A PON - OTDR

    Company: Terahertz Technologies

    The TTI FTE-7500A-131516ACT OTDR offers a standard SM OTDR at 1310/1550nm, an in service OTDR at 1625nm, a fiber optic inspection scope with probe, a broadband autotest loss test set and a visible fault locator. This fast, easy to use, affordable and rugged OTDR boasts all these features at a most affordable price. It has a short dead zone, bright 4” color display and an onboard context sensitive help system that keeps the learning curve for all users to a minimum. The 1/2 second trace updates and great dynamic range make this unit perfect for maintenance and trouble shooting. The TTI FTE-7500A PON OTDR weighs in at less then 2.0 pounds with a hardened water resistant enclosure, this OTDR is great for all conditions. The rubber boot with bail will add protection and provides the ideal angle for viewing the display while operating most anywhere. TTI offers an optional soft carry case with shoulder strap that has a pouch for keeping your video probe close, a second removable accessory pouch and the cover also serves as a stand to keep the unit in a good working position. With its advanced capabilities and ease of use, this unit can be appreciated by novice and seasoned users alike.

  • FX Series - OTDRs

    Company: AGIZER

    The VeEX® OTDR solutions are optimized for today''s optical fiber networks. The FX series is perfectly suited for the challenging outside plant environment and complements the existing VeEX Transmission and Ethernet testing solutions.

  • FTB-150 - OTDR

    Company: Exfiber Optical Technologies

    EXFO FTB-150 OTDR with different modules, different wavelength, dynamic range 26~45dB, event dead zone 1/1m or 0.8, attenuation dead zone. Please choose the following module with detailed specifications you need.

  • MTS-6000 - OTDR

    Company: Exfiber Optical Technologies

    The JDSU MTS-6000 OTDR is a compact and lightweight test platform designed for the installation and maintenance of fiber networks. It offers field service technicians the highest levels of performance and upgradeability on the market. Modular in design, the JDSU T-BERD MTS-6000 OTDR offers an extensive portfolio of test functionality, with over 40 different fiber modules supporting a wide range of applications, and is a single source for future fiber and photonic testing needs.

  • OTDR

    Company: Fiberinthebox

    OTDR, short for optical time-domain reflectometer, is an optoelectronic instrument used to characterize an optical fiber. It can offer you an overview of the whole system you test and can be used for estimating the fiber length and overall attenuation, including splice and mated-connector losses. It can also be used to locate faults, such as breaks, and to measure optical return loss.

  • FTB-200 - OTDR

    Company: Exfiber Optical Technologies

    EXFO FTB-200 OTDR with different modules, 640x480 TFT touchscreen, USB ports, different wavelength, dynamic range 26~45dB, event dead zone 1/1m or 0.8, attenuation dead zone.Please choose the following module with detailed specifications you need.

  • MTS-4000 - OTDR

    Company: Exfiber Optical Technologies

    The JDSU MTS-4000 OTDR is a small, compact and handheld test platform designed for all phases of the network lifecycle, from the installation to the maintenance of Access / FTTx networks and triple-play services. Modular in design, the MTS-4000 offers field service technicians the highest performance and superior levels of scalability and upgradeability.

  • AQ7275 - OTDR

    Company: Exfiber Optical Technologies

    The AQ7275 Series Optical Time Reflectometer (OTDR) is ideal for use in a wide variety of optical fiber installation and maintenance applications. Increased efficiency and a quick 10-second startup help to minimize operations time and increase battery life. It's the world's only mini-OTDR with a built in dummy fiber option which is very effective at determining loss across the first connector and to determining return loss. Many OTDR users invest hundreds of dollars for handheld dummy fibers (also called launch reels) that are easily damaged, lost or stolen thereby increasing operations costs.

  • AQ7275 - OTDR

    Company: Wuhan Sunma Technologies

    The AQ7275 Optical Time Reflectometer (OTDR), is ideal for use in a wide variety of optical fiber installation and maintenance applications. Increased efficiency and a quick start-up help to maximize time spent on operations. With the 10-second startup, the AQ7275 is ready to perform when you are. Improvements to this generation of Optical Time Domain Reflectometer offer a better variety of options and greater value for our customers.The best outcome of our improvements: Enhanced Measurement Performance.

  • FTE-7500A CWDM - OTDR

    Company: Terahertz Technologies

    The FTE-7500A CWDM Optical Time Domain Reflectometer performs a wide variety of functions as well as being a fast, simple to use OTDR. Its instant on feature, ease of use, rugged housing and affordable price make this the best day to day unit on the market. This unit includes a integrated Video Scope, Visual Fault Locator, Broadband Power Meter and CW Light Source. It is available in standard models with 1471/1491/1511/1531nm and 1551/1571/1591/1611nm. Other combination of CWDM wavelengths may be order based on individual needs.

  • AV6418 - OTDR

    Company: CETC

    AV6418 OTDR is a high performance measuring instrument with multifunction designed for testing FTTx network. It's mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber under test, such as the length?the transmission loss and the splice loss etc.. It can also locate the faults or breaks of optical fiber. It's widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance in optical fiber communication system.

  • AQ7275 - OTDR

    Company: Techwin(China) Industry

    Features:The AQ7275 is one of the best selling OTDRs in the world. Model lineup has been expanded to a total of 9 models to choose from with a dynamic range of up to 45dB . Wavelength capability spans from 850nm (MMF) to 1650nm (SMF). An impressive 0.8m event dead zone makes this model an excellent choice for FTTH and metro, core networks.