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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Ignition Pulse Detector

    IP-3000A - Ono Sokki

    IP-3000A Ignition pulse detector is a slim and light weighted detector by using amorphous metals fiber element. It is 1/4 in thickness (mass: approx. 1/50) and 1/3 in weight compared with the previous model of Ono Sokki. Also the IP-3000A can obtain constant output from low to high rotation with high sensitivity.Meeting the needs of structure or mechanism in recent gasoline engines, the IP-3000A can easily clamp around an ignition coil cable (the primary side cord of ignition coil or the current cord of electronic distributor). Moreover, heat-resistant design up to maximum operating temperature of +120 C° enables measurement under harsh environment.The IP-3000A Ignition pulse detector can be used with Ono Sokki’s engine tachometer.

  • AutoScanner Live Data

    CP9670 - Actron

    *Compatible with ALL 1996 and newer import , domestic, diesel and hybrid vehicles (OBD II & CAN), as well as 1994 and 1995 OBD II compliant vehicles*Over 15,000 generic and manufacturer specific DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) definitions*LIVE real-time data, over 300 possible data PIDs available (depending on vehicle)*Record / Playback of live data**Graph Live data*ABS codes and definitions for most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai vehicles*Full manufacturer specific code definitions-make/model/yr on the tool*AutoID™ vehicle – Automatically identifies most 2000 and newer vehicles*Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes*Read and erase DTCs*Reset MIL and turn off Check Engine light*Read and display MIL status*Tool gives visual indication when the trying to communicate and retrieve data from an OBD II vehicle*Read and display all available I/M Monitors (emissions)*Read and display pending DTCs*Read and display freeze frame data (snapshot of vehicle data at the time of the fault)*Read and display VIN, CVN and Cal ID*Battery / Alternator / Charging System Monitor*Mode 6 in Layman's terminology *Display State OBD check*Display OBD II Drive Cycle Mode*Trilingual menu and code definitions (English, Spanish, French)*Component Locator – Text based description of where to find a component on the vehicle*Acronym Library*Full PID Name Description in live data*System setup menu includes language setup, unit of measure, display test, keypad test, memory test, tool information and program mode

  • DC Power Supply

    PDS Series - Matrix Technology Inc.

    This series of products is programmable DC switching power supply with high accuracy and single output. It is light and compact, adjustable in voltage and current, and has multiple operating modes. The whole system is completely controlled by the microporcessor (mou), and can easily use the communication interface (re-232) to connect with the computer (PC) to meet the user's requirements for automatic testing and automatic control. The software instructions are completely in accordance with the scpi command. The format makes it easy for users to develop automatic test and automatic control applications. Due to the full digitalization of the system, the data input is completely controlled by the keyboard and knob, which is fast, accurate, and convenient. Can be widely used in electronic product development, device testing, communications industry, laboratories and scientific research institutions.

  • AC and DC Voltage Divider

    WAFRC - Wuhan Sangao Electrical Test Installations Limit Co.

    AC and DC voltage divider, Mainly composition by the high stability of passive resistance capacitance voltage divider and high precision digital kV table. The divider is passive resistance capacitance, Connected digit kV meter by coaxial cables. Which can be directly read out the AC, DC data measured from the table. This instrument has high precision, convenient operation, can be used instead of the electrostatic voltmeter. Device and the measuring line, power line, manual loaded box in light aluminum alloy, easy to carry and use. This equipment is mainly used for AC and DC high voltage measurement, and is suitable for power system's field measured and Institutions of higher learning laboratory's AC and DC high voltage measurement.

  • ST VL6180X Time of Flight Sensor

    SEN-36001 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    Highly integrated breakout board for the ST Micro VL6180X Time of Flight (ToF) range finder sensor. This sensor has many uses in the robotics, cell phone and gesture recognition space. It has two programmable GPIO pins, and most importantly, measures absolute distance up to 100mm. The SEN-36001 includes a VL6180X IC centered between two 4-40 sized mounting holes with onboard 2.8V LDO and voltage translation to handle interface voltages from 3V to 5V. The board is interfaced via an I2C interface and all IC pins have been broken out to a 0.1" pin header. Example code for the Arduino platform is available below and includes code for both the proximity measurement and ambient light sensing capabilities.

  • PDIV Tester for EV Motor

    PDIV 500-T - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Differing from partial discharge with high frequency pulse which produce sound and light phenomenon, the power frequency AC voltage reaches a certain threshold, can only produce instantaneous current leakage around the tested sample, it can be detected through discharge capacity (unit: PC) to evaluate partial discharge phenomena..The instrument PDIV 500-T is designed to put samples such as enameled wire, insulation paper/film, and electric motor stator in the High temperature / humidity environment chamber, applying a power frequency voltage with a programed rising speed, and prefect ground connection must be guaranteed , through the coupling capacitor as the medium, the continuous detection of discharge capacity against the voltages will create formulation between the Voltages and discharge capacities (pc), the software will find the discharge voltage threshold called PDIV.

  • Pixellated Arrays

    Saint-Gobain Crystals

    Offering pixellated array assemblies that include crystals such as CdW04, CsI(Tl), CsI(Na), BGO, NaI(Tl) and LYSO or other materials such as scintillating plastic. Saint-Gobain can also produce crystal arrays made from other materials not grown by Saint-Gobain.  We offer a variety of design options and reflector materials to optimize array performance for your application. Saint Gobain’s manufacturing process ensures high light output as well as excellent pixel to pixel uniformity with minimal crosstalk.  Linear arrays are used quite often in security type applications (airport baggage scanners) whereas 2D arrays are used more in medical imaging applications.  Both types are also found in non-destructive testing / inspection machines.  The type of material depends on the application, and the information being sought.

  • Camera Endpoint Monitor based on Real Time Laser Interferometry

    LEM Series - HORIBA, Ltd.

    Our Real Time Interferometric Process Monitor provides high precision detection of film thickness and trench depth during the etching/deposition process.Depending on applications, LEM camera includes a 670 or 905 or 980 nm laser and when mounted on any dry etch/deposition process chamber with a direct top view of the wafer this generates a small laser spot on the sample surface.Interference occurs when monochromatic light hits the sample surface, resulting in different optical path lengths due to film thickness and height variations in the film.This allows the etch/deposition rate and thus thickness to be monitored in real time, also fringes counting or more complex analysis, providing enhanced process control Endpoint for a wide variety of processes. Additionally interfaces can be detected by their change in reflectivity.

  • Compact, Industrial Thermal Camera

    Dione 320 CAM Series - Xenics nv

    The Dione 320 CAM series is based on an uncooled state-of-the-art 12 μm pitch detector with 320×240 pixels and NETD of less than 40 mK (available upon request) or 50 mK.The camera cores are optimized for low SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power). The Dione 320 CAM is both light weight and small. It utilizes Xenics image enhancement for advanced image processing while keeping power consumption low.All Dione 320 versions have the same SAMTEC ST5 connector and are GenICam compliant. Dione 320 CAM is a LWIR uncooled thermal imaging camera SWaP module with housing supporting M24/M34 lens (optional)The compact Dione 320 CAM series find applications in industrial machine vision, medical, scientific and advanced research, safety and security systems.

  • Spectrographs & Monochromators


    Manual micrometer adjustable slits for precision control of incoming light. Motorized Slit and fixed slit is optional. More than 100 gratings for the best spectral range, throughput and dispersion to meet your applicationDSP controlled stepping motor scanning system provides superior precision and repeatability of wavelength positioningOptional internal shutter or six-position filter wheel for experiments requiring background removal or signal attenuationInstallation and set-up through USB 2.0 computer interfaces Stand-alone Omni Series monochromator control software for basic scanning and calibration. Also includes utilities for grating updates and communications Active X control support Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi drivers allow users to design their own acquisition programsZolixScan data acquisition software provides a simple user interface for easy data acquisition and experimental set-up

  • Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

    MFD350B - Rinch Industrial Co.,Limited

    Your product description goes here.MFD350B Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a economical and practical model improved on MFD500B. Except for the differences of its measuring range, working frequency and transmitted pulse parameter, the other performances are the same as MFD500B.Based on ultrasonic pulse reflection testing principle, MFD350B controls all testing process by the mini-processor. And it has low power design and can do charge with two models such as online chargeing and offline charging. And it can work continuously about 8 hours.With large capacity, digital multi-color TFT LCD, original imported stable IC, small size, light weight, stable performance and favorable price, MFD350B is one of our company’s high promoted super cost performance and economically ultrasonic flaw detector.

  • High Temperature Self-Supporting Furnace Extensometers (1200 C)

    Model 3448 - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    Epsilon developed this unique high temperature extensometer for testing metals, ceramics, and composites at the high temperatures produced by furnaces and induction heating systems. A combination of features make these extensometers easier to use and better in performance than other similar high temperature extensometers.The units are held on the specimen by light, flexible ceramic fiber cords. These make the extensometer self-supporting on the specimen. No furnace mounting brackets are required. The side load on the test sample is greatly reduced because of the self-supporting design and light weight of the sensor. Most materials testing furnaces with a side cut-out for an extensometer will readily accept a Model 3448. For induction heating systems, a different ceramic cord placement allows the extensometer to easily pass between the coils.The combination of radiant heat shields and convection cooling fins allow this model to be used at specimen temperatures up to 1200℃ (2200°F) without any cooling. An optional tiny air fan does enhance stability at the highest temperatures and is recommended for the highest accuracy and for tests with small elongations. The fan comes with a magnetic base for support so it can be mounted at any convenient location near the extensometer. Fan cooling is not generally needed for induction heated systems. High purity alumina ceramic rods are used. These are available in lengths as required to fit your furnace. A spare set is included with every extensometer. Specify chisel, vee chisel or conical contact points as desired.Most units operate equally well in tension and compression. Thus tensile, compression and cyclic tests like low cycle fatigue can all be performed with a single unit.For vacuum furnaces, special models are available. Epsilon can also provide a radiant heat transfer cooled version. This requires that the extensometer module be surrounded by a water cooled enclosure with a front slot for the ceramic rods.

  • 1000A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with IR Thermometer

    EX830 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The EX830 clamp meter features a unique, built-in, non-contact Infrared thermometer with laser pointer to monitor temperature and locate hot spots on motors and electrical devices. A large 4000 count LCD display with bright back lighting allows you to see the reading in dim light. The ergonomically designed double-molded housing offers a better grip for one-hand operation. The 1.7" (43 mm) diameter jaw opening is large enough for conductors up to 750MCM. In addition to AC/DC current, it measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, temperature, capacitance, and frequency. It features: diode test, audible continuity beeper, min/max, data hold, auto power off, and a fast peak hold that captures inrush currents and transients. Comes complete with test leads, 9V battery, type K bead wire temperature probe (-4 to 482°F/-20 to 250°C) and a belt holster.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

    Model KM 196 - Kusam Electrical Industries Limited

    • Unit : Electric Field : V/m; Magnetic Field : mT• Precision : Electric Field : 1V/m; Magnetic Field : 0.01 mT• Range : Electric Field : 1V/m ~ 1999V/m.• Magnetic Field : 0.01 mT ~ 19.99 mT• Alarm Threshold : Electric Field : 40V/m, Magnetic Field : 0.4 mT• Reading Display : 3½ Digit Digital LCD display with Backlight.• Frequency Range : 5Hz ~ 3500MHZ• Sampling Time : About 0.4 second.• Measuring Mode : Dual Mode• Overload Alert : “1” appears on LCD• Sound & Light Alarm• Data Hold function.• Auto Power Off.• Average & Peak measurement.• Low Battery Indication.• Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0°C ~ 50°C; below 80%RH.• Power battery : 9V Battery.• Dimension : 63.6 x 31 x 125.8mm• Weight : Approx. 146g.

  • Fully Automatic Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

    Neutronics Manufacturing Co.

    Measure DC resistance of transformers windings etc. Introduction: The NMC ''TDR'' is a high precision, new generation, light weight large output current and micro-processor controlled tester. This replaces old DC wheat stone bridge and double arm bridge for measurement of DC resistance. ''TDR'' adopts new advanced test current power supply technology, four terminal measurement, digital display of resistance value and test current. ''TDR'' is powered by 220V AC mains single phase supply. The measurements are accurate as the test current is highly stable. High automation is achieved with automatic discharge warning.Principle: The constant current generated is fed to the resistance under test through the current terminals and the voltage drop across the resistance under test is measured and displayed in ohms. A true four terminal measurement is used to eliminate the need for lead resistance compensation.

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