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  • Fiber Optic Measurement Systems & Sensors

    MTI Instruments

    MTI Instruments offers large measurement range and standoff distance fiber-optic measurement sensors and probes that provide ultra sensitive linear output response. Our modular (interchangeable) non-contact fiber optic sensors systems have dual channel that enables the user to make simultaneous measurements. Our fiber optic probes are designed to automatically compensate large changes in reflectivity making it possible to monitor dynamic reflectance of up to 100:1 making it ideal for measuring vibration of ultrasonic horns, modal analysis of disk drive suspension, displacement and timing of fuel injectors and lateral motion measurements.

  • Fibre Channel, Ethernet, & MIL-Firewire Protocol Analyzer

    Cipher - Avionics Interface Technologies

    Supports Multiple Network Protocols including Ethernet, FibreChannel, & MIL-Firewire (AS5643) - High Performance Filtering & Search - Built-in protocol decoders for: FC-AE-ASM, FC-AE-RDMA, FCAE-1553, AS5643, Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, UDP - User defined “protocol decoders” for custom & proprietary protocols - Database architecture for handling very large data sets - Multiple, Simultaneous views of data sets with time correlation of data across multiple views. - Compatible with common network analysis tools such as - Wireshark (e.g. Imports/Exports to PCAPNG) - Compatible with AIT’s Fibre Channel Test - Instruments for live capture, triggering, and filtering.

  • Four-Channel Multimode Optical Attenuator

    N7768A - Keysight Technologies

    Optical attenuator instruments are used to flexibly control optical signal power levels in test setups. A primary application is determining optical receiver sensitivity by measuring the BER vs. input signal power. The N7766A and N7768A provide 2 or 4 attenuator channels respectively for multimode fiber setups and are available with either 50 m, 62.5 m or 80 m fiber ports. The output power is monitored, especially to allow accurate and stable power setting independent of the input power. Convenient offset parameters allow the set power to correspond to the signal after other optical components in the setup path.

  • FPGA Mezzanine Card

    FMC172 - Abaco Systems Inc

    The Abaco FMC172 wideband low latency FMC module is based on the latest high performance ADC device from Texas Instruments and DAC devices from Teledyne-E2V. It is the fastest ADC Abaco offers with LVDS interfaces, delivering up to 6.4 GSPS ADC on a single channel (or two channels @ 3.2 GSPS) and a single channel DAC at up to 6.0 GSPS, making it among the fastest low-latency devices available on the market. The combination of the FMC172's >6.0 GHz bandwidth, its high sample rate and low latency is ideal for advanced Digital RF Memory (DRFM) systems.

  • FPGA UDP Packet Interface Connnecting 3-4 Channels of MIL-STD-1553 to Ethernet in Real-Time

    ENETX-1553 - Alta Data Technologies LLC

    ENETX-1553™ is an innovative product that provides “remoting” of 1553 operations on 10/100/1000 Ethernet IP/UDP local area networks (LAN). ENETX-1553 is a small, low-power, rugged device that provides real-time Ethernet connectivity to for three or four dual redundant 1553 (A/B) buses (channels). Ideal for remoting 1553 connections for in-field applications or point-point lab usage. AltaAPI provides and highly portable BSD SDK and National Instruments LabVIEW and LabWindows. ENET products are unique in the market as they have a hardware, FPGA real-time UDP engine – no OS or IP stacks – provides maximum throughput and ultimate virus protection.

  • Handheld ED-XRF Spectrometers

    SPECTRO xSORT - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    The SPECTRO xSORT family of handheld ED-XRF spectrometers supplies elemental testing and spectrochemical analysis of myriad materials in widely varying conditions. These energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence devices are recognized for ruggedness and reliability on the job. They offer metals or nonmetals identification in seconds, with innovative technologies and designs that provide repeatable, laboratory-quality results. Simple, user-friendly displays and efficient ergonomics make these instruments extremely easy to use. At a range of affordable prices, SPECTRO xSORT spectrometers are leaders in their class for a broad spectrum of applications. - See more at:

  • High Impedance Active Probes

    18C & 19C - Picoprobe

    High impedance probes, PICOPROBE® MODEL 18C and MODEL 19C, combine the most advanced MOS and bipolar technologies with special, low capacitance packaging techniques to achieve truly remarkable electronic measurement capabilities. While being manufactured each instrument is individually optimized for the best possible performance. The extremely low input capacitance, high input impedance, and almost negligible input leakage current permits the direct probing of even the most sensitive MOS dynamic nodes. At the same time, the full dc capability of this Picoprobe coupled with the high speed capability permits the full characterization of circuits.

  • High Speed Data Recorders

    Conduant Corporation

    Conduant’s StreamStor® recording and playback systems overcome bottlenecks common to RAID and other traditional storage and recording environments. Conduant’s sub-systems and board solutions feature:-Recording and playback of digital data at sustained speeds up to 1.6 GB/s.-Capacities over 32 TB in a single system.-Direct hardware-to-hardware recording and playback. (Peer-to-Peer)-Use of a wide variety of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data acquisition, data capture and output hardware to -Create the right instrument for your high performance application.-Outstanding reliability and scalability for today’s most demanding applications.

  • Hyperspectral Imaging Sensors

    Headwall Photonics, Inc.

    HYPERSPEC® sensors are line-scanning instruments (sometimes called pushbroom) that collect reflected light through an image slit. One row of spatial pixels is collected per frame as motion occurs, with each pixel containing full spectral data. Motion can be accomplished in two ways: either as an airborne deployment (UAV, aircraft, or satellite) or stationary (where motion is accomplished beneath the sensor, such as a food inspection line). A third option is also available where pan-and-tilt or rotary stages allow a fixed-location sensor to scan a stationary object (such as a piece of artwork, or a mine face for geological applications).

  • Intelligent Power Monitor

    iPM - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI’s iPM is an Intelligent Power Monitor that provides a precise, instrument grade, digital analysis of input power lines. This advanced, DSP-based unit monitors single-phase, 3-phase 4-wire wye, or 3-phase Delta power lines at various input voltage levels and frequencies.The iPM is equipped with an EIA RS485-compatible serial communications interface that permits additional control functions and readout of diagnostic data, and features a Background Built-in-Test (BIT) that constantly monitors the health of unit hardware and software. This power monitor is designed and qualified to the most stringent performance and environmental requirements, and is ideally suited for rugged defense and industrial applications.


    IRC800 - Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc.

    The IRC800 Series cameras offer the ultimate in flexibility for research scientists. Camera operators can vary integration times, frame rates and cold filters to meet the most precise testing requirements making the IRC800 the perfect instrument for prototyping system development or where application requirements may change. A 1/3-liter LN2 pour-filled Dewar assembly maintains temperature for up to 20 hours unpowered and 9 hours powered which makes the IRC800 Series perfect for Scientific Imaging, Process Analysis and Quality Assurance. A developer’s kit is available for users who wish to create their own applications.

  • Isolated Digital I/O 60VDC, 150mA

    OTP2 module no.186 - LXinstruments GmbH

    The National Instruments PXI-6528, PCI-6528, and PXI-6529 Digital I/O Modules are isolated digital I/O interfaces for PCI and PXI. These modules can use inputs from NI 6528 and PXI 6529 devices to capture the status of sensors, actuators, and logic devices. NI 6528 devices have 24 SSR outputs for switching external devices with input currents up to 150 mA. The NI 6528 and PXI-6529 devices are suitable for a variety of applications, from automotive development and industrial factory automation to aerospace, laboratory research, and biomedical applications due to their high current handling capacity and isolation.

  • LASAR Post Processor, Run Time And Diagnostic Test Solution

    DtifEasy Series - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    DtifEasy is a full-featured tool set for importing, converting, and executing IEEE-1445 compliant digital test vectors generated by a LASAR simulation. All four IEEE-1445 file types - UUT model group, Stimulus and Response group, Fault Dictionary group, and Probe group are supported by DtifEasy; providing the user with the ability to execute go/no-go, fault dictionary, and guided probe sequences. DtifEasy supports MTS' 3U PXI GX529x series of dynamic digital instrumentation to 200 MHZ as well as the 6U PXI GX5960, 50 MHz digital instrumentation. All of these instrument families are compatible with the digital logic probe.

  • Light Meter - Digital and Analog display of light in Foot-candles or Lux

    LT300 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    Insufficient lighting can create security risks or result in OSHA crackdowns. The Extech LT300 light meter can determine whether you have adequate illumination to protect workers, students, visitors, patients or attendees of different venues. This handheld instrument measures up to 40,000 Fc (or 400,000 Lux) utilizing a remote light sensor connected via 12 in. coiled cable (expandable to 24 in.). A prominent LCD readout displays a digital calculation and complementary analog bar graph for quick, reliable assessments. Complete with 9V battery, light sensor with protective cover, protective holster, and soft case.

  • Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer - Enhanced Performance

    Los Gatos Research, Inc.

    The Los Gatos Research (LGR) Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer provides measurements of δ18O, δ17O and δ2H of water in liquid (including wines) and discrete vapor samples with unsurpassed performance. Measurements may be reported at the unmatched speed of (at least) 800 injections per day. And, with LGR's acclaimed Enhanced Performance package, measurements may be recorded with unparalleled and unsurpassed stability and accuracy. For measurements of water vapor as well as liquid water in one instrument, please refer to LGR's new Isotopic Water Analyzer. For measurements of isotopes in wine, please refer to the description in LGR's Wine Isotope Analyzer.

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