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read precision values.

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  • Universal Digital Water Level Gauge

    HR8006 - HighReach Measuring & Controlling System Co.,Ltd

    At The HR8006 Universal Digital Water Level gauge IS AN the INPUT of the type Water Level Measuring Instrument with A Stainless Steel Full-Sealed Structure, Which Greatly Improves at The Reliability of at The Whole Machine and CAN BE PUT INTO at The Water for A Long Time. Since at The Circuit uses Low -power devices, the power consumption of the whole device is very low, and it is about 4 mA at full speed. This feature is very useful in situations where battery power is required.

  • Portable Temperature Calibrators

    Mensor Corp.

    Portable temperature calibrators (dry-well calibrators) are electronic controllers which automatically, quickly and dryly supply a temperature. Due to the high reliability, accuracy and simple operation, portable temperature calibrators are particularly suitable as a factory/working standard for the automatic testing and/or calibration of temperature measuring instruments of all types. A major advantage is offered by the large sleeve diameters and the fast, stable temperature control, since, as a result of these characteristics, the time for calibration can be used very effectively.

  • Milliamp Calibrator & Loop Calibrator

    Practical Instrument Electronics

    PIE has milliamp calibrators to fit your needs from the PIE 334 with the basic functions of a 4-20 milliamp calibrator to the advanced loop troubleshooting capabilities of the Model 532. And PIE milliamp calibrators are the only models with patented Loop Diagnostic Technology! All the loop calibrators have fuse-less protection, rugged design, long battery life. Calibrate in the units matching your instruments by displaying in milliamps and percent (%) of 4 to 20 milliamps.

  • 4 x 8 Two-Wire Matrix Module for 34970A/34972A

    34904A - Keysight Technologies

    The Keysight 34904A module for the 34970A/34972A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit gives you the most flexible connection path between your device under test and your test equipment, allowing different instruments to be connected to multiple points on your DUT at the same time. Rows or columns may be connected between multiple modules to build 8 x 8, 4 x 16 or larger matrices, with up to 96 crosspoints in a single frame.

  • Alcohol Meters

    Anton Paar GmbH

    Alcohol meters by Anton Paar reliably and accurately determine the alcohol content in a wide range of alcoholic beverages: all types of beer and beer mixtures, wine, cider, spirits, liqueurs, but also fermenting grape juice, wort, molasses, and wash. The variety of the alcohol meter portfolio – ranging from portable instruments for quick checks to our lab systems with outstanding accuracy and user support – ensures individual solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Amplifier

    C-Band - Amonics Ltd.

    Amonics offers polarization maintaining EDFAs for various applications. Including free space communications, coherent beam combining, and detection system. The output light is linearly polarized with high polarization extinction ratio. The compact turnkey benchtop or 19" rackmount instrument incorporates a user-friendly front panel housing with a LCD monitor display, key switch, power adjust control knob and optical connectors. A RS232 or Ethernet computer interface is also equipped.

  • Atomic Absorption Systems

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent leads the industry with innovative atomic absorption (AA) instruments. The entry-level SpectrAA 55B is ideal for labs in remote locations, while the 240FS and 280FS AA systems achieve the productivity of sequential ICP with Agilent’s Fast Sequential technology. The 240Z and 280Z AA systems provide superior performance and accurate background correction with transverse Zeeman technology. Our AA Duo systems feature unique simultaneous operation of both the flame and graphite furnace.

  • Color Spectrophotometer

    NS-800 - MRC ltd.

    NS800 spectrophotometer is widely usedin plastic, electronic, paint, ink, textile,garment, printing and dyeing, food,medical cosmetic industries, scientificresearch institutes, schools & laboratories.It can measure reflectance spectrumand other color index precisely. NS800spectrophotometer not only can help toperform color matching and colormanagement studies, but also cancontrol product quality managementaccurately. The instrument is equippedwith high-end color managementsoftware which can connect PC toachieve more extension functions

  • DR02 pyrheliometer

    Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

    DR02 is a high-accuracy direct (normal incidence) solar radiation sensor with a short response time. The scientific name of this instrument is pyrheliometer. DR02 pyrheliometers comply with the first class specifications of the ISO 9060 standard and the WMO Guide. DR02 pyrheliometer has a heated window and is used in tracker-mounted operation. Its fast response makes it very suitable for PV (photovoltaics)-related applications. DR02 can be connected directly to commonly used data logging systems.

  • E1 Transmission Analyzer

    ST-2125 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    ST2125 E1 Transmission Analyzer is a powerful handheld instrument, providing a scalable, future-proof solution for the testing needs of technicians involved in the installation and maintenance of E1 digital networks. It offers full-featured the error and alarm measurements you will need to verify quality-of-service in your networks. Plus, signal quality measurements including frequency, level, pulse shape, jitter and other functions ensure your costly, time-consuming work performed quickly and efficiently.

  • Electrical Safety Tester

    Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Basic testing methods of Glow wire device> and UL 746A, IEC829, DIN695, VDE0471, the Glow wire tester ZRS-3H/ZRS-3HS is suitable for resistance to abnormal heat and fire test on lighting lamps, electronic products and household appliances. Adopting high-temperature coating spraying on steel structure and imported instrument display, with easy operation, stable performance the equipment is applicable to flame resistance tests of all levels of QC departments and corresponding enterprises.

  • Electrochemical Workstations


    Besides a potentiostat / galvanostat all our electrochemical workstations include also a frequency response analyzer unit (FRA) in their basic configuration. This makes each of our electrochemical workstations a highly versatile basis equipment for a multitude of electrochemical investigation methods on batteries, accumulators and fuel cells as well as on high impedance objects such as coatings and laminates. Due to their hardware extensions slots our instruments can be extended to multi purpose data acquisition and control test stands.

  • Electrodes and Probes

    Milwaukee Instruments

    Milwaukee has a wide assortment of pH, ORP, Conductivity and other specialty sensors to meet all your specific requirements. Finding the right electrode for a specific application is a very important task and in order to solve this selection problem it is important to consider the following: electrode body, reference construction and junction. Below you will find a list of Milwaukee electrodes and probes with corresponding instruments they are supplied with. Special electrodes for specific applications can also be manufactured upon request.

  • electromagnetic conductivity meter

    CMD-DUO - GF Instruments, s.r.o.

    CMD-DUO electromagnetic conductivity meter completes our family of advanced digital conductivity meters with the instrument for deep surveys. Easy operated set with variable dipole distance allows multidepth field survey with results suitable both for apparent conductivity and model sections (inversion by IX1D). geological survey, water management (searching for potable water sources, groundwater protection, ground contamination monitoring), raw material prospecting, investigation of underground objects.

  • fA Leakage Switch Mainframe

    B2200A - Keysight Technologies

    The B2200A reduces the cost of test by enabling characterization tests to be automated, without compromising the measurement performance of the semiconductor parameter analyzer. It supports a 4-SMU, full-Kelvin configuration and a capacitance meter, with room for future expansion. Includes 14 inputs, each with a unique internal measurement path, and a distinctive capacitance measurement compensation feature for two of the inputs. Provides front panel control via keypad or optional light pen, and supports instruments such as pulse generators.