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Generation of electrical, mechanical, data, electrical, vapor or gas states.

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  • Frequency Converter Upwards

    UPCONVERTER 10 GHz LXI - Holding Informtest

    UPCONVERTER 10 GHz осуществляет программно управляемый перенос вверх спектра шириной 150 МГц, поступающего на вход сигнала, в любую точку спектрального диапазона от 10 МГц до 10 ГГц. Перенос спектра осуществляется по супергетеродинному принципу с тремя ступенями переноса. Благодаря этому во всем рабочем диапазоне спектра достигаются высокие уровни подавления несущей частоты и зеркального канала. Также UPCONVERTER 10 GHz обладает уникальной возможностью, не имеющей аналогов среди приборов подобного типа – задавать значение промежуточной частоты (входного сигнала) для переноса в диапазоне от 50 до 400 МГц. Помимо этого, прибор позволяет передавать входной сигнал частотой от 0,1 до 400 МГц напрямую на выход, без переноса. Благодаря этому, совместно с UPCONVERTER 10 GHz в качестве генератора промежуточной частоты может быть использован широкий спектр генераторов зарубежного и отечественного производства. Холдинг «Информтест» предлагает потребителям генераторы собственной разработки MGKS and MGVCh , as well as the first Russian MT transceiver module , which are fully compatible with the input characteristics of UPCONVERTER 10 GHz. Together with generators produced by the holding "Informtest" UPCONVERTER 10 GHz under the control of a common software shell makes up a synthetic instrument - a ready-made solution for testing microwave devices and radio reception channels.

  • Universal Programmer Superpro 7500


    Until now,Support 396 IC manufacturer, 94596 pcs devices and keeps growing.Support devices with Vcc from 1.2V to 5V. The programming speed up further increase 30% compared to SUPERPRO 5000.The programmer support files up to 256 GBytesBuilt with 144 universal pin-drivers.Universal adaptors are available for varies packages up to 144 pins. New device support will be easier. PC hosted mode and stand-alone mode. Under PC hosted mode the programmer is controlled by a PC via USB2.0 (high speed) to program a chip. Under stand-alone mode the programmer is controlled via the 6-KEY keypad and the 20 character by 4 line LCD display. A SD card is used to store the project files.User can operate multiple units to construct a concurrent multiprogramming system thank for the stand-alone mode. Only IC manufacturer approved programming algorithms are used for high reliability. (+5%~-5%) and (10%~-10%) Vcc verification enhances programming reliability.Advanced and powerful functions.Production mode start chip operation at the moment the chip is inserted in the socket properly.Project function simplifies processes such as device selection, file loading, device configuration setting, program option, and batch file setting into one touch step.Password can be set for project files and production volume controlBatch command combines device operations like program, verify, security into a single command at any sequence.Serial numbers generators are available as standard or customer-specific functions.Log file is useful for quality tracking. Over-current and over-voltage protection for safety of the chip and programmer hardware. WINDOWS XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 32/64bit compatibility

  • UPS System JOVYSTAR PLUS 3: 1


    The UPS systems of the JOVYSTAR PLUS series have a PFC rectifier in IGBT technology (Insulated Gate Bisolar Transistor) with a very large input voltage range and a power factor cos φ of almost 1. All systems of this type are equipped with a self-diagnosis system and have a high dynamics with load jumps as well as an extremely low noise level. The harmonic content (THDI) of the rectifier is below 4% in nominal operation. This low THDI enables a smaller dimensioning of emergency power generators than with conventional rectifiers in thyristor technology. All system data can be called up on an RS232 interface and can be transferred via an SNMP adapter, a MODBUS adapter or via a PROFIBUS in a LAN or other bus system. The battery is integrated in the UPS housing. The single-phase UPS systems of the type JOVYSTAR PLUS are available in the output sizes 10, 15 and 20 kVA.

  • Single-Phase Transformer Winding Resistance Meters

    RMO-TT Series - IBEKO Power AB

    RMO-TT series is perfect for measuring winding resistance of inductive objects such as power and distribution transformers or autotransformers. Additionally, every transformer resistance meter from RMO-TT series can analyze:tap changers,generators,electrical motors,high-current busbar joints,cable splices,and welding joints.Transformer demagnetization can also be performed with all RMO-TT instruments.The series is consisted of 3 models, with maximal test current from 40 A (RMO40TT) to 100 A (RMO100TT). RMO100TT is the only portable transformer resistance meter in the market with 100 A DC output current.The three independent channels enable testing of three windings in series. Consequently, a user can measure winding resistance in every tap position of an on-load tap changer without discharging between the tests.In addition to winding resistance measurement, a user can perform a detailed on-load tap changer analysis by analyzing recorded graphs (10 kHz sampling rate) and by measuring vibrations on an external tap changer tank.All RMO-TT instruments have a built-in tap changer control unit. Because of this, it is possible to remotely control on-load tap changer (OLTC) directly from the device. Also, a user can program DV-Win software to do everything automatically – running winding resistance tests and changing OLTC tap positions.The DV-Win software also enables control and observation of the test process, as well as saving and analyzing the results on a PC. It provides a test report, arranged in a selectable form as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF, Word, or ASCII format. Additionally, DV-Win measures and calculates the OLTC transition time, the ripple and the winding resistance for each tap changing operation. The software can also perform the calculations necessary for the “Heat Run” test.All results can be exported in the report format.

  • Test Engines

    Verified Systems International GMBH

    The test system cluster architecture is based on dual CPU or 4-CPU PCs acting as cluster nodes. The nodes communicate and synchronise over a high-speed network (Myrinet or InfiniBand). A modification of the Linux operating system allows to run the test execution and evaluation algorithms in hard real-time on reserved CPUs, where scheduling is non-preemptive and controlled by the test system itself. The interrupts caused by interfaces to the system under test may be relayed to CPUs designated explicitly for their handling. This approach offers the opportunity to utilise high-performance standard hardware and the services provided by the widely accepted Linux operating system in combination with all mechanisms required for hard real-time computing. The cluster architecture presents an opportunity to distribute interfaces with high data throughput on different nodes, so that PCI bus overload can be avoided. In addition, the CPU load can be balanced by allocating test data generators, environment simulations and checkers for the behaviour of the system under test ("test oracles") on dedicated CPUs.

  • Vacuum Capacitors Fixed & Variable

    LBA Group, Inc

    The LBA Technology vacuum capacitors store maintains a large stock of all types of RF capacitors, both vacuum and mica capacitors. While LBA is a factory dealer specializing in COMET and JENNINGS fixed and variable vacuum capacitors, we can supply virtually any style, value, or manufacturer's product on special order. Typical of other brands supplied are Meiden, Sangamo, and Cornell Dubilier. We provide fast quotes and worldwide shipping.The high quality vacuum capacitors we stock and sell typically have capacitances from 3 pF to 6600 pF, and peak test voltages to 100 kV at 1000 amps. These include both fixed and variable styles. A full line of capacitor accessories such as cylometers, insulators, corona rings, and mounting hardware is available from LBA.Vacuum capacitors are used in a wide variety of applications that require the generation and management of high power radio frequency energy. The vacuum capacitor is extremely stable in electrical characteristics, has extremely low internal dissipation factor (loss) and withstands electrical overloads, such as lightning, with less damage than other types of capacitors. The vacuum capacitor is a key component in high frequency RF generators, industrial RF process applicators and antenna systems operating from low frequency through VHF, at power levels reaching and exceeding 1,000,000 watts. Both air-cooled and water-cooled vacuum capacitors, in fixed and variable styles are used.Vacuum capacitors are employed in broadcast transmitters for long wave, medium wave (MW or AM), short wave, and VHF (FM and TV). They also serve in broadcast antenna systems, particularly in AM directional antenna phasing systems, diplexers, triplexers and line tuning units.Vacuum capacitors find wide application in industrial applications of radio frequency energy. High power RF systems are found in RF dielectric heating devices such as RF welders, radio frequency sealers, RF process heating such as drying and baking ovens. The ubiquitous vacuum capacitor finds frequent application in such medical RF areas as MRI, CAT scanners, RF surgery, and high power particle accelerators. High power RF devices also use vacuum capacitors to help generate RF energy for laser systems, plasma generators, semiconductor foundries, research RF applications, and more.

  • AC Fuel Flow Signal Generator

    TA-100 - Tech-Aid Products

    The TA-100 signal generator was designed to facilitate testing of aircraft fuel flow indicators that require two input signals designated as “Drum” and “Impeller”. This generator provides both signals so as to provide a direct interface to the fuel flow indicator under test. The generator also provides switched power out to the unit under test as well as a 5v source for testing the bezel lighting. The original design was built around the requirements for the AMETEK series indicators (pn: 10171 series). This generator simulates a reference and a time delayed signal of appropriate amplitude for an indication of up to 1200pph for the indicator under test. The “PPH Select” switch provides fixed signal delays representing 0, 200, 400, 800, 1000 and 1200pph flow rates respectively, this provides the mechanic with an expedient check of the indicators accuracy. The “PPH Adjust” control allows the mechanic to vary the signal delay throughout the full range and serves as a good method for checking of pointer smoothness from stop to stop. The unit’s front panel also provides test jacks to monitor the “FDR Output” as well as the drum and impeller signals. The TA-100 requires only 28Vdc to operate. This generator provides a very economical approach to any repair facility or flight department as it becomes an alternative to purchasing two bench top signal generators. The TA-100 generator at the very least can provide a simple functional test and eliminate the high cost of exchanging an indicator as a function of troubleshooting the aircraft system.

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