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Generation of electrical, mechanical, data, electrical, vapor or gas states.

See Also: Waveform Generators, Frequency Generators, RF Generators

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  • QualiPhyer Tools


    QualiPhyer is a family of software packages used to test a product’s conformance to IEEE 802.3™ and MIPI Alliance electrical and optical standards for Ethernet and MIPI devices. These packages can be used to control oscilloscopes and traffic generators over Ethernet or GPIB connections to test the physical layer characteristics of devices. The software processes waveforms from the scopes to produce results based on algorithms developed at the UNH-IOL.

  • RF Safety One Stop

    LBA Group, Inc

    Radio frequency energy pervades every corner of our environment. Silent and invisible, RF energy can pose direct health safety hazards to workers and the public, as well instigating fires, explosions and technical malfunctions. Employers, property owners and generators of RF energy, many naïve to RF, are all held liable for preventing impermissible exposures, injuries and losses by the FCC, OSHA and the courts.

  • Sensors

    Shimpo Instruments

    SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS offers a variety of sensors and rotary pulse generators to send various trigger signals to panel tachometers, counters and stroboscopes. When coupled with the appropriate SHIMPO panel meter or stroboscope, our sensors can be used in many different operating environments from laboratory to hazardous Class I -Group C&D and Class II- Group E, F, & G.

  • Sequence / Rotation Indicators

    Greenlee Tools

    *Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation meter detects live phase and sequence orientation of three phase power sources and industrial equipment conductors to ensure proper installation.*Motor rotation function identifies rotational direction of industrial equipment such as motors, compressors and generators.*Non-Contact Motor Rotation feature determines rotation of running single-phase and three-phase motors without the use of leads.

  • Triple Frequency Generator

    SFH264 Series - Shanghai Launch Electric Co., Ltd.

    This series of generators are mainly used to generate tripe frequency induced voltage for high voltage transformers. It also could be used for transformers in insulation induced voltage withstanding tests among windings, turns, sections and phases.The device is composed of triple frequency generator, console and reactor, with good waveforms output, reliability, and easy operation. Devices in different specification could be customer-made on request.

  • Video Test Generator

    701A - Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata

    If you’re testing digital or analog computer monitors, video projectors, multimedia monitors, or TVs, the 701A Video Test Generators provides the signals, test patterns, and audio to do your job, easily and accurately. Field technicians and factory people on the move will appreciate the convenience of battery power and small size. The 701A Video Test Generator is designed to go where you go.

  • Low Phase Noise Amplifiers

    Macom Technology Solutions Holdings Inc.

    MACOM is committed to an expanding portfolio of low-phase noise (>150dBc/Hz @ 1k Hz offset) amplifiers for critical signal generation applications in test and measurement and defense. These offerings complement our line of NLTL GaAs comb generators.

  • Motor/Generator Test Equipment

    IBEKO Power AB

    Winding ohmmeters RMO-M series measure winding resistance of inductive test objects such as electrical motors and generators. Motor test or generator test of winding resistance is especially important for early-stage failure detection.RMO-M series instruments generate true DC ripple-free current with automatically regulated measurement and discharge process. Even more, test instruments are portable and enclosed in a metal casing.Applications supported by DV Power motor/generator test equipment include:Winding resistance measurement of generators and electrical motorsResistance measurement of high-current bus bar jointsResistance measurement of cable splicesAll of the above-mentioned measurements are performed with the highest accuracy. The advanced DV-Win PC software enables collecting both numerical and graphical results. These features provide an easier and more efficient analysis. After the test, a DV-Win software generates a test report a single click. Finally, a user can easily customize the report and save it in different formats, such as XLS and PDF.

  • Aircraft Power Generation

    Astronics DME

    As a recognized leader in both aircraft power distribution and aircraft power generators, Astronics has developed a brushless starter generator system. Rather than rely on technology developed in the mid-20th century, which has high maintenance costs and inconsistent reliability, a brushless starter generator can offer both high reliability and a 68% reduced cost of ownership through the use of industry-leading brushless technology.

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    T3AWG2K - Teledyne LeCroy

    he T3AWG2K series consists of two affordable dual-channel arbitrary waveform generators, 16-bit vertical resolution, 6 Vpp output voltage (50Ω to 50Ω), 128 Mpts/ch memory, a maximum sampling rate of 600 MS/s and a maximum sine wave frequency of 150 MHz. The T3AWG2152-D mainframe adds 8 synchronized digital channels to the analog outputs, ideal for debugging and digital design validation.

  • Basic Pulsed-RF Measurements

    S93025A - Keysight Technologies

    The S93025A basic pulsed-RF measurements enables four internal pulse generators that can be used to control the internal pulse modulators (N522xB/N524xB Options 021 and 022), and it provides an integrated pulse application that uses the wideband-detection method. The pulse application provides an easy way to set up point-in-pulse measurements with pulse width as narrow as 200 ns, and pulse-profile measurements with 50 ns minimum timing resolution.

  • Intelligent Time Reference

    TM-4™and TM-4/OEM™ - Spectrum Instruments, Inc.

    The Intelligent Reference/TM-4™ and TM4/OEM™ are multi- purpose, GPS disciplined timing signal generators and frequency references in economical off-the-shelf and custom configurations. Intended for use in a wide variety of timing, synchronization and frequency reference applications, they are based on the most advanced architecture Spectrum has ever offered, and include the most popular features of Spectrum's core platform for current timing products.

  • M2 Test System

    Mostrak-2 - ipTEST Limited

    The new M2 test system has multiple test generators which cover static and dynamic test procedures. It is our first truly modular tester which allows for the system to be upgraded and expanded when needed. M2 are designed to get the tester as close as possible to the handler interface and operator at the highest possible speeds. To find out more about this new product, please contact us.

  • Measuring Receiver

    FSMR3000 - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®FSMR3000 is a microwave measurement receiver to calibrate signal generators and attenuators with one single instrument. Most important features provided are tuned RF level measurements, level measurements, analog modulation and spectrum analysis. Additionally, the R&S®FSMR3000 can be equipped with powerful hardware for high-end phase noise test supplementary to the standard phase noise test with the spectrum analyzer.

  • Universal IC Tester

    MME-UIT 40 - Minmax Electronics

    MME-UIT 40 is the latest Microcontroller based UNIVERSAL IC TESTER from Minmax Electronics. It functionally tests a wide variety of Analog/Linear ICs including ADC,DAC,DPM ICs, Op Amps, Transistor arrays, waveform generators and Digital ICs including Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, EPROMs, RAMs, Peripheral devices apart from 74 series of TTL ICs and 40/45 series of CMOS ICs.

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