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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Charge Plate Analyzer


    1. Measures,dispalys and stores last test data ,including discharge times ,peak offset voltages,and average offset voltage.2. Easiest,most reliable way to check effctiveness of all ionization-type static control systems3.Meets Requirements of ANSI/ESD STM 3.14.Removable,cable-connected ion collecting plate porbe permits precise positioning and remote monitoring5.Separete time and voltage displays for discharge time test.6.Recorder output for permanent records and unattended operation7.One range measure from 0 to ±1kV8.AC and battery operation9.Perform long-term balance tests

  • Chassis

    CXM/256-MF - Cytec Corp.

    These Chassis are typically used to control relays greater than 8x1 or control multiple relays in series forming larger switches than normally possible such as 16x1 to 32x1 sections. Or control mixtures of 8x1"s, 4x1"s, 2x1"s and 2x2 modules in any combination or configuration for up to 256 relay drives. LEDs on the front panel show switch and power status. Add Switch Modules, display / driver modules and a Control Module to complete the system or simply buy the chassis wired out to D connectors to control your own relays. A manual control is optional.

  • Compute Module Development Kit 3

    Raspberry PI Foundation

    The Compute Module Development Kit 3 is a prototyping kit for those who wish to make use of the Raspberry Pi in a more flexible form factor, intended for industrial applications. The compute module contains the guts of a Raspberry Pi 3 (the BCM2837 processor and 1GB RAM) as well as a 4GB eMMC Flash device (which is the equivalent of the SD card in the Pi). The accompanying IO Board is a simple, open-source breakout board that you can plug a Compute Module into. The board hosts 120 GPIO pins, an HDMI port, a USB port, two camera ports and two display ports.

  • Digital (1kV below) Insulation Tester

    1651 IN - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Microprocessor-controlled.● ACV auto-detection function on 3 insulation ranges (250/500/1000V) and low Ω ragne before    pressing the TEST button.● 68 x 34mm large LCD display.● 3½ digital LCD (2000 counts) a LCD indicated instrument for    insulation(MΩ), continuity (Ω) and AC voltage.● Three insulation test voltages(DC V) : 250V, 500V, 1000V.● Auto ranging.● Auto power off function.● Auto data hold function.● Rel function (ohm only)● Continuity buzzer.● External AC voltage warning.● Automatic circuit discharge.● BS 16th edition.

  • Digital H.V. Insulation Tester

    8PK-4103IN - Prokit's Industries Co., Ltd.

    Digital high voltage insulation tester 5kV digital tester with 500V increments and high voltage warning alarm. Test voltages from 500V to 5kV in 500V increments. Measure insulation resistance to 300G. LCD display indicates test voltage, test duration and insulation resistance. Measures insulation test voltages up to 5kV and insulation test time. Insulation resistance, autoranging on all ranges. Automatic external live voltage warning. High voltage applied warning buzzer. Complete with built-in heavy duty carrying case, test leads and 8 type C batteries.


    MY60 SERIES - Shanghai Yi Hua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd. CO.,LTD

    · Auto power off · Display: 30x60mm LCD, 19999 counts · DC Voltage: 200mV0.05%, 2/20/200V0.1%, 1000V0.15% · AC Voltage: 2V0.5%, 20/200V0.6%, 700V0.8% · DC Current: 2mA/20mA0.5%, 200mA/2A0.8%, 20A2.0% · AC Current: 2mA/20mA0.8%, 200mA/2A1.2%, 20A2.5% · Resistance: 200Ω 0.5%, 2K/20K/200K/2MΩ 0.3%, 20MΩ 0.5%, 200MΩ 5.0% · Capacitance: 2000P/20n/200n/2μ/20μF4.0% · Frequency: 20KHz1.5% · Continuity checking with buzzer · Diode test: Test current 1mA, Test Voltage 2.8V · Transistor hFE Test: 1 ~ 1000 · Power: 6F22(9V)x1 · Size: 91x189x31.5mm · Weight: 310g

  • Digital Panel Meter

    VAM - Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    VAM Voltage & Current Meter has been designed with high accuracy dual channels(isolated) measurement, dual display and communication of 0~600V and 0~10A for DC/AC/TMRS. In compact size(48 x 96mm)● Build in mathematic function such as Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division / high or low selector in 2 channels input to meet various testing equipment inquiry.They are also build in 4 Relay outputs, 1 Analogue output and 1 RS485(Modbus RTU Mode) interface with versatile functions such as control, alarm, re-transmission and communication for a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Digital Temperature / Air Volume/ Vane Anemometer

    Model KM 8022 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Measures : m/s, km/h, fpm, mph, kts, Beaufort, °C, °F, m³ /s; m³ /h; CFM; m²; ft²• Resolution : 0.1m/s 1fpm , 0.1°C, 0.1°F, 1m³ /s• Range : 0.4 ~ 20m/s, 0 ~ 99999m³ /s; -10 ~ 50°C, 14 ~ 122°F• Accuracy : (2% or reading + 0.3m/s), ± (2% of reading + 60fps), ± 1°C, ± 1.8°F, ± (3% or reading ) m³/s• Special Function : Auto Power off ; Data Hold ; MAX MIN;• Back light ; Overload display ; Low battery indicator

  • Electron Beam Array Test

    AKT® - Applied Materials, Inc.

    The AKT Electron Beam Array Test (EBT) system provides dynamic pixel and TFT characterization and functional tests of flat panel matrix in mass production. With minimal mechanical motion and field proven AKT PECVD systems technology, the AKT EBT TFT array tester realizes high-throughput, high-reliability, low scheduled down time and low running cost. The AKT-15K EBT, AKT-25K EBT and AKT-40K EBT feature fast, large area beam positioning, multi e-beams testing in parallel, high-throughput yields especially with larger size TFT-LCD displays for flat panel television.

  • Fusion Splicer

    JW4106 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW4106 fusion splicer adopt high-speed image processing technology and special precision- positioning technology, automatically finish the whole process of fiber fusion in 8 seconds typically, LCD monitor displays all steps of fiber fusion clear at a glance. Widely used for SM and MM Quartz Fiber with diameter 80-150μm, coating layer diameter 0.1-1.0mm and bare fiber length 16mm more or less. Ideal tools for construction and maintenance of fiber and cable in both field and laboratory applications. Support Chinese, Japanese, Germany, Spanish, Russian, Korea, Portuguese, French, Italian, English etc.

  • Handheld ED-XRF Spectrometers

    SPECTRO xSORT - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

    The SPECTRO xSORT family of handheld ED-XRF spectrometers supplies elemental testing and spectrochemical analysis of myriad materials in widely varying conditions. These energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence devices are recognized for ruggedness and reliability on the job. They offer metals or nonmetals identification in seconds, with innovative technologies and designs that provide repeatable, laboratory-quality results. Simple, user-friendly displays and efficient ergonomics make these instruments extremely easy to use. At a range of affordable prices, SPECTRO xSORT spectrometers are leaders in their class for a broad spectrum of applications. - See more at:

  • HDMI Switchers 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 Color Sampling

    SW HD 4K PLUS - Extron Electronics

    The Extron SW HD 4K PLUS two and four input switchers support 4K/60 with 4:4:4 color sampling. They are designed for video signal switching between multiple HDMI source devices to a single display. The switchers are HDCP compliant, and support data rates up to 18 Gbps, HDR, 12-bit Deep Color, 3D, Lip Sync, HD lossless audio formats, and CEC. Both models feature EDID Minder®, which maintains continuous EDID communication with connected devices and ensures that the HDMI sources power up properly and maintain correct video output.

  • IceMap™

    Real Time Ice Thickness Measurement - Sensors and Software Inc.

    The IceMap real-time display shows the automatically detected bottom of the ice (blue line) in real time. Users can set a minimum thickness warning threshold (gold line). Winter ice roads and bridges are a common transportation link in the northern regions of Canada, Alaska, Europe and Russia. The Sensors & Software IceMap system is designed to measure the ice thickness on these temporary, yet vital, links and ensure the safety of all travelers. The GPR sensor is towed across the ice surface behind a truck or snowmobile and the ice thickness data, displayed in real-time as a cross-sectional image, are sent wirelessly to the operator’s computer.

  • Jigger Controller

    IM1814 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems are manufacturer exporter supplier of Jigger Controllelr. Jiggar Controller is for Automation of Jiggar Operation used in Textile Mills. The controller controls the forward and reverse operation of the motor accurately, such that same length of cloth is wound on the roller and there is no error. Unit has two displays to show counts and can sense the revolution pulses through proximity or optical encoder. The controller has manual mode to adjust the cloth on either of the rollers before starting the operation. The unit is available in compact size of 96 x 96 mm and is ideal for Jiggar Machine Manufacturers as well as Textile Manufacturers.

  • Light Control Processors

    CueServer - Interactive Technologies, Inc.

    CueServer is a unique lighting control solution. At it's heart, it's an Ethernet-based lighting console with all of it's controls accessible via easy to use built-in web pages. Additionally, CueServer is a powerhouse of stand-alone architectural and show control features that can be mixed together to produce elaborate playback systems.CueServer is perfect for many lighting control applications, such as LED displays, architectural lighting, retail projects, museum attractions, theme parks, trade show exhibits, sign animation, churches, water fountains and much more. CueServer easily scales from the smallest single-fixture project to large-scale networked solutions.