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illuminates image signaling.

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  • Sound level meter

    VA8080 - Shanghai Yi Hua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd. CO.,LTD

    ●Standard applied: IEC651 Type2, ANSI S1.4 Type 2 ●Frequency range: 31.5Hz~8KHz ●Measuring range: 30—60dB, 50—80dB, 70—100dB, 90—120dB ●Frequency weighting: A Type ●Digital display:4 digitals ●Resolution:0.1 dB. ●Accuracy: 30~60dB ±3 dB; 60~120dB ±2 dB ●Time response: Analog bar: 125ms ; Digital :750ms ●Operating temperature: 0~+40℃ ●Operating humidity: 10 ~ 80%RH

  • Spectro UV-Vis Double Beam PC Scanning Spectrophotometer

    UVD-2950 -

    Spectro UV-Vis Double PC is a high performance UV-Vis double beam automatic scanning spectrophotometer. Spectro UV-Vis Double has a brand new optical system design, microcomputer controlled. It is capable of processing data, from analytical and spectrum testing. Precise with high accuracy of measurement and stability are also provided by the powerful built in software and large LCD screen, which can display the screen menu and other functions. It can also be linked to a computer and a printer to show Photometric and Spectral data in the PC monitor.

  • Stroke-to-Raster Scan Conversion

    SSC/924 - Delta Digital Video

    The Model SSC/924 Stroke-to-Video Scan Converter converts stroke video from XYZ vector to a standard video format. Stroke video is generated by a variety of random deflection devices, including certain radar and sonar devices, spectrum analyzers, and Heads Up Display (HUD) generators. High Definition, Standard Definition, and VESA video output standards are provided. After conversion, the video can be recorded using standard video recording devices and viewed using low cost, off-the-shelf monitors.

  • Sulfur Compound Instruments

    Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    Teledyne API's Sulfur compound analyzers utilize familiar UV Fluorescence technology to produce​ reliable and accurate gas measurements. All T Series instruments offer two front-panel USB ports, an advanced touch screen full color display, customizable user interface with predictive maintenance alerts, one-touch real-time graphing, and multiple language support. All of our instruments are designed meet the rigorous demands of ambient air quality, stack, or industrial process gas monitoring.

  • Surge / DC Hi-Pot Consoles

    HC Model - PJ Electronics, Inc.

    (Surge / Hi-Pot Consoles) - Now available in High Voltage models - 35,40 & 50KV. The HC Model offers Surge / DC Hi-Pot testing capabilities! The "HC" Model has all of the features of our "C" Model plus a DC Hi-Pot Tester. DC Hi-Pot includes dual LED panel meters that display direct read out of current and voltage, with overcurrent safety trip and the capability of ascertaining Polarization Index (PI) Test results.

  • Synchro And Resolver Angle Position Indicator

    AP-501 - Control Sciences Inc.

    The AP-501 is a high accuracy, auto-ranging, broad band synchro and resolver angle position indicator. The synchro or resolver angle is displayed on a bright 0.56 inch LED display. The indicator maintains a accuracy up 0.03 degrees even with synchro or resolver phase shifts up to 45 degrees over a frequency range of 47-300 Hz. The 800B301 is a low profile rack mounted synchro/resolver angle position indicator with 360 degree offset capability via front panel thumb wheel switches.

  • Tester for Electromagnetic Clutches and Control Valves

    MS121 - MSG Equipment

    MS121 is a professional tester, a multifunctional device which successfully combines two functions: testing of electromagnetic clutches and control valves of vehicle air conditioners. Thanks to the color 4.3" TFT display and convenient menu, the device is user-friendly and possesses high-accuracy measurements. Testing can be performed either separately on the compressor or directly on the car. The tester has a metal case and is resistant to the effects of lubricants. The original topology of the tester board increases its reliability, the color marking of the diagnostic contacts minimizes the possibility of incorrect connection.

  • Test & Measurement Instrument Amplifiers

    MPA-series - Maury Microwave Corporation

    The MPA-series Test & Measurement Instrument Amplifiers are based on state-of-the-art GaN PA modules and operate from 0.7 to 26.5 GHz (multiple frequency options are available). They provide High continuous power across the band, high linearity for wideband communications testing, have variable gain adjustment and a high-resolution display shows amplifier status. Amplifiers offer a wide range of application-specific requirements including simultaneous high-power, wide bandwidth, low harmonic power and high linearity.

  • Thermal Protective Performance Tester (TPP)

    Sataton Instruments Technology CO., Ltd

    Thermal protective performance tester (TPP) is to determine the heat transmission of protective clothing or textiles exposed to flame and radiant heat resources. The tester which can provide thermal protection index (TPI) calculated by software is the recommended tool for evaluation the potential of second degree burn of the materials to block convective and radiant heat penetration. Analysis software can display real-time temperature curve and automatically detect heat time curve to show Stoll curve for rating the thermal protective performance of tested textiles.

  • Time Code Converters


    Time Codes are like different languages. All too often communication between various equipment/devices is impossible due to a "language barrier." When you encounter this type of "language barrier," a Time Code Converter can offer a very simple and cost-effective solution by "translating" a time code. ESE provides several Time Code Converters and Time Code Displays with the ability to convert one time code to another. Time Code to NTP Converter units are the most recent addition to this product family.

  • Traffic Radar

    Stalker 2X - Applied Concepts, Inc.

    New Dual Zone Mode • Direction Sensing Technology • Automatic Same-Direction Tracking • Stationary Direction Control (Closing, going away, or both) • Strongest & Faster Targets Displayed • Rear Traffic Warning Feature for Safety • Read-Thru Lock • Cordless Infrared Remote • Compensated True Audio Doppler • Digital Antenna Communications • Narrow Beam Width WaterproofKa-Band Antenna • Small Detachable Display Unit • Software Upgradeable • Interfaces with Cameras & Computers • 3 Year Full Warranty

  • Trailer Wire Plug Tester


    Plug these testers into any car connector and you will have an instant test of running light circuits. Features LED display to show completed circuit for the running lights left turn signal and right turn signal. Auxiliary and electric brake circuit are included on the 6-way tester and auxiliary, electric brake and battery charge are included with the 7-way tester. One piece units with internal ground. Proper installation and set-up of a brake control, when a trailer is not readily available, is possible with the 7-way tester.

  • Transistor Curve Tracers

    Shanghai MCP Corp

    Store characteristic curves and panel setting parameters. Programmable test conditions ,measured results PC stored. Three cursor measurement modes: point, line, window. Two cluster characteristic curves display simultaneouslyfor compare and pairing. Screen read outβ, gm, Vce, Ic, breakdown voltage, leakage current and other parameters . Repeat and single measurement. Self-checking function . 7 Inch high-resolution TFT color LCD. Standard interface: USB, RS232, LAN

  • True RMS Digital Multimeter

    MM94 - Martindale Electric Co. Ltd

    The MM94 is a high performance True RMS multimeter with a 600V CAT IV safety rating.

    It has an extended current measurement range up to 20A for short cycle measurements. Measurement capabilities include AC/DC voltage, capacitance, resistance and temperature with the included K Type thermocouple. Features include Min/Max and Peak measurement and a high frequency filter to optimise readings for distorted waveforms plus a relative mode.

    The rugged design includes a 60,000 count backlit display with analogue bargraph.

  • Universal Locator

    UL 30 - BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Cable fault location with the BAUR UL 30. The UL 30 receiver is used together with a ground microphone (BM 30) and a surge voltage generator (SSG, STG) to pinpoint cable faults. With the coil integrated in the BM 30 for runtime measurement, the device determines the time difference between the magnetic and acoustic signal. This particularly offers special advantages when d ealing with faults difficult to locate acoustically.* Built-in speaker* Splashproof design* Large, illuminated display* Lightweight