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examine data methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations. AKA: Analysers

See Also: Analyze, Analytics, Analysis

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  • Ozone Analyzer


    ·Sensor type: electrochemical type·Resolution: 1ppb·Measuring range:4ppm/40ppm·Degree of accuracy: ±3%·Response time: ≤60 seconds ·Working temperature: -0 to 45℃·Computer interface: RS232·Power supply: 1.5V x 2AA

  • Particle Analyzer

    CAMSIZER X2 - Retsch Technology GmbH

    The quality control of fine powders can be substantially improved with the new CAMSIZER X2: More precise and faster analysis of particle size and particle shape helps to improve the product quality, reduce rejects and save labor costs, energy and raw materials. The design of the CAMSIZER X2 is based on the well-proven optical particle measurement system Camsizer but is optimized for finer samples (from 0.8 m to 8 mm).

  • PCAP Analyzer

    PCAP Inspector

    PCAP Inspector allows for quick and seamless segmented steps to prepare a focused and comprehensive analysis within Wireshark. During your visual and statistical analysis, select, and export the desired segments of your PCAP data, immediately importing your data into Wireshark.

  • PCM Analyzer

    ST-2040 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    ortable design; ·Built-in test template, and pattern display; ·Built-in direct current loop feed circuit and direct current loop hold circuit; ·Human engineering design, intelligent English operation interface; ·Large-screen LCD display, 320×240 latt

  • Porosity Analyzer

    Micromeritics Instrument Corp.

    The system is designed to provide high-quality surface area, porosity, chemisorption and physisorption isotherm data to materials analysis laboratories with ever-expanding analytical requirements.

  • Portable Analyzers

    Alpha Moisture Systems

    The key to the operation of Alpha Moisture Systems' Portable Analysers is the unique Desiccant Dry-Down Chamber. By keeping the sensor dry between tests, the special assembly of the head ensures that the instrument is always ready for immediate use. The head assembly consists of two chambers which have a telescopic action. When the head assembly is in the 'closed' or 'Dry-Down' position, the sensor is completely surrounded by desiccant, which absorbs the remaining water moisture from the sensor and hence it is dry and ready for use. The small space at the bottom of the test chamber enables the sample pipe to be purged before the test commences without wetting the sensor. By placing a finger over the outlet of the head, the sample pressure is able to open the test chamber automatically, exposing the sensor to the gas being tested and enabling accurate reading of moisture content in the sample gas. After each test the head assembly is closed by depressing the inner section so that the sensor will again be dried by the desiccant, leaving the sensor ready for use time and time again. The desiccant is kept in the inner chamber and is not exposed to ambient room air or the sample gas, therefore there is no need for frequent regeneration or replacement of the desiccant.

  • Power Analyzer

    Shanghai Beihan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    • Comprehensive real time monitoring, recording and analysis of three-phase power systems• True RMS Voltage measurement• True RMS Current measurement• Power Factor measurement• Harmonic analysis for voltage and current up to 63rd harmonic• Power Analysis

  • Power Analyzer

    PW3390 - HIOKI E.E. Corp

    The PW3390 delivers 4 input channels and ±0.04% basic accuracy for power - the top instrument in its class. Achieve more precise measurements of the power and efficiency of high efficiency equipment used in power electronics. Further, a 200 kHz measurement band and flat amplitude and phase characteristics up to high frequencies enable the precise measurement of power at top frequency levels and low power factor.

  • Power Analyzers

    HIOKI E.E. Corp

    Current measurement option for PW6001/ 3390/ 3390-10 Wide-band DC to 3.5MHz, 50A AC/DC rated input, 0.04V/A output PW9100-03 : 3 channels PW9100-04 : 4 channels

  • Power Analyzers

    National Meter Industries Inc.

    is a panel mounted multimeter that records energy values. Compact and intuitive, with 4-quadrant measurement (Consumption and Generation). Is suitable for Low Voltage installations, in both 3 and 4-wire three-phase circuits,two-phase circuits with or without neutral, single-phase circuits or ARON connections.

  • Power Analyzers

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    A Power Analyzer/Datalogger that saves data (up to 30,000 sets of measurements) on an SD card in Excel format for easy transfer to your PC. It provides a full system analysis with up to 35 parameters including: V (phase-to-phase), V (phase-to-ground) - A (phase-to-ground), KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (phase), KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (system), KWH / KVAH / KVARH / PFH (system), and Phase Angle. Readings are displayed on a large, dot matrix, sun-readable, backlit LCD. Comes with three current clamps, four voltage leads with alligator clips, eight AA batteries, SD memory card, Universal AC adapter (100 to 240V), case, and user manual.

  • PreEqualization Analyzer


    Quickly locate upstream impairments. See micro-reflections and group delay. Find issues like microfractures, reverse splitters, corroded connectors and bad wiring. Display modems being impacted by a common impairment. Save time and money. Reduce truck rolls. Lower maintenance costs. Increase operational efficiency.Improve customer satisfaction Benefit from pre-equalization without masking problems Find and fix problems before they impact customers

  • Process Analyzers

    Knick Elektronische Messgeräte GmbH & Co. KG.

    Industrial meters for pH, ORP, conductivity and oxygen. In 2- and 4-wire technology, explosion-proof.Bus Communication: HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus DP and PA. Robust industrial housing with high IP protection. Suitable for outdoor use. For analog and digital sensors. Simple intuitive operation. From DIN rail transmitters up to the modular system.

  • Protocol Analyzer

    BusFinder - Acute Technology Inc.

    *PC-based, 64 channels*USB 3.0 interface, 12V power adaptor*32Gb total memory*Protocol Analyzer:eMMC5.1, NAND Flash, SD3.0, SD 4.0 (UHS-II)*Logic Analyzer:eMMC5.1, NAND Flash, SD3.0, Serial Flash, SPI NAND, SPI*Each protocol has its own probe for easier connection, higher capture quality*Two sets of voltage detects to detects voltage changes

  • Protocol Analyzer

    RFID - Ace Wavetech

    AWT has introduced the world first All-In-One RFID Protocol Analyzer/Simulator. This product is to measure and evaluate the compliance of specifications which are prescribed by ISO 18000 series for the RFID tags or Readers including active or passive. It can provide more convenient test, analyze and evaluate environment for the designers, manufacturers and service providers in RFID markets. Using this, you can shorten the development schedule, reduce the cost and increase the productivity.

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