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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • MIMIC NetFlow Simulator

    MIMIC NetFlow Simulator - Gambit Communications, Inc.

    MIMIC NetFlow Simulator creates a lab full of devices based on Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, & sFlow data to completely evaluate and test your Flow monitoring, management and analysis applications.MIMIC NetFlow Simulator generates a variety of flows and enables you to fully test your applications. Since you have a complete control over generated flowsets you can easily verify that your graphing application is correctly displaying the values and your collector correctly collects precisely generated flowsets.Flow Simulation: Configuration - Configure simulated NetFlow devices to create exactly how you want to show your network's functions (how it is used, by whom, and for what purpose). Correlation - Test the correlation of the traffic arriving from designated ports, source/destination IPs and protocols. Traffic generation - Create a comprehensive view of your simulated network traffic, with bottlenecks and bandwidth hogs. Customize the simulation - Start using without any customization or fully customize any/all flow record values. Flow changes - Prove that value changes are detected according to the specified rules. SNMP to NetFlow - Change SNMP values of the devices and report those results in the Flow applications. NetFlow to SNMP - Change Flow values of the devices and report those results in the SNMP based applications.The MIMIC NetFlow Simulator, the industry's first integrated simulation tool supporting NetFlow and SNMP, allows developers to perform real world, integrated device simulations. MIMIC simulates NetFlow-capable networking devices. MIMIC allows suppliers of NetFlow devices and applications to design, develop and test their products in a virtual and scalable network environment, assuring customers that their applications will work properly when deployed across heterogeneous environments.

  • Amplifier, Switch and Test Box

    CLIOQC Model V - Audiomatica

    The QCBOX Model 5 is a non-conventional unit designed to fulfil actual and future needs of an electro-acoustical analyzer like the CLIO system. It is USB linked to a PC and can be configured, with dedicated software controls, to assist frequency response and impedance measurements or to perform DC measurements. Using it for frequency response measurements acts as 50W power amplifier to drive the speaker or network under test while routing one-of-four inputs to the analyzer as well the current sensing output. The four inputs are able to provide a phantom power supply both for Audiomatica or general purpose microphones (0-24 V range, software controlled). Impedance measurements can be done either switching the D.U.T.’s load across the analyzer’s input or using a dedicated output, ISENSE, thus allowing impedance measurements in constant voltage mode as well voice coil current distortion analysis. An internal ADC measures the DC current into the voice coil. Thanks to an internal software controlled voltage generator the speaker can be driven with a superimposed DC voltage (±20V), allowing for measurements of large signal parameters. Two ADC converters with a ±2.5 V and ±5 V are available at inputs 3 and 4 to measure the displacement with a laser sensor or any other DC signal. A dedicated digital input handles an external foot pedal switch (or TTL signal) to be connected and triggers QC operations. A 6 bit output – 5 bit input TTL digital port is available to interface the QCBOX and driving software with external hardware (like turntables for example).The QCBOX Model 5 finds use both in laboratory for R&D applications and in production lines setups.

  • ARINC818 Cards

    AIM GmbH

    > ARINC818 is a specification which has become an Industry standard for the transmission of uncompressed digital video. This commercial standard uses Fibre Channel as a point-to-point communication link for low latency with the ARINC818 defining the packetized protocol for transmission of the digital video information. It is highly flexible and can be used for a variety of onboard display systems in both commercial and military applications. AIM’s ARINC818 cards use our field proven Common Core hardware design giving the best performance, best feature set and highest functional integration on the market. The use of SoC (System on Chip) based core designs with one dual core RISC processor per port, massive DDR3 memory and IRIG-B time encoder/decoder functions are standard. The ARINC818 modules are available in PCIe formats.The new ultra high performance intelligent 4-lane PCIe 2.0 interface modules offer 2 ports with full function test, simulation, monitoring and analyzer functions for ARINC818 interfaces. The dual core processor provides onboard processing and data transfer capabilities for the most demanding applications including ARINC818 support done on board level. Large and high data throughput DDR3 RAM is accessible for the onboard processor as is a high performance FPGA implementing the customized ARINC818 Interfaces enabling the board to analyze incoming data in real time. Each module provides 2 ARINC818 compliant ports. SFP cages make it suitable for different media types as optical or electrical network technologies. Each module is delivered with a Board Support Package (BSP) containing the onboard driver software, a full Application Programming Interface (API) and detailed getting started and programming guides. Powerful databus test and analysis software is optionally available for all our ARINC818 cards.

  • Circuit Breaker Analyzers & Timers

    CAT Standard Series - IBEKO Power AB

    Circuit breakers are being tested during manufacturing, commissioning or maintenance stages. The most basic test requires timing measurement using circuit breaker timer. Their primary role is timing and motion measurement of medium and high voltage circuit breakers. Devices from CAT Standard series have suitable application in:electric power generation,distribution system,part of the electric power transmission system,contractors testing,and industrial environments.CAT Standard series meets the requirements of an easy to use circuit breaker timer and analyzer with an attractive price. Furthermore, they are portable and lightweight (weighs only up to 7 kg). Finally, the plastic case is unbreakable and has IP67 protective rating when the lid is closed.CAT Standard series includes five models:Three circuit breaker timers – CAT03, CAT31, and CAT61Two circuit breaker analyzers – CAT34 and CAT64CAT03 is a basic model intended only for timing measurement of main contact operations on the circuit breaker with one break per phase. Unlike CAT03, CAT31 has the possibility of circuit breaker operation initiation, coil current measurement, and auxiliary contact timing measurement. CAT61 differs in comparison to CAT31 by its ability to measure up to two breaks per phase.CAT34 and CAT64 are more advanced compared to CAT31 and CAT61, respectively, since they have additional analog channels. Also, they have the possibility of a travel curve recording.A user can download the test results to a USB memory stick or save it to internal memory. The CAT Standard series internal memory can store up to 500 test results (numerical and graphical data). Optional thermal printer prints test results in tabular and graphical form on 80 mm (3.15 inch) paper rolls. CAT Standard series instruments are compatible with DV-Win software. It provides full control of all CAT functions from a PC, as well as acquisition and analysis of test results.

  • Transportation Simulation Test System

    HIACC Engineering & Services Pvt. Ltd.

    Transportation simulation test system simulates roda transportation condition to to assess the capacity of the impact and vibration applied on all goods with specific load. It analyse the specimen’s ability to withstand loading and unloading, transportation, package, sealing and other process.

  • Performance testing


    spriteCloud is a Load & Performance test specialist and an authorised Loadstorm partner.We can build scenarios, run load tests and analyse results to help our customers support their questions in this field.

  • Portable flow measurement

    TDM 300 - SebaKMT

    An internal data logger stores all measurements and provides a wireless data transmission to a computer to analyse the data. If no data recording is necessary or the actual flow shall be watched by the operator, the actual flow can be seen online.

  • Multiphysics Simulator

    COMSOL, Inc.

    The COMSOL Multiphysics simulation environment facilitatesall steps in the modeling process defining your geometry, specifying your physics, meshing, solving and then post-processing your results. Model set up is quick, thanks to a number of predefined modeling interfaces for applications ranging from fluid flow and heat transfer to structural mechanics and electromagnetic analyses.

  • Drill Tool Dynamometer

    UIL-16 - Unitech Scales And Measurements Pvt. Ltd

    Unitech offers Drill Tool Dynamometer to measure cutting forces on various machines like lathe, drill, milling machines. All three direction forces are measured simultaneously and displayed. Tool dynamometers are useful to study, analyse the optimum feed, speed and depth of cut on different materials. The dynamometers are also available in various capacities as per customer requirement.

  • Spectrum Analysers

    Amplicon Ltd.

    Spectrum analysers are an invaluable tool for the design and test of electronic equipment in a variety of applications. Whereas an oscilloscope is used to plot waveforms in the time domain, a spectrum analyser is used to analyse waveforms in the frequency domain.

  • magview | Fast and mobile Visualization of magnetic structures and fields

    magview - Matesy GmbH

    magview:Fast and mobile Visualization of magnetic structures and fields.magview is a magneto-optical readout device for fast and precise visualization of magnetic field structures. The handheld device can be applied for qualitative testings and stray field analyses. magview visualizes magnetic stray fields of credit cards, magnetic encoders and multipole magnets.

  • 3D Motion and Deformation Sensor


    ARAMIS is a non-contact and material-independent measuring system based on digital image correlation (DIC). It offers a stable solution for full-field and point-based analyses of test objects of just a few millimeters up to structural components of several meters in size. The system performs high-precision measurements with a 3D image resolution in the submicrometer range, regardless of the specimen’s geometry and temperature. There is no need for a time-consuming and expensive preparation. For statically or dynamically loaded specimens and components, ARAMIS provides accurate

  • 3D Optical Microscopy

    Bruker Nano Surfaces

    Bruker is the worldwide leader in 3D surface measurement and inspection, offering fast, non-contact analyses for samples ranging in size from microscopic MEMS to entire engine blocks. Our microscopes are the culmination of ten generations of proprietary Wyko® Technology advances that provide the high sensitivity and stability necessary for precision 3D surface measurements in applications and environments that are challenging for other metrology systems.

  • Food Analyzers

    MRC ltd.

    The function of the milk analyzer is to make quick analyses of milk on fat (FAT), non-fat solids (SNF), proteins, lactose and water content percentages, temperature (oС), pH, freezing point, salts, conductivity as well as density of one and the same sample directly after milking, at collecting and during processing.

  • Mono-Collection SIMS Model


    The IMS 7f-GEO is a mono-collection SIMS model specifically designed to perform high precision / high throughput measurements in geological samples, i.e. stable isotopes, REE (Rare Earth Elements), trace elements... It is also used for material sciences analyses and environmental studies.