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examine and interpret that sensed.

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  • Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester

    Mitech Co., LTD.

    advanced optical hardness tester, based on the mechanical principle of diamond or spherical cemented carbide indenter pressing into the sample surface to produce indentation, realizing Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers three different materials hardness measurement by measuring the depth or diameter of the indentation. With novel appearance, full-featured, Rockwell hardness value can be directly read by the optical projection screen, Vickers, Brinell hardness values need to look up the table, easy operation, it can meet the needs of users of a variety of hardness testing. It is widely used in metal processing and manufacturing, various metal material’s failure analysis and other fields like colleges and research institutions. It is the new type multifunctional testing instrument for mental and part of the the non-metallic materials research and hardness test.

  • Solar Array Simulator DC Power Supply

    62000H-S - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    Voltage range : 0 ~600V&1000V3U/15kW high power density module with easy master/slave parallel operation up to 150kWFast transient response solar array simulatorSimulation of multiple solar cell material's I-V characteristic (fill factor)Simulation of dynamic irradiation intensity and temperature level from clear day to cloud cover conditionsShadowed I-V curve output simulationLow leakage current (< 3mA)Precision V & I measurementsAuto I-V program: 100 I-V curves & Dwell time 1-15,000sStatic & dynamic MPPT efficiency testData recorded via softpanelStandard USB / RS232 / RS485 interfaceOptional GPIB / Ethernet interfaceReal time analysis of PV inverter's MPPT tracking via softpanelOptional solar array simulator softpanel for operation

  • Wireless Microscope

    OCI-20BN-W - ShinewayTech

    OCI-20BN-W is a portable optical fiber connector inspector for checking fiber and connector end-face cleanliness, ideal for bench top and fiber optic network installation technicians to eliminate error caused by poor quality or improper cleaning.OCI-20BN-W offers excellent viewing on connector/fiber end-face and is able to feature to record and save image/video of fiber end-face; It can be connected to PC or phone by WIFI.More than 40 assorted high-precision tips designed for inspection solutionsAngled/Lengthened tips for awkward positions.Connect smart phone for testing FiberEye2 is the application on an android or IOS smart phone to capture, display and record the fiber end-face image from the Wi-Fi probe.Connect tablet/laptop for testing EFD  is the analysis software on Windows tablet/laptop to have dusts, and scratches on end face inspected, analyzed,  compiled and reported

  • PXI Sound and Vibration Module

    PXIe-4480 / 784277-01 - NI

    1.25 MS/s, 3.4 Hz AC/DC-Coupled, 6-Input PXI Sound and Vibration Module—The PXIe‑4480 is designed for high-bandwidth audio, acoustic, and vibration measurements. It provides six channels of dynamic signal acquisition, and you can use one of four gain settings to configure your input range. The PXIe‑4480 also includes software-configurable AC/DC coupling, charge measurement, voltage excitation, IEPE excitation, and TEDS support, making it ideal for measuring acoustic transducers, pressure sensors, and hydrophones. Common applications include audio test; noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis; and underwater acoustic measurements. For measuring sudden changes, such as high speed blast and pressure events, the PXIe-4480 can sample up to 20 MS/s per channel in time-domain mode.

  • Aerospace Testing Solutions

    Dewesoft d.o.o.

    Aerospace Testing SolutionsDewesoft offers a variety of solutions for aerospace testing. From standard data recording, structural dynamics, rotating machinery analysis, acoustic testing, to more specific applications like ground station telemetry solutions with full support for ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553 buses, PCM telemetry, IRIG 106 - Chapter 10, Ethernet packets, and iNet telemetry.We can provide flexible and robust data acquisition hardware and software that will match your requirement for testing airplanes, helicopters, rockets, satellites in the air, space, or on the ground - proving ground, wind tunnel, vibration shaker or acoustic chamber. Our solutions are being used and trusted by leading aerospace companies on the most demanding projects like NASA, ESA, Space X, Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, Honeywell to name just a few.

  • Absolute Moisture Meters

    PCE Instruments

    Explore PCE Instruments' absolute moisture meter offerings. Our absolute moisture meter products can measure relative air humidity, while our combination devices can also measure temperature. Each absolute moisture meter measures different ranges of humidity, depending on the model. Relative humidity is an important factor in everything from gardening to transport and industry.Our absolute moisture meter products are versatile, as they can take measurements, store the data to memory and transfer the data to a computer for detailed analysis. Different moisture probes that correspond to the materials to be measured can be connected to each absolute moisture meter. For most of the materials, you will find calibration curves within the internal memory of our absolute moisture meter products. You then only need to select the appropriate calibration curve for the material you wish to measure.

  • Multifunction Power Meter

    Four-Faith Smart Power Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Our Multifunction Meter provides full power acquisition, switching value monitoring, relay output function, and has a strong extended function. The users can flexibly select 2~31 harmonic analysis, off-limit alarm, SOE recording, electrical degree pulse output, demand statistics, etc. and realize dual network communication, support online upgrade, save the power-off data, stably and seamlessly connect with various background system, perfectly implement site level distributed intelligent control to smart substation and unattended station. This Four-Faith power quality analyser/analyzer are widely used in various industries of power supply and distribution system, industrial automation and intelligent network monitoring system. Four-faith multifunction meters are designed to meet the rapid development demand of smart grid system

  • Multiplex Optical Maintenance Meter

    LS280 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    LS280 is used to measure optical maintenance factor for high power LEDs, LED module, LED bulb or other LED luminaries. It is the important measuring equipment for performing the reliability of illuminants. • Freely set the time interval and time extent for automatic measurement • LCD Display, connect with PC via RS232 and English version software. • The test results can export Excel or PDF format and easy to compare. It can be saved by LS280 software or by USB directly. • The engineer can do LED life analysis based on the LS280 test results. • LS280 worked with High Power LED Aging Test (LS600), Multiplex LED Temperature Test (TMP-8/TMP-16) and High and Low Temperature & Humidity Chamber (GDJS-*B), it can do Flux VS Temperature VS Time, which is a perfect instrument system to meet LM-80 request.

  • Standard Electromagnetic Vibrator

    KD-9363-EM - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The purpose of vibration testing is to make a series of controllable vibration simulation in lab, no matter generated by natural or man-made vibration environment; such as waves, tidal flaps, wind, earthquake or rain and so on. It is to test if the product is capable of sustaining the vibration environment exerted from transporting or usage along its effective life cycle; and certify the standard of design & functional requirement of product. The value of vibration testing is to confirm the reliability of products and effectively screen out the bad products in factory; avoiding damages occurred at arrival; and to assess the failure analysis on the non-performing products; expecting to reach a high standard, high-reliability products. The vibration test stresses on the continuity and fatigue; and contributes to the understanding of product’s status under vibration circumstance in a normal environment; and avoids the product’s unpredictable damage caused under certain vibrating frequency for a long time.

  • PCI Express Waveform Digitizer: 14-Bit A/D, 400 MS/s, 2-CH, 248 MHz BW, 512 MB Memory

    PX14400D2 - PCIe - Signatec

    2-CH DC-coupled model with a frequency synthesized clock that allows the ADC sampling rate to be set to virtually any value from 20 MHz to 400 MHz, offering maximum flexibility for sampling rate selection. ADC data can be captured in dual or single channel modes with input bandwidth up to 248 MHz. PCIe x8 data streaming rates at 1.4 GB/s. Programming-free operation with Scope oscilloscope software. Software Development Kits available for C++ for custom application development. Ideal for applications such as Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Wideband RF Signal Analysis & Recording, RADAR, Electronic Warfare (EW), Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), LIDAR, Communications, Spectroscopy, High-Performance Imaging, Time of Flight (TOF), Life Sciences, Particle Physics, and more.

  • MPO Power Meter, MPO Light Source

    JW3224. JW3124 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3224MPO Optical Power Meter and JW3124MPO Optical Light Source is special for testing MPO fiber. At recent years, as the rapid development of data centre and cloud computing, also with rapid growth of multi fibers” (MPO) requirement. However, on the site of measurement process, traditional single channel Optical power meter with complex measurement and low credibility. Based on this, JW3224&JW3124 MPO products arises at this monment. The product can test the insertion loss of MPO fibers and polarity with only one key, And the integration of a variety of data storage, threshold analysis, data export and other applications,Compared with the traditional instrument, the test efficiency of JW3224 & JW3124 is more than 10 times,it is the best choice for field application of MPO room test、calibration of production line、Determination of polarity.

  • Handheld Micro-Ohmmeters

    RMO-H Series - IBEKO Power AB

    The RMO-H is battery operated and handheld micro-ohmmeter. It is designed for a variety of applications for contact resistance measurement of non-inductive test objects. Typical applications are accurate testing of:medium and high-voltage circuit breakers,disconnecting switches,high-current bus bar joints,cable splices,and different high-current links.Even more, it accurately measures in high-induction filed environments and substations, as well as in factory testing.RMO-H Series contains six models in total, divided in 2 sub-series depending on the test leads length requirement and the battery type:RMO-H1, RMO-H2 and RMO-H3 models are intended for use with short cables (e.g. 1,3 m / 3 m / 5 m). The 1-cell Li-Po battery with 8200 mAh capacity provides output voltage up to 4,1 V DC.RMO-H21, RMO-H22 and RMO-H23 models are ideal for applications where test leads with lengths > 5 m are required. The high output voltage (up to 8,3 V DC) is provided by 2-cells 4100 mAh Li-Po battery.The test current is regulated and can be selected in a range of 1 A to maximum 300 A, depending on the maximum test current rating:RMO-H1, RMO-H21 models – up to 100 A DCRMO-H2, RMO-H22 models – up to 220 A DCRMO-H3, RMO-H23 models – up to 300 A DC.Unlike many other handheld micro-ohmmeters available on the market, our instruments have regulated and user-selectable test currents. Therefore, RMO-H instruments generate an automatically regulated test ramp with stable and ripple-free current during measurement. These revolutionary characteristics in a handheld micro-ohmmeters technology are possible by using sophisticated Li-Po batteries. Consequently, modern battery technology enables you to do multiple measurements, and a full day of testing without recharging the battery.With all RMO-H models, it is possible to make tests on Both Sides Grounded testing objects, in an increased safety environment. Finally, these features in combination with a user-friendly interface (1-click to measure) significantly speed-up testing procedure and make it safer.These instruments store up to 1000 measurements on the internal micro SD card.Our free DV Win software communicates with the RMO-H micro-ohmmeters via a wireless Bluetooth interface. Furthermore, it allows you to download test results, analysis and generate fully configurable test reports.

  • Three-Phase Transformer Winding Resistance Meters

    TWA Standard Series - IBEKO Power AB

    When it comes to winding resistance measurement on three-phase power transformers and autotransformers, TWA Standard series offers some of the most technically advanced instruments with LCD display in the market. Both models are capable of testing six transformer windings with a one-time cable connection, as well as three-phase automatic transformer demagnetization. The stored magnetic energy is safely automatically discharged at the end of the test. The built-in tap changer control unit enables automated test mode, where the instrument operates the tap changer without operator input and records winding resistance results based on pre-selected stabilization criteria. This option makes the operator’s job significantly easier.Both models can output test currents from 5 mA to 25 A DC for the purpose of winding resistance measurement. TWA40D has a special test mode for checking the synchronization of on-load tap changers with three phases simultaneously tested in parallel, in which the total test current can rise to up to 40 A DC.TWA40D has additional advantages when it comes to non-intrusive tap changer analysis. The unique DVtest method enables checking the moving contacts of on-load tap changers during the transition, measuring the transition time, detecting open circuits, and many other types of faults. It is performed with 0.1 ms sampling rate, simultaneously with the measurement of tap changer motor current which helps with the detection of motor and mechanical issues. A special proprietary algorithm is used for testing tap changers connected through a built-in series (booster) transformer. The DVtest can be performed either on one phase or on three phases simultaneously. It can also be performed as an additional test simultaneously with the winding resistance test in all tap positions.An additional unique advantage of TWA40D is the capability of simultaneously testing the winding resistance of all three phases of a three-phase transformer (connected in a YN configuration). This can significantly shorten the total testing time – for example, it enables the operator to perform 33 measurements instead of 99 on a tap changer with 33 tap positions.The test leads for TWA three-phase transformer winding ohmmeters are interchangeable with the TRT turns ratio testers, which means that both sets of tests can be performed with a single test lead connection to the power transformer terminals.

  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    1. It accords with ISO/CD11357/6 and adopts two digital mass flow-meters and software to control air way switch and flow rate controlled by computer. 2. Adopt intelligent temperature control system and data acquisition system with high resolution(24-bit) A/D converter 3. With high-resolution and low-drift microvolt amplifier, it can be operated easily and avoid panel 4. with light stove; 5. PT 100 platinum resistor is used for measuring and controlling temperature with long constant temperature accuracy within 0.1℃ 6. The software is available in Windows 2000/XP operation system, there are oxidizes induced time software and some other professional thermal analysis softwares, it can mark and verify the temperature automatically, and can show curves, print the result 7. Multiple measure range can shift automatically, and it can enlarge or narrow the curve, change measure range.

  • Computer-Based Instruments

    GT210PXI - Guide Technology, Inc.

    GuideTech’s GT210PXI 3U form factor, meets industrial standard chassis with an expandable platform, achieving optimal test system with optimal cost. The ability to precisely resolve frequency and time yields both increased accuracy as well as reduced measurement time. For example, with the GT210PXI-1 you can determine any frequency to 0.01 part per million (eight digits) in just 1 mS, and resolve each time measurement to 8pS. Couple that with 2300 measurements per second, one of the fastest rates available and you can acquire more data in a single second than a typical GPIB counter can in one minute! Faster measurements and higher resolution, along with built-in statistics functions give you a more thorough analysis of your signal. Standard deviation, peak to peak jitter, or a graph of the measurements are available at the push of a button.​