HT-Series - High Voltage AC Breakdown Test Sets


High Voltage Test Sets are designed to perform such tests. The equipment can beused to test Appliances, Wiring Accessories, Chokes, Transformers, Coils,Motors, Connectors, Cables, Electronic components, PCB's, Insulationmaterials like paper, film, varnish, paint, resin etc. Their rugged constructionallows industrial as well as laboratory use. The equipment supplies acontinuously variable output voltage. Provision is made for indication ofbreakdown voltage & leakage current. A voltmeter shows the level at whichbreakdown occurred. The level at which leakage current will trip off the outputvoltage can be adjusted between 10% to 100% of the current range.The equipment are supplied with traceable calibration report & comprehensiveusers manual.

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