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With comprehensive expertise in automotive data communication and the interconnected world, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides full service for manufacturers and suppliers for a smooth and on-time start of production (SOP). As technology partner, we assist with engineering services and test laboratory solutions as well as with broad competence for data transmission, so that your products will fulfill the highest standards for quality, robustness and compliance.

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  • Automotive Engineering Evaluation Services

    Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    In automotive data communication the development of automotive technologies requires precisely aligned processes and workflows. For this, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS puts our proven special knowledge and our structured processes at the disposal of carmakers and suppliers. Through our experience as a test partner, project managers obtain the clear, unbiased perception of an independent test house. As such, it is possible to objectively assess the maturity of a development at each design stage, and consequently to reach a smooth and punctual production start.

  • Automotive Ethernet IOP Tester

    Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    The IOP tester is a component of the compliance verification process at RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS. The standardized test methods for Automotive Ethernet combine the new automotive standards with existing reliable and stable systems. Therefore, for component and ECU verification, the compliance verification process provides the necessary system and simplifies the introduction to this technology for new carmakers and suppliers.

  • Framework for MOST System Testing

    TTsuite - Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    With TTsuite, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides users with an easy-to-use platform, allowing them to carry out tests and simulations of varying complexity. This tool is based on the standardised test description language TTCN-3 and uses the GFT-format (Graphical Presentation Format of TTCN-3) for defining, visualizing and documenting the tests. With TTsuite it is easy to describe and carry out new test scenarios. Moreover, test routines can be used not only to carry out tests, but also as test specifications. A powerful plug-in concept allows a trouble-free extension for customer-specific solutions.

  • Ethernet Live Monitor

    ELM - Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    The Ethernet Live Monitor (ELM) is the ideal solution for testing of the correct TSN/AVB implementation in Ethernet networks. In-system diagnosis of AVB/TSN in real time. Support of 802.1AS, 1722/1722a as standard including clock reference streams (CRF). Analysis of protocol mechanisms and time requirements relating to time synchronization/traffic shaping. Configuration and monitoring of user-defined protocol formats (e.g. SOME/IP, UDP-NM, etc.). Cascading of several ELM devices (TAP version).

  • MOST Core Compliance tester

    TESTERLYZER - Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    TESTERLYZER is the test system for network testing and for the MOST Core Compliance test which accompanies development processes. TESTERLYZER has a modular structure and consists of the system components TESTERLYZER pro Compliance (testing software) and TESTERLYZER Box (measuring and automation hardware), as well as two Optolyzer® modules by the company SMSC, which provide an interface to the MOST bus.

  • ECL/CAN Box Simulator

    Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    As a complement for test setups, RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS provides the ECL/CAN Box. In one device it combines the basic functionalities of a CAN rest bus simulation with the application of test patterns on the Electrical Control Line (ECL). An example use case is the cost-competitive completion of test setups for control units with gateway function. Another field of application is the test of control units with respect to communication across ECL.

  • ECL Breakout Box

    Ruetz System Solutions GmbH

    The Breakout Box by RUETZ SYSTEM SOLUTIONS complements an ECL test setup to reach 100 percent automation. Additionally, the Breakout Box raises the accuracy of the measurement results. Another advantage is that no plugging or replugging of cables has to be executed. Time-critical measurements are started by the internal microcontroller based on trigger conditions. Subsequently they may be read out and analyzed offline. Matching as a supplement we provide the ECL Compliance Testsuite.