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Analog Arts develops application specific test instruments, PC-based USB oscilloscopes, TDR cable analyzers, spectrum analyzers, arbitrary waveform generators, data recorders, frequency and phase analyzers, pattern generators, and logic analyzers. Analog Arts products satisfy a wide range of applications in various industries.

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    Analog Arts

    USB-powered oscilloscope. It includes an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer, a data recorder, and a frequency and Phase analyzer. This compact device has been developed for professionals with a limited budget. Hobbyists can also benefit from the many features of the instruments. The oscilloscope offers a bandwidth of 100 MHz, and a real sampling rate of up to 250 MHz (125 MHz/channel) with an effective sampling rate of 100 GHz. SA915 is an ideal oscilloscope for any user. To examine some of the features of the product, install the free application-software and review the comprehensive video tutorials.