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4D Technology is the leading manufacturer of Dynamic Interferometry products, providing accurate measurement of optical grade surfaces, even in the presence of vibration and air turbulence.

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  • Acquisition and Analysis Software

    4D Technology

    4Sight interferometric data analysis software sets the standard for easy analysis of data from laser interferometers and surface roughness profilers. 4Sight is designed with features that make life easy: a Microsoft Windows interface, open data file format, extensive 2D and 3D displays, filtering, data masking, fiducial alignment, diffraction analysis and much more. With simple data exchange capability you can read and analyze data from almost any data analysis software.

  • Fizeau Interferometers

    4D Technology

    AccuFiz laser interferometers offer an unmatched combination of performance, quality and value, for accurate, repeatable measurement of surface shape and transmitted wavefront quality. The AccuFiz is extremely easy to use in confined lab spaces. Its compact, lightweight design is extremely rigid for maximum stability in any orientation or environment.

  • Optical Surface Profilers

    4D Technology

    4D dynamic optical profilers measure roughness and defects on smooth and supersmooth surfaces. Non-contact, immune to vibration and extremely portable, these unique instruments are able to perform in the most challenging environments, at production speeds.

  • Imaging Polarimeters

    4D Technology

    PolarCam snapshot micropolarizer cameras capture images of multiple polarized angles from each video frame, enabling a range of image enhancement techniques and polarimetric measurements. Small, fast and field-proven, these unique cameras suppress or boost data content without image blur, for applications in image enhancement, polarimetry, birefringence measurement, 3D shape, remote sensing, defect detection, machine vision and autonomous vehicle vision.

  • Twyman-Green Interferometers

    4D Technology

    Twyman-Green configuration interferometers offer several important advantages over more traditional Fizeau instruments:Vibration-insensitive measurement enables use in challenging environments such as cryo-vac testing or over long measurement paths.The design can be extremely compact, enabling use in tight spaces, or in difficult-to-access locations.The on-axis design provides excellent accuracy, particularly when measuring spherical elements.The ratio of power between test and reference is adjusted in a lossless fashion

  • Snapshot Micropolarizer Cameras

    PolarCam - 4D Technology

    PolarCam snapshot micropolarizer cameras simultaneously capture a snapshot image of multiple polarization angles from each video frame, without image blur. CMOS technology sensors, enabling up to 164 frames/second imaging rate at 1700 x 1200 pixel resolution. A high resolution model captures 3.8-mp frames for detailed analysis of polarization even in fast-changing scenes. Customizable regions of interest make it possible to process a subset of the acquired pixels, resulting in frame rates in the kilohertz range.