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The company has diversified further into the activities of Energy Solutions by manufacturing high quality static single phase and three phase energy meters. The company has also developed Automatic Meter Reading system using combination of various technologies like Power Line Communication, Radio Modems, GSM Modems etc., which will serve the distribution companies by accessing agricultural areas, performing energy audits, outage management, billing etc.

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  • Fully Automatic Transformer Oil Test Set

    OTS-A series - The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    OTS-A series is fully automatic microprocessor based transformer oil test set designed with advanced features to measure breakdown voltage of insulation oil accurately. The OTS-A Series preprogrammed with worldwide acceptable standards.The user can define customized standards. The large LCD display with menbrane key pad for easy operation. It is provided with internal memory for 100 data storage & built-in thermal printer for onsite report. The kit is protected by automatic detection of poor input ground.The acrylic oil test vessel provided with adjustable electrode gap setting. The voltage calibrator for on site calibration saves cost & time of user.

  • Automatic Oil Tan Delta & Resistivity Kit

    MOTR - The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    Motwane's MOTR is multifunctional automatic test kit designed for accurate measurement of the Dielectric Constant, TanDelta, Resistivity & capacitance of transformer oil & other electrical insulating liquids. It has preprogrammed test sequences as per various International standards along with customized test sequences as per user requirements. Internal memory for 250 tests provided with PC interface & report generation facility. Inbuilt thermal printer for onsite results. Test cell is designed as per IEC247 with calibrator for onsite calibration of kit.

  • Transformer Winding Resistance Meter

    XWRM-10 - The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    The Motwane make XWRM-10 is a dual channel 10A rated, Transformer Winding Resistance Meter designed and developed aftere xtensive research on challenges and requirements of testing of various Transformer winding resistance. The instrument has One Current channel and two Resistance Channels. The instrument provides a large open circuit voltage of 42Volts, for fast charging of the highly inductive windings of transformers, to provide stable resistance values in minimum time. The XWRM-10 is intended to replace complex bridge set up with a single compact instrumentThe XWRM-10 is based on 4-wire measurement methodto measure low resistance accurately. The instrument iswell protected against inductive kickbacks offered by theinductive windings and gives stable reading on varioustypes of transformers.

  • Digital Insulation Multimeter Tester 1 KV

    MIRT-61 - The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    The MOTWANE multipurpose tester Model MIRT-61 is a Versatile, battery operated Digital insulation tester with true RMS industrial grade multimeter features best suited for industrial preventive maintenance. With test voltage range up to 1 KV , highest insulation resistance range of 6G Ohm and multi featured function of RMS multimeter (i.e. AC/DC 1000 V) ; makes it a superior offering for Industry and Service segment. It is designed predominantly for low voltage insulation resistance testing in maintenance and services, which involves the applications like Cables/Wires, Rotating Machines, LT transformers, Switchgears and Industrial installations. It is designed to suit the extreme environment conditions. Save your operating cost and test more with this single box design rather buying two different products.

  • Contact Resistance Meter

    PCRM200S - The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    The Motwane make Contact Resistance Meter (Model:PCRM200S) is a digital micro-ohmmeter, specially designed to measure extremely low resistance in micro ohm. The Instrument is based on Kelvin 4-wire connection method for measurement of low resistance.The Current injection is fixed at 100A & 200A. Test information like current injected with measured resistance & voltage drop is displayed with real time data on large LCD with backlit.This User friendly Instrument and it's accessories are housed in easy transportation case. Advanced Windows based software isprovided for data downloading, analysis and report generation. Internal memory of 199 records is provided for onsite data storage withDate & Time stamping & Recalling facility. Thermal printer is the additional feature provided to print the test results.

  • Fully Automatic Diagnostic Insulation Tester 10KV- 10KPI

    The Motwane Manufacturing Company

    Model 10K PI is a diagnostic insulation tester having test voltage range upto 10KV; an Indigenous MOTWANE designed to conduct automatic diagnostic tests on high voltage equipments like Transformers, Cables, Bushings,Switchgears & rotating machines. 10K PI is microprocessor based instrument deploying latest technology & very high speed data sampling to give correct, repetitive readings & quality performance under harsh electrical conditions. It has wide insulation resistance range up to 20T ohm.Model 10K PI is mains and battery operated portable & compact insulation tester for outdoor applications. The battery backup of 6 hours make it suitable for field operations.IP54 rating keeps 10K PI safe from water & dustingress. It complies with CAT IV 600V for safe operation. The instruments & its accessories are certified as perrelevant IS/IEC standard.The Information displayed on large backlit LCD display includes insulation resistance, leakage current, capacitance,battery status & timer. Three programmable timers are provided to conduct various tests like Polarization Index (PI),Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), Dielectric Discharge (DD), Step Voltage (SV), & breakdown Voltage (BDV) test.10K-PI can store 1000 test results. PC interface via USB & RS 232for data transfer. The software for report generation & data trending analysis helps to keep records of capital equipments.