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Senter is the lead manufacture of Android Industrial PDA, Android Industrial Tablet PC, product with 1D, 2D barcode scanner.

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  • Cable Fault Locator TDR

    Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    This cable fault locator is designed for ease of use, portable, light weight and easy for carry.It take the time domain reflectometer (TDR) for measuring the exact fault location such as the broken line, cross faults, earthing, poor insulation and poor contact of the lead covered cables as well as plastic cables.As you set proper wave velocity, just press Auto key, you will get the test result within 2 seconds.It is an effective tool to reduce troubleshooting time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of line maintenance staff. It also can be used in line projects acceptance and inspection of electrical cables.

  • FTTX Testing & Installation Solution

    Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    A high performance measuring instrument with multifunction designed for testing FTTx network. It’s mainly used to measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber under test, such as the length、the transmission loss and the splice loss etc.. It can also locate the faults or breaks of optical fiber. It's widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance in optical fiber communication system.

  • Network Speed Tester

    Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    Network speed tester is a portable equipment, designed for meeting the needs of telecom operator, whose functions including optical power test, visual fault locator, bluetooth, charging and reverse charging, etc, and with the characteristics of easy operation, powerful functions, and long standby time.

  • Multi—Functional Telecom Test PDA

    Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    A handheld intelligent PDA which is especially designed for the telecommunication field engineers operation and maintenance. It adopts mainstream Android operation system, which combine industrial smart phone, telecom test functions.

  • Telephone Line Tester

    Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    1. Push function switchover button on emitter to the position of “TEST”. When the red status indicator flashes, it means that you already enter into this function.2. Insert the network wire which two ends are both RJ45, into the corresponding ports of emitter and receiver.3. Check the lighted sequence of LEDs of receiver. If the lighted sequence is same as the network cable’s wire sequence, the sequence is right; otherwise, the wire sequence is wrong.➢ Short Circuit and Open Circuit Test1. Push function switchover button on emitter to the position of “SCAN”. When the status indicator turns to red, voltage indicator “+ -”bright, it means that you already enter into short circuit and open circuit testing function2. Choose a line firstly. Clamp two copper wire sections respectively by crocodile clamps of emitter. In case of short circuit, then the voltage indicator light of emitter “+ -” will be extinct. If the indicator is light, it means open circuit.

  • xDSL Tester

    Shandong Senter Electronic Co., Ltd

    Test objects: ADSL; ADSL2; ADSL2+; READSL; VDSL2➢ Fast Copper tests with DMM (ACV, DCV, Loop and Insulation Resistance, Capacitance, Distance)➢ Support VLAN➢ Support Vectoring➢ Supports Modem emulation and simulating login to Internet➢ Supports ISP login (username / password) and IP Ping test (WAN PING Test, LAN PING Test)➢ Supports all multi-protocol, PPPoE / PPPoA (LLC or VC-MUX)➢ Connects to CO via allig ator clip or RJ11➢ Rechargeable Li-ion Battery➢ Beep and LEDs alarm indications (Lower Power, PPP, LAN,xDSL)➢ Data memory function➢ LCD display, Menu operation➢ Auto shut off if no any operation on keyboard➢ Compliant with all known DSLAMs➢ Software management➢ Simple, portable and money-savedFunctions➢ DSL Physical layer test➢ Modem Emulation (Replace the user Modem completely)➢ PPPoE Dialing (RFC1683,RFC2684,RFC2516)➢ PPPoA Dialing (RFC2364)➢ Telephone Function➢ DMM Test➢ Ping Function (WAN & LAN)➢ Data upload to computer and software management➢ Setup system parameter: backlight time, shut off automatically time without operation, press tone,➢ Revise PPPoE / PPPoA dial attribute, user name and password; restore factory value and so on.➢ Check dangerous voltage➢ Four grades service judge(Excellent, Good, Ok, Poor)Specifications