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  • Precision Thermometer

    F252 - ASL

    ASL's F252 provides high accuracy, dual channel temperature measurement with Platinum Resistance Thermometers - PRTs - and uses AC bridge technology as developed by ASL for Standards Laboratories throughout the world. Model F252 requires no regular recalibration, the AC circuit techniques eliminating thermal EMFs and drift, while providing excellent long term stability. Front panel data entry allows you to enter probe calibration data into the F252's memory, so that thermometer resistance can be accurately converted to temperature in C, F or K. This can be password protected to prohibit unauthorised or accidental data entry.

  • Data Logging Software

    U-LOG - ASL

    At start up U-LOG automatically detects the presence and state of all the RS232 communication ports on your hardware. A communication tree provides a graphical image of the hardware connections in your system. Devices are connected to a port by simply selecting a device from the device palette and dragging it on the required communication port. Individual configurations can simply be built up and saved for future use.

  • Thermometry Bridges

    F900 - ASL

    The Model F900 is designed specifically for resistance thermometry to provide you with the best possible accuracy. The 25Hz or 75Hz operating frequency provides fast, continuous measurement with high immunity to thermal emfs and supply frequency noise sources.