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  • Scanning Electrochemical Systems

    VersaScan - Princeton Applied Research

    The VersaSCAN is a single platform capable of providing spatial resolution to both electrochemical and materials-based measurements. Each VersaSCAN is based on a common high-resolution, long-travel, closed-loop positioning system mounted to a vibration-resistant optical base. Different auxiliary pieces are mounted to the positioning system. These ancillary pieces (e.g., an electrometer, piezo vibration unit, or a laser sensor) provide functionality to the positioning system for different scanning probe experiments. VersaSTAT potentiostats and Signal Recovery Lock-in Amplifiers are integrated via ethernet control to make accurate measurements of these small signals.

  • Single Channel Potentiostats

    Princeton Applied Research

    Princeton Applied Research and Solartron Analytical provide you with an array of single channel system options designed to fit your accuracy and budget requirements. Our potentiostats provide the best control and measurement of potential, current and impedance.

  • Solar Test Systems

    Princeton Applied Research

    Ametek Scientific Instruments manufactures a range of application specific XM (Xtreme Measurement) products focused on solar cell / photovoltaic research (developed in collaboration with Professor Laurie Peter of the University of Bath, UK). These products are so versatile that they can also be used for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting applications; and make use of Solartron’s unique high performance XM specified potentiostats and frequency response analyzers to provide a full complement of techniques for research into energy, corrosion and analytical electrochemistry.