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  • G.168 - Echo Canceller Test Suite for T1 & E1 Systems GL offers a wide range of G.168 echo canceller compliance testing and measurement software applications to handle everything from quick testing and verification to testing of very complex scenarios involving large networks. These applications can be used to simulate speech, add background noise, and measure delays through a variety of network configurations, including conventional telephone networks, networks with satellite connectivity, and wireless networks.
    GL Communications
  • 201 Series - Discrete Semiconductor Test System The SemiTek 201.net Discrete Semiconductor Test System is PC-based using a CPU-based hardware controller to control the electrical tests it performs. In its sixth generation, the 201.net has served the semiconductor test industry for over twenty-five years in manufacturing and inspection. As a general-purpose tester, the 201.net is ideal for inspection and production applications where precision measurements and versatility are required.

    Under program control, the 201.net tests a growing number of devices including:
    * Diodes / Zeners
    * Bipolar Transistors
    * Field Effect Transistors
    * Arrays
    * MOSFET
    * MOSFET Depletion
    * Optocouplers
    * JFet / JFet NO
    * Mechanical Relays
    * Sidac
    * Triac / SCRs
    * IGBT
    SemiTek International
  • GT9000 - General-purpose Test System To address the common problems with the stages of development and manufacture in producing large-scale electronic systems and accessories, such as poor general property, variety, low utilization and difficulties in maintenance, the product achieves a set of general-purpose test system to accomplish all kinds of test of the test objects and diagnostic requirements.GT9000 system functions can be cut and expended according to users' requirements, which is widely used for the design verification, maintenance,testing and troubleshooting of variety of complexelectronic systems in national defense and civil fields.
    Beijing Aerospace
  • Xtramus NuStreams 2000i - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test Systems NuStreams-2000i is an advanced Ethernet test system for Layer 2 to 7 and wire-speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 IP packet generation for testing of multichannel IP devices. Designed for testing in the laboratory and in manufacturing NuStreams 2000 can be easily configured for Ethernet switch, router and gateway production testing. Call for demo.
  • NSG 4070 - EMC Immunity Test System An advanced combination of signal generator and compact immunity test system. Its large frequency range from 9kHz to 1GHz and its modular set-up using internal or external amplifiers enable a large variety of applications including tests according to IEC 61000-4-6, various BCI applications as well as signal generator and power meter for test systemsas per IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 61000-4-20, IEC 61000-4-21 and many other applications.
    Teseq AG
  • Xtramus NuStreams 600 - Gigabit Ethernet IP Performance Test System NuStreams chassis NuStreams-600i is an ideal test beds for lab design, troubleshooting and mass production test of network products. Support 10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, NuStreams-600i provides various interface for different test requirement.
  • 303 Series - Relay Test System The SemiTek 303-Relay Test System is PC-based and designed to test the integrity of electromechanical or coax relay devices. The system may be configured for multi-terminal testing right from the main station and the PC.

    With production and final test in mind, the 303-Relay Test System can perform an array of tests and control device output binning in a fraction of the time of any other tester on the market.

    Under program control, the test system can test:
    * Pull In/Drop Out
    * Contact Voltage Drop
    * Insulation Leakage
    * Variable AC Coil Frequency
    * Timing
    * Coil Resistance
    * Semiconductor
    * Isolation
    * Contact Resistance
    * Dielectric Withstanding.

    To maximize the system’s resources, multiple switching cards can be configured for additional test terminals (subject to space) allowing an operator to test at one site while prepping another. This helps to maximize the use of the system. In this configuration, each terminal may test the same or a different relay part.
    SemiTek International
  • 8025 - Relay Run-In / Miss Test System The Model 8025, Run-In/Miss Test System from Circuit Equipment Corporation is a versatile unit, which automates the inspection and characterization of relays. The system, controlled by an internal PC and menu-driven software, tests to the requirements of MIL-PRF-83536A and MIL-PRF-39016. It tests the complete Run-in Screening (miss), pull-in and drop-outvoltage specifications sections. 
    Circuit Equipment
  • SYS61K - Compliance Test System Evaluation system for testing devices generating harmonics and flicker
    according to IEC 61000-3-2 and IEC 61000-3-3 (CE-Conformity). 1 to 3 Phase, Power Sources up to 5kVA per Phase.
    ZES ZIMMER Electronic
  • UNIMET 3000 - Bench top test system UNIMET 3000 represents a unique and flexible mixed signal test platform for cost effective testing of a wide range of components. This is basic configuration which is fully compatible with SZ M3000 test system, test programs and adapters and can be easily upgraded to UNIMET 4000. UNIMET platform consists of dozens of test adapters with hundreds of ready made test programs.
    UNITES Systems A.s.
  • TS9975 - EMI Test System The system features a highly modular hardware and software concept. Customized systems can be configured from a variety of instruments and software options. The system is a complete package of hardware and user-friendly software as well as system services so that the user will be familiar with the system within the shortest possible time. Moreover, Rohde & Schwarz can offer the integration of products from other manufacturers into Test System R&S TS9975, if required.
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH
  • Multi Position Test Systems Single and three-phase standard and customer specified test systems meeting the changing needs of the metering world. Test systems are available with fixed meter racks or with moveable trolleys and gantries to fulfil different requirements and increased test capacity.
    MTE Meter Test Equipment
  • TD60 - Tandelta Test System The TD60 tandelta test system by b2hv is a portable cable diagnostics system for confirming the dielectric condition of medium voltage cables.
    B2 High Voltage
  • F-60E - PCIe Environmental Self-Test System The F-60E SSD or PCIe environmental self-test system is based on the same platform and building blocks as Flexstar's field proven portfolio of full function test systems. It is optimized to run self-test routines from inside the device itself, power only applied, thereby allowing for a tester with greater port density, simplified operation and lower cost. This tester will start and manage the device tests and the environment temperature/humidity, as well as gather and organize test history and test results.
    Flexstar Technology
  • Model 50PA-365 - Handover Test System Dow 50PA-365 SMA is a new 24 x 4 Handover Test System from JFW. This test system has 96 possible RF paths and has a programmable attenuator (0-127dB x 1dB) on each path. This allows the user to fade signal paths and simulate handover testing.
    JFW Industries
  • IQS-12001B - Cable Assembly and Component Test System Maximizes production throughput for insertion loss (IL) and mandrel-free reflection testing for all types of fiber-optic interconnect cables and for component assemblies such as planar arrays and PLC splitters used in FTTx systems. 
  • Griffin III - Test System The Griffin III system brings new price/performance efficiency to the Tester-in-a-Head tradition, a concept created and introduced by HILEVEL in 1987. This tester is a superior cost-effective solution for Engineering, Production, and Failure Analysis test applications.
    Hilevel Technology
  • ACTS - Advanced Communication Test System As the name suggests this new server performs a variety of tests related to cable system advanced communication services, including VoIP and high speed data. The server enables a VoIP RTP test from any field test point with or without Unsolicited Grant Service (UGS), as well as high speed throughput (UDP up to 40 Mbps max). The VoIP test enables efficient service pre-installation verification with a simple, yet comprehensive set of measurement data including upstream and downstream latency, jitter, packet loss and MOS.
  • MP3000-C - Relay protection test and simulation system High accuracy: 0.1% from 50mA to 30A, High efficiency due to the load adapting feature. Current backup: the three fully independent three phase current sources ensure the backup of redundant three phase current system.
    Tesient Instrument
  • Test System Integration Service Since 1980, SofTest Designs Corporation has provided quality test systems integration service for the manufacturing, repair, and laboratory environments. Our Corporate objective is to provide our customers with quality test solutions, on schedule, on budget, and exceeds the customer's expectations upon delivery.
    SofTest Designs
  • PS-X10-100 Test - Test System Uncertainty Analysis Agilent's Test System Uncertainty Analysis service provides assistance with understanding and quantifying measurement uncertainties for complete manufacturing test systems, including Vector Network Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers. 
    Agilent Technologies
  • PSK - Tank type Transformer AC Test Systems 20 - 1000 kV Conventional AC test transformers are especially designed for testing objects of medium capacitance. These systems are particularly suited for tests requiring stable voltage even if the load changes under voltage (corona, wet & pollution tests) or when the load is inductive (inductive voltage transformers). These systems are also qualified for continuous duty, long duration tests.
    Haefely Test AG
  • 65/81D - Shock Test System The Model 65/81 utilizes a one-piece cast aluminum shock table that is precisely guided by two solid steel, chrome-plated guide rods. The guide rods are rigidly attached to a massive steel base that is isolated from the floor to help attenuate any shock energy that would otherwise be transmitted to the surrounding building .
  • Audio Test System Test Products, Inc. has developed a patent pending technique for identifying audio system problems. The Audio System Test was designed to help automotive OEMs significantly reduce 60 day warranty claims against the audio system. 
    Test Products

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Test - An activity in which a system, device, component or signal is executed under specified conditions, the results are observed or recorded, and an evaluation is made of some aspect of the tested element.

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