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  • VEC-109 - 12.0 GHz RealProbe In-circuit Test Probe The ultimate in-circuit high Impedance Probe till 12GHz. The must tool for any In circuit RF and Microwave testing and troubleshooting.
    Vectria Ltd
  • CALISAR - Test Bench Probe Calibration for SAR Measurements The CALISAR bench is dedicated to the probe calibration process for SAR measurements. It allows the assessment of the relation between the theoretical and effective E-field using an open-ended waveguide and measures the isotropy and linearity values of the probe.
  • UT-375-023 - Test Probe Universal Pin Test Probe Universal Pin
    Utron Technologies
  • High-Current Test Probes High-Current Test Probes
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • Flying Probe Test Ideal For Prototypes Flying probe test development is a cost effective method and technique for providing a methodology for prototype verification. Unlike ICT, no costly test fixtures are needed. This eliminates enormous cost programming time and allows design changes with simple test program changes.
  • HFS-409 Series - RF-Test Probes RF-Test Probes HFS-409 Series
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • High-Frequency Test Probes High-Frequency Test Probes
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • 3913 - Test Probes Test Probes

    Model: 3913

    • 4 mm long version for usage with test or measuring Instruments
    • Approx.162×10mm
    • Rated current 16A
    • Over voltage category CAT III/1000 V
    • Safety test probe with 4 mm safety plug complying with IEC 61010,EN61010, DIN VDE 0411

    Available cable colours: red,black

    MOQ. 100pcs
    Shanghai Beihan Electronics
  • Series 1004/E - ICT Test Probe 40 mil International standard for 40 mil applications Contacting of assembled PCBs
    PTR Messtechnik GmbH
  • 39Mil test probe 39Mil test probe
  • Series 3011/2FGS - Switching Test Probe Switching test probe "opener" with easy-replacement system center 138 mil - switching travel 1.7 mm
    PTR Messtechnik GmbH
  • PrecisionWoRx VX4 - Probe Card Test and Analysis Efficient probe card test, analysis, and rework for fine pitch, small array probe cards
    NanoPhotonics AG
  • ProbeWoRx 300 - For semiconductor manufacturers PROBE CARD TEST AND ANALYSIS Featuring "Hi-Speed 3-Dimensional Optical Comparative Metrology" at its core, this technology enables a breakthrough in overall system performance for both speed and accuracy. The ProbeWoRx system delivers reduced test times, higher accuracy and repeatability, and improved correlation for high pin-count, large array probe cards compared to traditional analyzers; and the ability to measure the increasing number of large and complex probe cards in "one-touch".
    Tamar Technology
  • Unity Probe ™ - Multicontact probe for RFIC engineering test ascade Microtech's Unity multicontact probe streamlines RFIC engineering test. Leveraging common-sense, test-structure design rules, the build-to-order Unity Probe is a durable and scalable solution that is fast and easy to implement; saving you time, aggravation and money.
    Cascade Microtech
  • SERIES 93 - THRU HOLE BARE AND LOADED BOARD TEST PROBES Electrical MAXIMUM CURRENT: 7 amps continuous at working travel, non-inductive RESISTANCE: At 35 mA test current, 35 mOHMS mean
    Test Connections
  • 50Mil test probe 50Mil test probe
  • VEC-109EX - 18.0 GHz RealProbe In-circuit Test Probe The ultimate in-circuit high impedance probe till 18GHZ. Shorten your development cycles and accelerate your debugging process.
    Vectria Ltd
  • HFS-810M/840M Series - RF-Test Probes RF-Test Probes HFS-810M/840M Series
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • GATS-3200 - Fastest Flying Probe Test System for Semiconductor Substrate Interconnect Test * Test individual packages or
    * Test Multi-image panels with Step&Repeat Function
    * single flying probe top using very high speed voice coil motor (VCM) technology
    * 50 - 100 tests per second ... high throughput
    * Dual Flying Probe Top for testing bump-to-bump nets
    * flying probe head allows testing of all nets including each power and ground point
    * 4-wire test capability
    W.M. Hague Company
  • HFS-819 Series - RF-Test Probes RF-Test Probes HFS-819 Series
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • 3916 - Safety Clamp Test Probes Safety Clamp Test Probes

    Model: 3916


    • Approx.155×49mm
    • Rated current 4A
    • Over voltage category CAT III/1000 V
    • Spring wireclip with flexible isolated shank
    • Safety clamp test probe with 4 mm safety socket complying with EN 61010, IEC 61010, DIN VDE 0411

    Available cable colours: red,black

    MOQ. 100pcs
    Shanghai Beihan Electronics
  • 75Mil test probe 75Mil test probe with different tips
  • Probes For Test Systems Good probes are the primary factors for test systems and its fixtures. Therefore, Jet take the best quality material such as Beryllium copper to do the heat treatment and strengthen the stiffness and wear resistance of the probes to extend the life cycles. 
    Jet Technology Co
  • HFS-868 Series - RF-Test Probes RF-Test Probes HFS-868 Series
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau

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Test - An activity in which a system, device, component or signal is executed under specified conditions, the results are observed or recorded, and an evaluation is made of some aspect of the tested element.

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