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  • RITS520a - Flying probe Impedance Test System The RITS520a is equally at home testing impedance coupons, or controlled impedance test traces on PCBs or backplanes. The test table of the RITS520a can support coupon test fixtures for volume test of coupons or alternately accept PCBs up to 20" x 28"
    Polar Instruments
  • I-Stop - Reverse Test Probe The I-Stop Reverse Test Probe is a test accessory designed for use with most signal level meters and with the Trilithic 9580 Return Maintenance System. Screw the probe into a distribution tap's unused KS port and a spring-loaded "stinger" connects a 20 dB resistive test point circuit to the hardline.
  • 39Mil test probe 39Mil test probe
  • 3932 - 2mm Test Probes 2mm Test Probes

    Model: 3932

    • 2 mm probe with 2 mm socket system
    • Suitable for all voltage tester and multimeter test probes
    • Approx.86×7.5 mm
    • Max. voltage 50V AC/75V DC

    Available colours: red,black

    MOQ. 100pcs
    Shanghai Beihan Electronics
  • CALISAR - Test Bench Probe Calibration for SAR Measurements The CALISAR bench is dedicated to the probe calibration process for SAR measurements. It allows the assessment of the relation between the theoretical and effective E-field using an open-ended waveguide and measures the isotropy and linearity values of the probe.
  • 3924 - Test Probes Test Probes

    Model: 3924

    • Spring loaded version
    • Approx. 100×21 mm
    • Rated current 6A
    • Over voltage category CATIII/1000V
    • Safety test probe with spring-loaded probe,with 4 mm safety socket complying with IEC 61010, EN 61010, DINVDE0411

    Available cable colours:red,black,blove,bice

    MOQ. 100pcs
    Shanghai Beihan Electronics
  • SFT S1-2016 - IT Test Probe Safequipment offers a wide range of probes to meet the most common standards including those from IEC, EN, UL, GB, and others. Such standards require the checking of accessibility to dangerous parts of home electronics and appliances, toys, tools, and a host of other products that are intended to be protected by enclosures. These probes simulate human fingers, tools, and other items that would be hazardous to come in contact with certain parts of products.
    Safequipment Limited
  • HFS-810 Series - RF-Test Probes RF-Test Probes HFS-810 Series
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • 100Mil test probe 100Mil test probe with three needles
  • UT-375-020 - Test Probe Universal Pin Test Probe Universal Pin
    Utron Technologies
  • TL744 - Flat Blade Test Probe Set 1000V, 10A
    0.7" (17mm) long x 0.1” (2.5mm) flat tip
    4.9" (124mm) overall length
    Extech Instruments
    Test-X Fixture Products
  • 3925 - Safety Clamp Test Probes Safety Clamp Test Probes

    Model: 3925

    • Approx.160×49mm
    • Rated current 10A
    • Wide opening grip claws with isolated shank
    • Over voltage category CATIII/1000 V
    • Safety clamp test probe with 4 mm safety socket complying with EN 61010,IEC61010, DIN VDE 0411

    Available cable colours: red,black

    MOQ. 100pcs
    Shanghai Beihan Electronics
  • HFS-410 Series - RF-Test Probes RF-Test Probes HFS-410 Series
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • SPEA 4040 - Flying Probe Testing and Test Engineering Large 24" x 27" board size 4 mil Probe Placement Accuracy Ability to Probe 0201s 20 Test/Sec Capability Component Presence and Absence Nodal Impedance Testing (NZT) Electroscan Ability to Probe 7 mil Pitch Parts Ability to Probe Component Leads AOI, Optical Character Recognition Power-up Capability using External Supply Excellent Troubleshooting/Failure Analysis Tool
  • 50Mil test probe 50Mil test probe
  • High-Current Test Probes High-Current Test Probes
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • ATP02-C - Armature Test Low Impedance Test Probe and Clips Armature test low impedance test probe and clips
    SKF Condition Monitoring
  • Semiconductor Test Probes IDI's semiconductor probe designs combine conductivity and rigidity to form a reliable electrical path with excellent force distribution and compliance. Our Homogeneous Probe Series features a device contact tip made from a custom developed solid precious metal alloy that withstands extreme cleaning techniques associated with SAC-105 and NiPdAu contact leads. IDI also offers our patented Dyno Contact for QFN testing. The Dyno contact gently wipes the device contact without "board scrubbing".
  • HFS-440 Series - RF-Test Probes RF-Test Probes HFS-440 Series
    INGUN Prüfmittelbau
  • 3916 - Safety Clamp Test Probes Safety Clamp Test Probes

    Model: 3916


    • Approx.155×49mm
    • Rated current 4A
    • Over voltage category CAT III/1000 V
    • Spring wireclip with flexible isolated shank
    • Safety clamp test probe with 4 mm safety socket complying with EN 61010, IEC 61010, DIN VDE 0411

    Available cable colours: red,black

    MOQ. 100pcs
    Shanghai Beihan Electronics
  • VersaCore - Parametric Test Probe Cards VersaCore™ is the industry's new price and performance leader for parametric test probe cards. The VersaCore™ provides a temperature range of -65°C to 200°C, and has two available core types for low leakage of <5fA/V and AttoFast™ settling to sub-1fA/V ultra high performance. This new ceramic probe technology delivers long lifetime and infinite rebuilds.
    Celadon Systems
  • Okano Quality Test Probe Quality Test Probe
  • Series 3003 - Switching Test Probe Switching test probe center 125 mil - switching travel 0.65 mm.
    PTR Messtechnik GmbH

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Test - An activity in which a system, device, component or signal is executed under specified conditions, the results are observed or recorded, and an evaluation is made of some aspect of the tested element.

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