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  • M2SFP-T - Test Module This 2-port 1G L2-3 test module includes advanced timing features for SynchE testing
    Xena Networks
  • M2SFP+ - Test Module Test module with 2 ports of 10-GigE SFP+ 10GBASE-LR/SR
    Xena Networks
  • OTM2700 - 2M Test Module OTM2700 2M test module is designed for factory and laboratory supporting 2M bit error testing and apply to MTP2800 multiservice platform.
    OPWILL Technologies
  • M2SFP+T - Test Module 2-port 10G L2-3 test module with advanced timing features for SynchE testing
    Xena Networks
  • RIVSeries - Concentrator Solar Cell Module On Sun Test System RIV series Concentrator Solar Cell/Module test system is designed by SW Link Ltd for measuring light IV curve of a single CPV Module, under CW concentrated light sources, as well as with short pulse light illuminations.
    SW Link Ltd
  • OTM2515/2516/2517 - 155M/622M/2.5G SDH/SONET Transport Test Module OTM2515/2516/2517 SDH/SONET transport test module support 155M/622M/2.5G SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn test functionalities and offer comprehensive test solutions for metro network. It is a high cost-effective network test product.
    OPWILL Technologies
  • Power module tests A range of high current and high voltage test generators (up to 2000 A and 5000 V) including dynamic switching and short circuit testing have been supplied.
    IpTest Limited
  • Power Module Test Cells SPEA’s Power Module Test Cells are the complete industrial equipment oriented to the production test requirements of IGBT semiconductor power modules for consumer, transportation, energy production, industrial applications. SPEA’s Power Module Test Cells provide a turnkey solution for the automated handling, contacting and testing of these products, with the capability to force and measure the very high current (up to 1000 A) and voltage (up to 2500 V) values required for a complete, reliable test.
    SPEA Italy S.p.A.
  • M6SFP - Test Module Chassis module with 6 ports of GigE dual media SFP, 100/1000M optical or 10/100/1000 BASE-T
    Xena Networks
  • OTM2512 - 10.7G SDH/SONET/OTN Transport Test Module 10.7G OTM2512 SDH/SONET/OTN transport test module supports 10.7G PDH/SDH/SONET/OTN test functionalities and offer comprehensive test solutions for metro network. It is a high cost-effective network test product.
    OPWILL Technologies
  • PCIe-FC4 Simulyzer™ - Dual-Port Simulator/Analyzer Test & Simulation PCI Express Module Half-size four lane PCIe board Supports Point-to-Point, Switched Fabric, and Arbitrated Loop topologies Two independent Fibre Channel ports Two SFP sockets accept fiber or copper transceivers Each port supports 1, 2, and 4 Gbps speeds Comprehensive decoding of FC-1, FC-2, and Upper Layer Protocol (ULP) frames
    Avionics Interface
  • M2XFP - Test Module Test module with 2 ports of 10-GigE XFP 10GBASE-LR/SR
    Xena Networks
  • M2CFP40 - Test module Xena's M2CFP40 provides two 2 ports of 40-GigE 40GBASE-LR4/SR4, or 8 ports of 10-GigE 10GBASE-SR. This unique low-cost high-performance 40/10G test module is ideal for carriers, enterprises and research departments testing both 40G and 10G.
    Xena Networks
  • M6SFP+ - Test Module The M6SFP+ is a wire-speed 6 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet test module, based on Xena's advanced architecture. Can be installed in either the XenaCompact or XenaBay chassis. Comes complete with software and free tech support.
    Xena Networks
  • M1CFP100 - Tri-Speed Test Module This is Xena's unique tri-speed test module. The M1CFP100 provides 1 x 100GE, 2 x 40GigE test ports and 8 x 10Gbps test ports - all in one test module! A cost-saving investment for lab testing, pre-staging, field trials and early deployments, and applications where wire-speed testing, portability, and ease of use are required.
    Xena Networks
  • EM-DR1-ET-5-TB-28V/V - Encoder Test Module This electronic module is a versatile interface between an incremental optical encoder output and any type of receiving electronics. This can be used to fix incompatible interfaces and make marginal signals more robust. It can also serve as a signal repeater for long cable runs and provide multiple distributed control signals from a single encoder.
    BEI Industrial Encoders
  • FTB-8120NGE/8130NGE - Power Blazer - Next-Generation Multiservice Test Modules SONET/SDH and Ethernet test functions in the industry?s smallest and most efficient form factor. A new standard for multiservice field testing.
  • K-9604 - Capacitive Touch Screen Panel Module Test Equipment Capacitive Touch Screen Panel Module Test Equipment for mass production, K-9604 is designed to inspect test items of Capacitive Touch Screen Panel Module (Touch Screen Panel mounted controller IC) in mass production line such as firmware version check, accuracy, power consumption, sensitivity, drag linearity and two finger separation etc..
  • DADiSP / Stats - Test Module DADiSP/Stats is a menu-based module designed to perform a variety of statistical tests and present statistical information graphically. 
    DSP Development
  • FTV - Electric Vehicle Module Test System Drive simulations with standard Electric Vehicle tests: FUDS, SFUDS, GSFUDS, DST and ECE-15L Battery Module Testing Start/Stop Testing Traction Battery Testing Supercapacitor / Ultracapacitor Testing Drive Cycle Testing
  • PXIe-C1760 - Dual-Port HS-1760e Test & Simulation PXI Express Module 3U PXI form factor fits into PXIe or PXI hybrid slot Two independent ports programmable as NC or NT(s) simultaneously Two SFP sockets accepts FC-0 AS5653 or AS5625/AS5627 transceivers Supports NC-to-NT transfers, NT-to-NC Transfers, Mode Codes, and Broadcast
    Avionics Interface
  • OTM2100 - EVOA Test Module OPWILL’s OTM2100 optical variable attenuator is designed for laboratory and factory production environment and can be used for receiver sensitivity test of optical components and EDFA test.
    OPWILL Technologies
  • JEMIO - JTAG External Modules for Cluster Test The JTAG External Modules JEMIO™ for Cluster test are intended to provide test access to off-board signals that otherwise could not be accessed by a JTAG test system. For many designs, Boundary-Scan has adequate access to on-board signals, but signals that go off the board often cannot be tested by a JTAG tester. By adding JTAG access to these off-board signals, JEMIO™ modules can increase the board's JTAG test coverage, possibly reducing the need for implementing another test method or for developing alternative tests to reach the required level of test coverage.
  • HSE40/100GETSPR1 - 40- and 100-Gigabit Ethernet (GE) dual-speed Test Modules Ixia’s K2, 40- and 100-Gigabit Ethernet (GE) dual-speed test modules are the world’s first-to-market IP network traffic generation and analysis test solutions with a CFP MSA-complaint interface. The K2 Data Plane module is engineered to cost-effectively meet the needs of product teams developing 40GE and 100GE IEEE 802.3ba-complaint network devices such as switches, server network interface cards (NICs), converged network adapters (CNAs), and communications semiconductor devices.

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Test - An activity in which a system, device, component or signal is executed under specified conditions, the results are observed or recorded, and an evaluation is made of some aspect of the tested element.

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