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  • GF333 - Test Devices for Energy Meters GF333 Three-Phase Reference Energy Meter is able to test various parameters in AC circuit such as the voltage, current, power, phase position, power factor active power, reactive power, active energy consumption and reactive energy consumption. It can also conduct harmonic wave analysis to input signals. This equipment can be applied in labs as standard or can be used as calibration devices for energy meters.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • GF302D - Portable kWh Meter Test Equipment The device is according to nation verification regulation JJG597-2005 "AC electric energy meter verification device" and the relevant countries standard requirements and design three-phase 0.05 magnitude table source integration calibration device.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • Three-phase Meter Test Equipment of ASTeL 3.2x.x Three-phase Meter Test Equipment of ASTeL 3.2x.x series system is a fully automatic system enabling simultaneous, multi-position calibration and legalization of electric energy meters. The automatics include power sources, reference standards, stand controllers, photoelectric scanning heads, separating transformers, and other elements of the system. All these elements are controlled through a Windows based executive program.
    MeterTest Ltd
  • GF102-80a - electricity meter test equipment Measurement of errors for various induction and static energy meters;
    big current 100A, voltage 300V, high quanlity , high precision 0.1%
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • MA640-K - Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Test Kit True RMS Clamp Meter, 3-phase rotation tester, and CAT IV AC Voltage Detector. Kit includes: MA640 - 600A True RMS 6000 count AC/DC Clamp-on MultiMeter with built-in non-contact AC Voltage Detector, test leads and temperature probe. 480400 - 3-Phase Rotation Tester with multiline LCD display, durable double-molded housing, and easy-to-open wide-jaw alligator clips. DV25 - Dual Range AC Voltage Detector (24 to 1000VAC/100 to 1000VAC) + Flashlight with Audible/Visual indication, double-molded housing, and CAT IV-1000V safety rating. Set of double molded professional test leads. Type K thermocouple bead probe and Type K to Banana Input Adaptor. Supplied in a soft carrying case that provides protection and organization for the meters whenever they are needed.
    Extech Instruments
  • GF302C - Portable Panel Meter Test Equipment This device is according to nation verification regulation JJG124-2005 "ammeter, voltmeter, power meter and resistance meter calibration regulations and the relevant countries standard requirements and design three-phase 0.05 magnitude meter source integration calibration device Portable Panel Meter Calibrator
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • ELMA 8x01 - Small electricity meter test equipment Equipment ELMA 8x01 is a „table execution“ of test equipment for measurement, adjustment or calibration of small number of meters.
    Applied Meters A.s.
  • PEC-T-ZDDA-16 - Energy Meter Test Bench It is applicable to factory testing (for LV reading system collector and concentrator manufacturers), product test before acceptance (for electrical measurement management institutes), and product examination (for lab of power institute).
    It is a combination of controlling cabinet, measuring desk and application software.
    Zhuhai Kehui Electrical
  • Water Meter Test Bench Intelligent Type This king of test bench can be divided into two kinds. One is based on traditional test bench and combination of electromagnetic valve, photoelectric sensor, computer controller and printer. Relying on such a device and after the setting of calibrating program the whole calibrating can be done automatically until getting printed test results, with which the intensity of work can be greatly relieved.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • METES 340REF - High-Precision Meter Test System The meter test systems of the METES range can perform all manner of tests on electricity meters quickly, efficiently and extremely precisely. METES 340 REF is the new benchmark for on-site tests related to the installation or inspection of electricity meters. 
    KoCoS Messtechnik
  • GF102 - Portable Single-phase kWh Meter Test Bench GF102 single-phase watt-hour meter calibration device is used for site requirements and design of the on-site inspection device single-phase watt-hour meter. The built-in standard table and power source for digital design, stable performance, Output voltage, current, the closed-loop, output, The menu type Chinese interface, easy to operate
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • G6-100 - Automatic Sonic Nozzle Gas Meter Test Bench Automatic sonic nozzle gas meter test bench G6-100 is an equipment to test industrial gas meter, the flow range 0.06m3/h¡«160m3/h. It is an ideal testing equipment for gas meter factory and R&D institute.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • LCRTZ-S8 - Digital TURNS - LCRTZ Meter & Computerized Test System Ideal for automatic and fool proof testing of Toroidal coils, Energy meter CT's and Bobbins and Ratio Tester for any transformers in built with 8 Pin Scanner for Automatic testing of multi winding transformers.
    Vasavi Electronics
  • Bell Prover Gas Meter Test Bench Bell prover gas meter test bench is an equipment to test domestic gas meter G1.6-4, the flow range 0.016m3/h¡«6m3/h. It is an ideal testing equipment for gas meter factory and R&D institute.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • KM 6060 - 3 1/2 DIGIT DIGITAL AUTOMOTIVE TEST METER Diode Test, hFE Test, Continuity Test, Data Hold, Backlight Display & Duty Cycle. * Overload Protection in all Ranges.
  • KE8102 - Single Phase Electric Meter Test Equipment This system is used for the test of various single phase electric and mechanical meter, multi-function meter, PLC meter, multi-rate meter and prepayment meter.
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • Three Phase Meter Test Bench Three phase meter test bench suitable for calibration & testing of AC Ammeters, Voltmeters, Single phase Energy Meters, Watt Meters, Power Factor Meters, Three Phase Two Wire & Three Phase Four Wire Energy Meters Trivector Meters, Maximum demand indicators, of active & reactive systems, Three phase 3 wire & 4 wire watt meters, Var Meters, Power Factor Meters etc.
    Supreme Instrument
  • KE8302 - 3 Phase Energy Meter Test Bench KE8302 is used for the test of three phase four wire (3P4W) and three phase three wire (3P3W) electrical and mechanical meters, multi-function meters, smart meters, and multi-user meters of electric power company, meter manufacturing company and institutes of metrology, it can also do the test and calibration of single phase energy meters
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • KP-S3016-B - Three Phase Closed I-P link Energy Meter Test Bench Three phase closed I-P link energy meter test bench, type KP-S3016-B, is designed for testing three-phase energy meters, especially for testing Closed I-P Links three-phase energy meters. It is an ideal testing equipment for energy meter factory or R&D institute
    Bofa Instrument &
  • HM21 - Test Meter The new Jandel HM21 portable meter is now available. There are 6 set currents from 100nA up to 10mA and readings can be displayed in mV or in Ohms/square.
    Jandel Engineering
  • ELMA - Electricity Meter Test Equipment The Electricity Meter Test Equipment ELMA due to modular concept enables to tailor specifications to specific laboratory demand. The available power and the maximum current of 240 A of extremely pure synthesized 4-quadrant test signal covers the needs of both precision and high capacity testing laboratories.
    Applied Precision
  • SY 3630 - Portable Three Phase Energy Meter Test Set Three phase active or reactive electricity energy meter. Calibrate three phase, single phase, active or reactive meter.  Measure Vrms of three phase or single phase; Measure Irms of three phase or single phase; Measure active power of three phase or single phase;
    Hong Kong Songyang
  • TB30 - Three Phase Meter Test Station Three phase fully automated 0.005 accuracy class test station for electricity meter testing up to 120A
    Calmet Ltd
  • LCR-827 - LCR Meter Test Frequency Test Frequency: 12Hz~10kHz, Variable Frequencies in 489 steps ? 0.1% Measurement Accuracy ? 100 Sets Memory for Save/Recall of Settings ? R/Q, C/D, C/R, L/Q Test Modes ? Absolute Value, ?Value, and ?%Measurement Display ? 240 x 128 dot Matrix LCD Display ? Simultaneously Displays Test Condition and Test Result ? Handler Interface
    Good Will Instrument

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