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  • Model 2130 - Automated Meter Test Set The TransData Model 2130 is a fully automated, computer controlled electricity meter test set designed for on-site accuracy testing and revenue certification of high-accuracy, multi-function energy meters to meet rigorous PUC, Sarbanes Oxley and ISO testing requirements.
  • XR-3 - Signal Level Meter Configurable to Test DBS Satellite, VSAT Satellite, CATV, Off-Air Signals From satellite dish alignment, to UHF off-air antenna pointing, to cable TV MER measurements, the XR-3 is the meter for you! The XR-3 is the most capable meter offered by Applied Instruments. It’s more durable than the popular Super Buddy meter, and has added features and performance. The XR-3’s modular design with field swappable modules provides wide versatility to fit different measurement applications, including DBS satellite (i.e. Dish Network, DIRECTV, Bell TV, Shaw Direct), VSAT satellite (i.e. iDirect, Hughes Ku band, and more), VHF/UHF off-air (analog and ATSC digital), and CATV (QAM and analog). The XR-3 is great for installing and troubleshooting DISH SmartBox, Blonder Tongue, and other SMATV headend systems often used in hotels, multi-dwelling units, and institutional facilities. Modular Test Instrument. Satellite Finder. Installer Signal Meters. CATV Analyzer. Modules.
    Applied Instruments
  • SimpliFiber - Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits Simple-to-use fiber-loss tester with advanced time-saving features. Choose from various kits with configurations to meet your fiber verification, inspection, and cleaning needs.
    Fluke Networks
  • Automatic Meter test bench Fully Automatic test bench is used to test electronic and / or mechanical energy meters. Some of the advantages of this system are Available in 3phase and 1phase systems Automatic control of output generation Possible to vary the frequency, so ABT meters can be tested Injection of Harmonic also possible
    Intrax Systems Pvt
  • RT6303E-S - Equal-potential Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench The RT6303E Equal-potential Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench is an ideal new-generation multi-position embedded energy meter test bench. The 6303E energy meter test bench comprises of power source, standard energy meter and error processing system which can be widely used in testing various single/three phase watt-hour meters and multifunction watt-hour meters of Grade 0.2 or lower.
    Rowwin Test Technologies
  • PEC-A - Portable Three Phase Energy Meter Test Equipment w/ Voltage/Current Sources Measurement of errors for various induction and static energy meters (three phase three wire, three phase four wire, and single phase); Simultaneous measurement of errors for active and reactive (true) energy meters in a loop; simultaneous measurement of errors of master and sub meter in a loop; proofreading of constant for various energy meters
    Zhuhai Kehui Electrical
  • Test Meter Fixture and Function Selects Hi-Pot Tester test meter fixture and function selects, LCR MeterTest fixture and function selections, Auto. Transformer Testing Meter fixture and function selects, Low-Ohm Meter Test fixture and function selections, DC Bias Current Source test fixture and function selections, Leakage Current Meter test fixture and function selections.
    Delta United Instrument
  • MTA-15Z - Meter Test Adapter The MTA-15Z Meter Test Adapter is the perfect companion accessory to the PowerMaster line of Analyzing Reference Standards. It facilitates testing of nearly all ANSI socket based meters including transformer rated, self contained, single phase and three phase.
    TEC Powermetrix Division
  • HP200J - Phosphor relative brightness test meter Automatic switch range Five figures display RS-232-C interface low zero drift and high accuracy Fine V(λ) correction, reach national accuracy class 1
    Hangzhou Hopoo Optoelectronics
  • KE8102 - Single Phase Electric Meter Test Equipment This system is used for the test of various single phase electric and mechanical meter, multi-function meter, PLC meter, multi-rate meter and prepayment meter.
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • RT6303H - High-accuracy Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench The RT6303H High-accuracy Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench adopts internationally advanced new-generation digital power source technology, integrates all the technological advantages of both domestic and foreign watt-hour meter calibration software, and is introduced to global market by Rowwin Test in a powerful and sensational way.
    Rowwin Test Technologies
  • KP-S3016-A - Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench Three phase energy meter test bench, type KP-S3016-A, is a new generation, high precision calibration equipment to test three phase energy meters. It is an ideal testing equipment for energy meter factory or R&D institute. All the testing procedures can be automatically operated by PC or by Keyboard manually.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • HM21 - Test Meter The new Jandel HM21 portable meter is now available. There are 6 set currents from 100nA up to 10mA and readings can be displayed in mV or in Ohms/square.
    Jandel Engineering
  • Test tunnel for 40 meters The tunnel version improves the capacities of the test system because meter loading and unloading can be done separately (out of the test system). Pre-heating of meters can also be done on a movable rack out of the tunnel. If an additional device for meter starting is used, a starting test and a running with no load test (for Ferraris meters) can be done separately.
    Iskraemeco D.d.
  • YC1891D - Single Phase Meter Test System The three phase meter test equipment can measure three phase mechanical meter,electric mechanical meter and electronic meter by the way of automatic,semi-automatic or Manual. The material is aluminum alloy, light and strong, prevent corrosion
    Guangzhou GENY Electric
  • Bell Prover Gas Meter Test Bench Bell prover gas meter test bench is an equipment to test domestic gas meter G1.6-4, the flow range 0.016m3/h¡«6m3/h. It is an ideal testing equipment for gas meter factory and R&D institute.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • TEST STATIONS FOR 5, 10 OR 20 SINGLE OR THREE - PHASE ELECTRICITY METERS The meter test station allows simultaneous testing of 3, 5, 10 or 20 induction or static electricity meters. The test station could be constructed for single-phase electricity meters or for three-phase meters.
    EMSYST Ltd
  • PM200J - PHOSPHOR RELATIVE BRIGHTNESS TEST METER Phosphor relative brightness test meter
    Inventfine Instrument
  • G1.6-4 - Automatic Sonic Nozzle Gas Meter Test Bench Automatic sonic nozzle gas meter test bench G1.6-4 is an equipment to test domestic gas meter, the flow range 0.016m3/h¡«6m3/h, adopting series-connection compare method. It is an ideal testing equipment for gas meter factory and R&D institute.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • ELMA 8x01 - Small electricity meter test equipment Equipment ELMA 8x01 is a „table execution“ of test equipment for measurement, adjustment or calibration of small number of meters.
    Applied Meters A.s.
  • FO600ST2-KIT - FiberMeter Test Kit (Multimode ST and Single Mode ST) Fiber certification with high accuracy and high resolution for multimode ST and single mode ST applications
    Extech Instruments
  • KE870x series - 3 Phase Electric Meter Test Equipment, KE870x series three phase power source is equipped with advanced digital technique, computer technology and modular design to meet the various demands of customers; it is wildly used in power grid companies, meter manufacturing companies and institutes of metrology.
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • Water Meter Test Bench Series-connecting Type The Series-connecting type water meter test bench comes up from the testing-type and production-type ones. But it has a higher efficiency. This device can test the water meters either by volume method or standard meter method. Moreover, the testing precision can be greatly improved due to a specific length of tube has been used in the connecting part between meters.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • KE8801 - Portable Electric Meter Test Bench KE8801 single phase standard power source adopt advanced digital technique and computer technology, it could be used for electric power company, meter manufacturing company, institutes of metrology as common metering instrument to test the single phase energy meters, power meters, voltmeters, ampere meters, and power frequency phase meters etc.
    Guangzhou Kingrise

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Test - activity in which a system, device, component or signal is executed under specified conditions, the results are observed or recorded, and an evaluation is made of some aspect of the tested element.

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