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  • Kalibro FMT - Flow & Heat Meter Test / Calibration Vemit Kalibro Ltd manufactures test and calibration equipment for flow meters; water meters and heat meters. The equipment are sophisticated, computer controlled systems, by which can different type of flow meters (mechanical, magnetic, ultra-sound etc) be calibrated using cold, warm or hot water. Depending on the size of the meters, there can be several meters calibrated simultaneously.
    VMH Kalibro Ltd
  • BR3810 - LCR Meter - Three Test Levels Three test levels .7 test parameters .3-line VFD display .High performance and low cost. .20 files and 4 bins comparator function .Easy operation .RS232C, HANDLER and USB (option) interface .Key lock function and data Hold function
    Shanghai MCP
  • Electricity Meter Test Equipment ELMA 8x00, 8x01 Automated compact systems for precision laboratory testing. Accuraty of the power and energy reference meter can be optimized for laboratory demand up to 0.01%. Control of main and influencing quantities inclusive harmonics and predefined standard test patterns.
    Applied Precision
  • KE8102 - Single Phase Electric Meter Test Equipment This system is used for the test of various single phase electric and mechanical meter, multi-function meter, PLC meter, multi-rate meter and prepayment meter.
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • KP-S1024-B - Single Phase Round Energy Meter Test Bench Single phase round energy meter test bench, type KP-S1024-B, is a special calibration equipment for testing Round (ANSI Socket type) energy meter and normal energy meter with bottom terminal block. It is an ideal testing equipment for energy meter factory or R&D institute, especially for testing ANSI Socket type energy meters. All the testing procedures can be automatically operated by PC or by Keyboard manually.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • GF102-100A - Portable Test Bench for Single Phase Energy Meter The new GF102 series Portable electricity meter test equipment, designed from new DIGITAL WAVE COMPOUND TECHNOLOGY and according to International Standard, is newly intelligent equipment for energy meters. The equipment includes voltage/current source & standard meter, operated easily through front panel to preset directly all data of meter under test and test process. Functions and Features︰ ● Anthropomorphize design, Large size LCD display, easy operation ● High stability, good reliability. Reasonable internal structure ● Compliance with IEC736.ISO9001 certificate ● Automatic switchover of voltage or current output to protect equipment when voltage circuit short or current circuit open and alarm display on LCD ● Voltage/current output soft start/stop ● Auto test ● Report data store & transfer to PC
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • MultiFiber™ - Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits MultiFiber Pro Optical Power Meter and Source is the only fiber tester that can test MPO fiber trunks without the use of fan-out cords. This singlemode and multimode MPO fiber testing kit eliminates the complexity of polarity issues, and it makes cassettes easier to test in the field. Whether it is using 10 Gbps preterminated fiber trunks or planning for next-generation 40/100 Gbps Ethernet performance, data centers are standardizing on an MPO connector solution. Typical data center fiber installation means time-consuming, manual and imprecise MPO validation. MultiFiber Pro Optical Power Meter and Source is 90 percent faster than the single fiber cable testing method because it measures power loss and validates polarity on 12 fibers in a single connector— reducing test time from weeks to days.
    Fluke Networks
  • Three Phase Meter Test Bench Three phase meter test bench suitable for calibration & testing of AC Ammeters, Voltmeters, Single phase Energy Meters, Watt Meters, Power Factor Meters, Three Phase Two Wire & Three Phase Four Wire Energy Meters Trivector Meters, Maximum demand indicators, of active & reactive systems, Three phase 3 wire & 4 wire watt meters, Var Meters, Power Factor Meters etc.
    Supreme Instrument
  • GF302D - Portable kWh Meter Test Equipment The device is according to nation verification regulation JJG597-2005 "AC electric energy meter verification device" and the relevant countries standard requirements and design three-phase 0.05 magnitude table source integration calibration device.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • PEC-HA - Portable Single Phase Energy Meter Test Equipment with CE Certificate Clamp-on CT’s with stable accuracy (kehui’s patent)
    Combination of meter and source with 0.01 accuracy class
    No load on-site measurement for energy meter
    Measured data stored, software upgrade with the utilization of flash disk
    Zhuhai Kehui Electrical
  • RM3 - Test Meter The new Jandel RM3 has a smaller footprint, a wider current range, a wider voltage range, and has RS232 and USB connectivity. (As compared to the RM2).
    Jandel Engineering
  • Test benches for water and flow meters The test systems and test benches serve to carry out automated end-of-line functions tests on electronic heat gauges and water meters, and to calibrate them in compliance with the requirements of the relevant Weights and Measures Act. In order to manufacture calibrated meters, the system must also be approved by the Office of Weights and Measures.
    Berghof Automationstechnik
  • FO600M-KIT - FiberMeter Test Kit (Multimode ST) Certificaton test kit with power meter and LED or Laser Light Source
    Extech Instruments
  • KE8302 - 3 Phase Energy Meter Test Bench KE8302 is used for the test of three phase four wire (3P4W) and three phase three wire (3P3W) electrical and mechanical meters, multi-function meters, smart meters, and multi-user meters of electric power company, meter manufacturing company and institutes of metrology, it can also do the test and calibration of single phase energy meters
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • Three-phase Meter Test Equipment of ASTeL 3.2x.x Three-phase Meter Test Equipment of ASTeL 3.2x.x series system is a fully automatic system enabling simultaneous, multi-position calibration and legalization of electric energy meters. The automatics include power sources, reference standards, stand controllers, photoelectric scanning heads, separating transformers, and other elements of the system. All these elements are controlled through a Windows based executive program.
    MeterTest Ltd
  • PM200J - PHOSPHOR RELATIVE BRIGHTNESS TEST METER Phosphor relative brightness test meter
    Inventfine Instrument
  • ISO410 - Meter for Insulation test and Continuity of earth conductor test ISO410 is an innovative meter designed to perform Insulation measurement up to 1000VDC and Continuity of earth conductor with 200mA on electrical installations in compliance to recently standards (VDE0100, BS7671 etc..).
    HT Italia Srl
  • OTD-45 - Oil Resistivity Test System / Million Meg Ohm Meter (MM1) Test voltages: 63V / 100V / 500V. Resistance range: 10 Meg ohm to 1000 Tera Ohm.
    Udeyraj Electricals
  • Single Phase Meter Test Bench Single phase meter test bench suitable for calibration & testing of AC Ammeters, AC Volt Meters, AC Single phase Energy Meters, Power Factor Meters & Watt Meters. Other Technical Specifications are as under
    Supreme Instrument
  • RT6303H - High-accuracy Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench The RT6303H High-accuracy Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench adopts internationally advanced new-generation digital power source technology, integrates all the technological advantages of both domestic and foreign watt-hour meter calibration software, and is introduced to global market by Rowwin Test in a powerful and sensational way.
    Rowwin Test Technologies
  • EX530-KIT - Industrial MultiMeter Test Kit with Voltage Detector True RMS CAT IV Digital MultiMeter with Type K probe, Test Leads and NCV Detector. Kit includes: EX530 CAT IV True RMS Industrial Autoranging Digital MultiMeter (40,000 count). DV20 Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector (100V to 600V) with built-in Flashlight. TL810 Electrical Test Lead Kit (8 pcs). TL873 Type K Thermocouple bead probe (-22 to 572°F (-30 to 300°C)). Hanging strap with magnet. Kit comes in convenient carrying case for protection and organization of your instruments.
    Extech Instruments
  • MTS-2000 - Panel Meter/ Transducer Test System The MTS-2000 is a low-cost, highly portable test system for meters and transducers. It is extremely simple to hook up and operate, so you can complete your testing in the shortest possible time.
    Manta Test Systems
  • GF302D-6 - Portable Three-Phase kWh Meter Test Bench The GF302D portable test system consists of an integrated three-phase 120 A current source and 480 V voltage source and a class 0.05 three-phase electronic reference standard.
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • KE8801 - Portable Electric Meter Test Bench KE8801 single phase standard power source adopt advanced digital technique and computer technology, it could be used for electric power company, meter manufacturing company, institutes of metrology as common metering instrument to test the single phase energy meters, power meters, voltmeters, ampere meters, and power frequency phase meters etc.
    Guangzhou Kingrise

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