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  • ELMA - Electricity meter test equipment Equipment enables due to modular concept to tailor specifications to specific laboratory demand.
    Applied Meters A.s.
  • Rapid RH 4.0 EX - Concrete Moisture Test Meter The Rapid RH 4.0 EX concrete test is superior to all other humidity measurement systems on the market today. Rapid RH 4.0 EX concrete moisture tests equilibrate faster than other concrete moisture tests. The reading taken one hour after installation for concrete relative humidity content will be within 3% of the final reading.
    Wagner Electronics
  • CTL-400 - Cellcorder Standby Battery Test Meter The New Cellcorder CTL-400 launched in summer 2007 is the latest product version in the leading line of CellCorder battery test instruments.
    CellCare Technologies
  • KE8101 - Energy Meter Test Bench This system is used for the test of various single phase electric and mechanical meter, multi-function meter, PLC meter, multi-rate meter and prepayment meter.
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • KE8302 - 3 Phase Energy Meter Test Bench KE8302 is used for the test of three phase four wire (3P4W) and three phase three wire (3P3W) electrical and mechanical meters, multi-function meters, smart meters, and multi-user meters of electric power company, meter manufacturing company and institutes of metrology, it can also do the test and calibration of single phase energy meters
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • 5543B - Digital MultiMeter Test Lead Kit Electronic DMM test lead kit for hand-held meters. Test leads with a right angle banana plug are ideal for use with hand held digital multimeter. Flexible test leads feature high strand count silicone wire for extreme flexibility and high temperature resistance.
    Pomona Electronics
  • PEC-HAD - Portable Single Phase Energy Meter Test Equipment PEC-HAD is a no-load on-site test bench for single phase energy meters integrated with voltage and current load generation.
    Applications: No-load-test, field test, lab equipment
    Zhuhai Kehui Electrical
  • GF302C - Portable Panel Meter Test Equipment This device is according to nation verification regulation JJG124-2005 "ammeter, voltmeter, power meter and resistance meter calibration regulations and the relevant countries standard requirements and design three-phase 0.05 magnitude meter source integration calibration device Portable Panel Meter Calibrator
    Beijing GFUVE Electronics
  • KP-S3016-B - Three Phase Closed I-P link Energy Meter Test Bench Three phase closed I-P link energy meter test bench, type KP-S3016-B, is designed for testing three-phase energy meters, especially for testing Closed I-P Links three-phase energy meters. It is an ideal testing equipment for energy meter factory or R&D institute
    Bofa Instrument &
  • HM21 - Test Meter The new Jandel HM21 portable meter is now available. There are 6 set currents from 100nA up to 10mA and readings can be displayed in mV or in Ohms/square.
    Jandel Engineering
  • 100/101/102 - LCR Meter Test System Gainkaita 100/101/102 LCR Meters are a test system for passive components designed for the use in electronic inspection and production process for quality control. Having multiple test fixtures, the 100/101/102 are economical and practical with high precision and low error.
    Shenzhen Gainkaita
  • Model 2130 - Automated Meter Test Set The TransData Model 2130 is a fully automated, computer controlled electricity meter test set designed for on-site accuracy testing and revenue certification of high-accuracy, multi-function energy meters to meet rigorous PUC, Sarbanes Oxley and ISO testing requirements.
  • OTD-45 - Oil Resistivity Test System / Million Meg Ohm Meter (MM1) Test voltages: 63V / 100V / 500V. Resistance range: 10 Meg ohm to 1000 Tera Ohm.
    Udeyraj Electricals
  • KP-S3016-A - Three Phase Energy Meter Test Bench Three phase energy meter test bench, type KP-S3016-A, is a new generation, high precision calibration equipment to test three phase energy meters. It is an ideal testing equipment for energy meter factory or R&D institute. All the testing procedures can be automatically operated by PC or by Keyboard manually.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • G1.6-4 - Automatic Sonic Nozzle Gas Meter Test Bench Automatic sonic nozzle gas meter test bench G1.6-4 is an equipment to test domestic gas meter, the flow range 0.016m3/h¡«6m3/h, adopting series-connection compare method. It is an ideal testing equipment for gas meter factory and R&D institute.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • Water Meter Test Bench Two-meter Comparing Type This type of test bench follows the international technical requirements for measuring water meter. At the moment it is the unique manner for unifying measuring value between water meters, water meter calibrating devices in the world and it is necessary equipment for water meter manufacturer, running-water company and water meter testing station.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • M74 - Multifunction meter for safety test M74 is one of four models of new MULTITEST family of portable meters, which included also M72, M73 and M75 meters, designed to perform Global Earth Resistance measurements, trip out time test on AC RCD type, Insulation and Continuity of earth conductors according to VDE and IEC common standards on typical urban electrical installations.
    HT Italia Srl
  • TB40 - Three Phase Meter Test Station Three phase electricity meter test bench with extremely compact design size and light weight for simultaneous and automatic testing of 4 eletricity meters
    Calmet Ltd
  • SY 2100 - Portable Test Bench For Single Phase Energy Meter Anthropomorphize design, Large size LCD display, easy operation. High stability, good reliability. Reasonable internal structure. Compliance with IEC736.ISO9001 certificate. Automatic switchover of voltage or current output to protect equipment when voltage circuit short or current circuit open and alarm display on LCD
    Hong Kong Songyang
  • Bell Prover Gas Meter Test Bench Bell prover gas meter test bench is an equipment to test domestic gas meter G1.6-4, the flow range 0.016m3/h¡«6m3/h. It is an ideal testing equipment for gas meter factory and R&D institute.
    Bofa Instrument &
  • TB30 - Three Phase Meter Test Station Three phase fully automated 0.005 accuracy class test station for electricity meter testing up to 120A
    Calmet Ltd
  • PL 60/1 - Automatic test-system Single-Phase Electricity Meter Components: PL 60/1 ? single-phase electronic phantom load. PEWM 1/1 S ? single-phase energy standard class 0.1. EH 11 ? scanning head for reading the pulses (rotations) of the electricity meter
    EMSYST Ltd
  • KE860x series - Electric Meter Test Equipment, KE860x series single phase power source is equipped with advanced digital technique, computer technology and modular design to meet the various demands of customers; it is wildly used in power grid companies, meter manufacturing companies and institutes of metrology.
    Guangzhou Kingrise
  • SY 8125 - Fully Automatic Close Link Single Phase Energy Meter Test bench The devices are fully made by aluminum alloy materials and the table board is composed of fireproofing and heat-proof materials. The output voltage and current use soft startup and stop. It has the protection functions of voltage short circuit, current open circuit and power amplification exception.  The device has the features of high stability, good reliability and large output power
    Hong Kong Songyang

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