Telephone Line Test

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  • KT-468 - Cable Tester Test device used UTP and STP network wiring and phone line. Check continuity and configuration of wiring with unshielded and shielded modular plugs. Test for open circuits,shorts,miswires and reversals. SHIELD detection tests a cable`s shield integrity. Main unit and one remote allow one person testing
    KILTER Electronic
  • TTK-LN - LAN Testing Kit PairMaster LAN Cable Test Set with 2 remotes (PN 3240). WireMaster XR-5 Cable Tester (PN 3260). TDR Cable Length Meter (PN 3271). Fox 2 & Hound 3 Wire Tracing Kit (PN 3399). AutoLoader Multi-Bit Screwdriver (PN TAL-001). Line-Bug 4 Phone/LAN Tester (PN 9615). Blow-Molded Carrying Case with Foam Insert.
  • DVM1000 - 3 IN 1 MULTIMETER - CABLE / LINE TESTER the digital 3 in 1 multitester combines the functions of a multimeter, a phone line tester and a network cable tester2 000 counts LCD display with automatic polarity indication. data hold function. continuity and diode test. white backlight.battery test: 1.5 / 6 / 9V. telephone line test. network cable test (RJ45).
  • TS590A - SOHO Tester Handheld unit reliably tests 8-wire network cables, 6-wire telephone lines, coax cables, and more.
    Black Box
  • TESTER-CABLE-LG4000 - Cable Length Tester – CAT5/5e/6/6a/7, Telephone, Coaxial, USB The TESTER-CABLE-LG4000 Cable Length Tester can determine the length of CAT5/5e/6/6a/7, telephone line, coaxial and USB cable up to 4,000 feet (1,200 meters). It can also trace and test these cables for errors such as open circuits, short circuits, and cross connections. One person can check both ends of installed wiring with remote and local units.
    Video Products
  • LK- CT015 SC6160 - Network Cable Tester Cable types to be tested: It is capable to test unshielded pair and shielded pair (UTP, FTP) of RJ45 port; With special adapters, it is capable to test RJ11 port, telephone line (TEL) and coaxial cable (BNC) 2) One person is enough to complete link continuity test 3) It is capable to detect wiring troubles such as open circuit, short-circuit and dislocation
    4) It is simple and easy to use and the test result is clear at a glance with the aid of LTD display of wiring diagram
    Cixi Linkee Electronics
  • PA1573 Cable Check Tone & Probe Plus - RJ45 LAN Tester RJ45 LAN Tester: True cablemapping function identifies: - Good connection, opens, shorts and crosses, - Connector and cable pin-out, - Clear LED display for each pin and shield, - Shielded RJ45 modular plugsocket. Automatic display of mapping with dual speeds: slow or fast. Tests RJ11 and RJ45 cableswith runs up to 600'. Check polarity of telephone line. View telephone line status: dial tone, ringing or busy line. Provides talk power for telephone lines and butt set use.
    Greenlee Communications
  • MS8236 - 3 in 1 Network Multimeter 2000 counts digital multimeter with built in network cable and telephone line tester.
    Sinometer Instruments
  • TESTER-CABLE-LG1200 - Cable Length Tester – CAT5/5e/6/6a/7 The TESTER-CABLE-LG1200 Cable Length Tester can determine the length of CAT5/5e/6/6a/7 cable up to 1,200 feet (350 meters) and check for wiring errors such as open circuits, short circuits and cross connections. The unit can also trace CAT5/5e/6/6a/7, telephone line, coaxial and USB cables. One person can check both ends of installed wiring with remote and local units.
    Video Products
  • MS6812 - REMOTE NETWORK CABLE TESTER The cable tracker is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation. For telephone line, it can identify some state in the line, and more convenience to install, debug, maintain telephone line. There is a Sender (MS6812-T) and a Receiver (MS6812-R) included in the cable tracker.
    Precision Mastech
  • PR-08 Outlet Verifier - Cable Tester he Outlet Verifier lets technicians electronically “see” the equipment at the other end of a wall outlet or cable. It checks the termination pattern at the cable’s far end and tells you whether that pattern is of a network hub or a NIC, and whether it operates using 100 Bit, 10 Base-T, Token Ring, or ATM protocol. It also checks phone lines for line 1/line 2 polarity and AC voltage, and coaxial cable for the impedance created by a terminator at the cable’s far end.
    Pansco Ltd
  • LK-CT016 - Network Cable Tester One person enough to complete cable continuity check
    Check wiring error in Cat.5e Cat.6 Coaxial Cable and telephone line. Such as open circuit, short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection or cross-talk interference. Locate the wiring or connection error. Measure cable length and determine the distance of open circuit and short circuit.
    Cixi Linkee Electronics
  • MS6812 - Cable Tester This tool can be used for a variety of cable line installation, inspection and maintenance for telephone lines, can be judged in the work of the various states of the telephone line, more convenient Telephone line installation, commissioning and maintenance work. It allows you to work without destroying the insulation of the cable. This set of tools, including a transmitter (sender MS6812-T) and receiver (receiver MS6812-R), a
    Kingding Industrial
  • ST-308 - NETWORK ETHERNET LAN PHONE TESTER WIRE TRACKER ·Multiple tester ports (RJ45, RJ45 Loopback, RJ11 & BNC) ·Complete the cable continuity check in a quick and easy way ·Tracking & checking 5E, 6E, USB cable, coaxial cable and telephone line, open circuit, short circuit, jumper wire, reverse connection or cross-talk interference ·Locating wiring or connection errors ·Determining cable length and distance of open circuit and short circuit ·Dynamically calibrating cable length and making length measurement as accurate as 97% ·Large LCD with backlight ·Measuring length and pair with or without far-end recognizer ·Locating wiring errors ·Far-end recognizer with prompting voice ·Self-checking function and auto compensate any changes in battery capacity or ambient temperature
    Starmeter Instruments

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