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  • AAC Stream Analysis A AAC simple stream analysis software based on MFC. It has friendly user interface and is suitable for beginner of AAC. It uses anothor opensource software named faad2.
  • SAMalyzer - Analyze DVB-H Streams With SAMalyzer an in-depth analysis of DVB-H transport streams can be performed. It simplifies finding problems and errors within DVB-H and other DVB transport streams.
    Decontis GmbH
  • H264 Stream Analysis A H.264 stream analysis software based on MFC. It has friendly user interface and is suitable for beginner of H.264. It uses another opensource software named h264bitstream.
  • Fax PSTN - Call Capture and Analysis GLInsight with FAX for PSTN is a powerful and feature rich offline software tool that analyzes pre-recorded PSTN fax calls. The software demodulates the PCM stream, decodes the fax protocol between the endpoints, and provides the results in a user-friendly textual and graphical format. V.34HD, V.17, V.33, V.29, V.27, V.21, T.30, and T4/T6 are all supported along with Tiff image reconstruction
    GL Communications
  • SIGTRAN - Protocol Analysis SIGTRAN protocol decoder software is a VoIP testing tool that permits real-time analysis, call trace, capture, and filtering of SS7 and ISDN signaling messages over IP. SIGTRAN uses a new connection oriented transport protocol called Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP). SCTP is at the same level but more efficient at transport than TCP, UDP, or RTP.
    GL Communications
  • V5.x - Protocol Analysis GL's V5.x Analyzer is used to view and analyze the V5.X protocol between an Access Network (AN) and a Local Exchange (LE) which operates only on E1 circuits. Using the real-time mode of operation, the V5.x Analyzer can be used to capture and analyze a stream of frames from the link between the LE and the AN. The user can select the ETSI or ITU-T standard from the main menu of the V5.x Analyzer GUI to view the decode according to the corresponding standard.
    GL Communications
  • SS7(C7) - Protocol Analysis GL's SS7 (C7) Analyzer performs SS7 analysis in real-time, as well as off-line. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture and analyze stream of frames on the SS7 Links. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. MTP2 is parsed according to ANSI-ITU standards and the higher SS7 layer information parsing depends on the user's selection of TUP, ISUP, SCCP, TCAP, GSM-MAP, IS-41, INAP, etc., according to national and international variants.
    GL Communications
  • T3/E3/T1/E1 Ethernet Analyzer GL's newest T3 (DS3) E3 T1 E1 Ethernet Analyzer Pod is one of the smallest and lightest (weighing only 1.75 lbs) analyzer units in the world. The pod when connected to Notebook PC is capable of capturing two full T3 (DS3) / E3 data streams, dropping and inserting T1 or E1, full Ethernet analysis, and HDLC, ATM, FR, and PPP Analysis. GL's T3 E3 T1 E1 Ethernet Analyzer can also be used in conjunction with GL's Laptop T1 / E1 analyzer for individual T1 (DS1), E1, DS0, and analog analysis
    GL Communications
  • SA Bits HDLC Decode /Store - E1 Maintenance Data Link Analysis The SA HDLC Analyzer performs HDLC protocol analysis on E1 timeslot 0 both during real time and off-line using saved files with high level data link (HDLC) frames. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture stream of HDLC frames on the selected even or odd frames of the E1 multiframe on timeslot 0. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. Both real-time and off-line analysis presents summary view and detailed views of HDLC decode information. Captured Frames can later be used for traffic simulation using the SA Bits HDLC transmit application.
    GL Communications
  • ISDN - Protocol Analysis GL's ISDN analyzer can capture and analyze stream of frames on an ISDN PRI link. It decodes LAPD according to Q.921, while, the ISDN information parsing is done based on the user's selection of ITU Q.931, AT&T/Lucent switch 4ESS and 5ESS (TR41449, TR41459 and 235-900-342), Nortel's switch DMS-100 and DMS-250 (NIS-A2111-1 and NIS-A211-4), Bellcore National ISDN-2 (NI-2), Euro ISDN (ETS-300 102-1), QSIG ETSI, ANSI T1.607, DPNSS, DASS2, and ARINC 746.
    GL Communications
  • Frame Relay Protocol Analyzer GL's Frame Relay Analyzer performs frame relay analysis in real time and off-line. The real-time mode of operation is used to capture and analyze streams of frames on the, contiguous or non-contiguous, fractional or full, T1/E1. Captured information can be saved to disk for later off-line analysis. HDLC frames are decoded according to Q.921, LAPF according to Q.922 and the frame relay information parsing depends on the user's selection of Q.933, Q.933 Annex A, T1.617, T1.617 Annex D, Frame Relay Forum (FRF.x) or Consortium LMI. Multiple Protocol Encapsulation analysis is based on ITU TR9577 (Rec. X.263 ), RFC2427.
    GL Communications
  • SPA-11P - Portable Transport Stream Analyzer powerful and portable MPEG2/DVB Transport Stream processing equipment. Combined with software run on the host computer, it provides powerful functions such as real-time Transport Stream analysis, RF signal measurement, data broadcast analysis, Transport Stream recording, off-line Transport Stream file analysis, Transport Stream file transmission and decoding Transport Stream.
    Scivo Technology
  • Stream Analyzer Elecard Stream Analyzer is a part of Elecard StreamEye Studio, a set software tools for video compression analysis. The application is designed for syntax analysis of encoded media streams and presentation of the analysis log in a human readable form. Stream Analyzer operates with MPEG-2 PS/TS and VES files with the following formats: MPEG-1 Video/Audio, MPEG-2 Video/Audio, AAC, AC-3, AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265.
    Elecard Ltd
  • StreamEye Studio - Stream Analyzer A powerful applications designed for media professionals and prosumers to analyze video quality, troubleshoot problems in the encoded stream for further video compression optimization, and ensure compliance to the video standards. MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 or H.264.
    Elecard Ltd
  • Data & Results Export Extract the signal's Transport Stream or transfer any result to external documentation or analysis package.
    Arbitrary Resources
  • DTC-320 StreamXpert - Transport-Stream Analyzer Software Real-time analysis, monitoring and recording of MPEG-2 transport streams. Provides detailed statistics on the PIDs, services and tables found in the transport-stream. TR 101 290 compliancy checking with error logging. PCR analysis.
    Validation and debugging of equipment with an MPEG-2 output, e.g. multiplexers
    DekTec Digital Video
  • X-STREAM™ Enhanced - Process Gas Analyzers Derived from the X-STREAM process gas analyzer, the X-STREAM Enhanced analyzer leads the industry in analytical capabilities and takes process gas analysis to the next level. Offering enhanced performance, extended communication capabilities, and maximum ease of use, the X-STREAM Enhanced offers multiple housing configurations to suit your application's needs.
    Rosemount Analytical
  • Multi-Channel HDLC - HDLC Frames Encode/Decode and Error Testing The HDLCTerr module performs multi-channel HDLC emulation and analysis. It permits frame error testing and transmission of memory generated sequences of fixed or variable length HDLC frames, GL *.HDL Trace file frames, and various bandwidth streams. The HDLCHpio module performs file–based HDLC record and playback actions. It permits receive / transmit of HDLC streams of various bandwidth (hyper channel, timeslot, and multiple sub-channel streams per timeslot).
    GL Communications
  • VQmon/HD - Video Quality Analysis for Videoconferencing and IPTV Specifically designed for integration in network analyzers, IPTV probes, residential gateways, IP set top boxes, videoconferencing and test equipment, VQmon/HD (formerly VQmon/SA-VM) efficiently analyzes multiple parallel packet (either RTP or MPEG Transport) video streams producing Telchemy Video Quality Metrics (TVQM). Video stream subjective quality estimates and detailed diagnostics for each stream can be produced either at the end of each call or at any point during a call providing much greater insight than simpler loss/jitter approaches such as MDI.
    Telchemy Incorporated
  • ESPION 2 - DMX TESTER ESPION 2 is a compact, sturdy device, small enough to fi t in your hand:
    • Send a DMX stream ( %, hexa) through various modes. 1
    • Cable test in real time with display of the failure diagnosis. 2
    • Personalized tests of moving lights through a fi xture library (parameters,
    macros, tests…). 3
    • Visualization of the DMX stream (bar graphs, %, hexa) with automatic
    search mode. 4
    • Analysis of DMX stream : error %, characteristics, set up of record time… 5
    • Line test : short-circuits, terminal plug… 6
    • DMX level capture, parameters and cues recording…. 7
    • Restitution of cues, chasers. 8
    • Booster / Regeneration of DMX stream : choice of frequency, backup,
    patch, LTP/HTP modes… 9
    • Conversion digital / decimal (Dip switch). 10
    Robert Juliat
  • DVQattest - Active VoIP Call Generation Technology Specifically designed for use for both pre-deployment test and SLA monitoring, DVQattest efficiently generates and analyzes multiple parallel packet voice streams. Accurate call quality estimates and detailed diagnostics for each stream can be produced either at the end of each call or at any point during a call. 
    Telchemy Incorporated
  • EMI Stream - EMI Check & Resonance Analysis Software At the placement design stage, EMI Stream software examines optimal locations for parts by using actual .dsn files and verifies the effects of the proposed EMI solution. EMI Stream can analyze resonance which occurs between the power and ground planes by analyzing the resonance which occurs and changing the locations of capacitors.
    NEC Informatec Systems
  • StreamScope MT-40 - Real Time DTV Transport Stream Monitor & Analyzer Provides end-to-end, MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 transport stream monitoring and analysis for DTV signals carried by broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, or mobile networks. Key features include QPSK, 64/256 QAM, ASI and GigE, plus file inputs, remote monitoring capabilities, and IP routes analysis.
    Triveni Digital
  • DVStation-Pod - Compact Test Analyzer DVStation-Pod is a one port tool ideal for the commissioning and installation of new systems. Models are available for ASI/SPI/SMPTE-310, QPSK, ATM, and COFDM. Light and portable, the product provides maximum visibility of RF, transport stream, and content troubleshooting. Real-time Portable Analysis. Full support for ATSC, DVB, and ISDB. MPEG-2 transport stream analysis.

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