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  • SAMalyzer - Analyze DVB-H Streams With SAMalyzer an in-depth analysis of DVB-H transport streams can be performed. It simplifies finding problems and errors within DVB-H and other DVB transport streams.
    Decontis GmbH
  • DTC-320 StreamXpert - MPEG-2 Transport-Stream Analysis and Monitoring Software Real-time analysis, monitoring and recording of MPEG-2 transport streams. Provides detailed statistics on the PIDs, services and tables found in the transport-stream. TR 101 290 compliancy checking with error logging. PCR analysis. Validation and debugging of equipment with an MPEG-2 output, e.g. multiplexers
    DekTec Digital Video
  • SPA-11P - Portable Transport Stream Analyzer powerful and portable MPEG2/DVB Transport Stream processing equipment. Combined with software run on the host computer, it provides powerful functions such as real-time Transport Stream analysis, RF signal measurement, data broadcast analysis, Transport Stream recording, off-line Transport Stream file analysis, Transport Stream file transmission and decoding Transport Stream.
    Scivo Technology
  • StreamEye Studio Pro - Video Sequence Analyzer Elecard StreamEye Studio Pro program is a tool designed for professionals and prosumers in the video compression field. It enables the user to perform an effective in-depth analysis of video sequences. StreamEye Studio Pro provides the user with a visual representation of the encoded video features and a stream structure analysis of MPEG-1/2 video streams, MPEG-1 System Streams, MPEG-2 Program Streams and MPEG-2 Transport Streams.
    Elecard Ltd
  • Stream Reporter Small, Hand Held, Portable, Real Time, Transport Stream Analyzer with internet based user Interface and DVB ASI and DVB C inputs. Provides real time data analysis of a single 1- 100 Mbps live stream via a browser interface.
  • Stream Analyzer Elecard Stream Analyzer is a part of Elecard StreamEye Studio, a set software tools for video compression analysis. The application is designed for syntax analysis of encoded media streams and presentation of the analysis log in a human readable form. Stream Analyzer operates with MPEG-2 PS/TS and VES files with the following formats: MPEG-1 Video/Audio, MPEG-2 Video/Audio, AAC, AC-3, AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265.
    Elecard Ltd
  • StreamEye Studio - Stream Analyzer A powerful applications designed for media professionals and prosumers to analyze video quality, troubleshoot problems in the encoded stream for further video compression optimization, and ensure compliance to the video standards. MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 or H.264.
    Elecard Ltd
  • Data & Results Export Extract the signal's Transport Stream or transfer any result to external documentation or analysis package.
    Arbitrary Resources
  • AFM1000SP - Ethernet Stream Extraction Module Ixia's AFM1000SP - Ethernet Stream Extraction Module is an ideal solution for data and media stream analysis at gigabit line rates. This module extracts IP packets from an Ethernet network, and can display the extracted packets on a monitor for in-depth packet analysis.
  • DiviCatch RF-C - Clear Channel QAM and DVB-C RF & Transport Stream Signal Analyzer Professional Self Powered Clear Channel QAM and DVB-C RF and Transport Stream signal Analysis Tool for Analyzing, Storing, and Viewing QAM and DVB-C Modulated (RF) MPEG-2 transport streams using any PC with a USB-2 interface.
  • X-STREAM™ Enhanced - Process Gas Analyzers Derived from the X-STREAM process gas analyzer, the X-STREAM Enhanced analyzer leads the industry in analytical capabilities and takes process gas analysis to the next level. Offering enhanced performance, extended communication capabilities, and maximum ease of use, the X-STREAM Enhanced offers multiple housing configurations to suit your application's needs.
    Rosemount Analytical
  • VQmon/HD - Video Quality Analysis for Videoconferencing and IPTV Specifically designed for integration in network analyzers, IPTV probes, residential gateways, IP set top boxes, videoconferencing and test equipment, VQmon/HD (formerly VQmon/SA-VM) efficiently analyzes multiple parallel packet (either RTP or MPEG Transport) video streams producing Telchemy Video Quality Metrics (TVQM). Video stream subjective quality estimates and detailed diagnostics for each stream can be produced either at the end of each call or at any point during a call providing much greater insight than simpler loss/jitter approaches such as MDI.
    Telchemy Incorporated
  • Multi-Channel HDLC - HDLC Frames Encode/Decode and Error Testing The HDLCTerr module performs multi-channel HDLC emulation and analysis. It permits frame error testing and transmission of memory generated sequences of fixed or variable length HDLC frames, GL *.HDL Trace file frames, and various bandwidth streams. The HDLCHpio module performs file–based HDLC record and playback actions. It permits receive / transmit of HDLC streams of various bandwidth (hyper channel, timeslot, and multiple sub-channel streams per timeslot).
    GL Communications
  • ESPION 2 - DMX TESTER ESPION 2 is a compact, sturdy device, small enough to fi t in your hand:
    • Send a DMX stream ( %, hexa) through various modes. 1
    • Cable test in real time with display of the failure diagnosis. 2
    • Personalized tests of moving lights through a fi xture library (parameters,
    macros, tests…). 3
    • Visualization of the DMX stream (bar graphs, %, hexa) with automatic
    search mode. 4
    • Analysis of DMX stream : error %, characteristics, set up of record time… 5
    • Line test : short-circuits, terminal plug… 6
    • DMX level capture, parameters and cues recording…. 7
    • Restitution of cues, chasers. 8
    • Booster / Regeneration of DMX stream : choice of frequency, backup,
    patch, LTP/HTP modes… 9
    • Conversion digital / decimal (Dip switch). 10
    Robert Juliat
  • DVQattest - Active VoIP Call Generation Technology Specifically designed for use for both pre-deployment test and SLA monitoring, DVQattest efficiently generates and analyzes multiple parallel packet voice streams. Accurate call quality estimates and detailed diagnostics for each stream can be produced either at the end of each call or at any point during a call. 
    Telchemy Incorporated
  • StreamScope MT-40 - Real Time DTV Transport Stream Monitor & Analyzer Provides end-to-end, MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 transport stream monitoring and analysis for DTV signals carried by broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV, or mobile networks. Key features include QPSK, 64/256 QAM, ASI and GigE, plus file inputs, remote monitoring capabilities, and IP routes analysis.
    Triveni Digital
  • DVStation-Pod - Compact Test Analyzer DVStation-Pod is a one port tool ideal for the commissioning and installation of new systems. Models are available for ASI/SPI/SMPTE-310, QPSK, ATM, and COFDM. Light and portable, the product provides maximum visibility of RF, transport stream, and content troubleshooting. Real-time Portable Analysis. Full support for ATSC, DVB, and ISDB. MPEG-2 transport stream analysis.
  • VB12 - Rugged 10 TV Streams ETSI Monitor / Analyzer The ability to monitor 10 streams (upgradeable to 50) with full ETSI TR 101 290 analysis and alarming makes the portable VB12 invaluable for field use. Its ruggedised exterior and fan-less design give engineers the perfect fault-finding tool when roaming in the network or for permanent placement of a unit in harsh environments.
    Bridge Technologies
  • DVM400 - Digital Video Measurement System Digital Video Measurement System. Monitoring, analysis, recording and generation of MPEG-2 transport streams. Broadest scope of functions - ideal for development. Monitoring/analysis transport streams and contents. Monitoring, analysis, and demodulation of RF signals of various standards. Monitoring, analysis, and transcoding of IPTV signals (Gigabit Ethernet).
    Rohde & Schwarz GmbH
  • EMI Stream - EMI Check & Resonance Analysis Software At the placement design stage, EMI Stream software examines optimal locations for parts by using actual .dsn files and verifies the effects of the proposed EMI solution. EMI Stream can analyze resonance which occurs between the power and ground planes by analyzing the resonance which occurs and changing the locations of capacitors.
    NEC Informatec Systems
  • DTU-225 - DekTec USB ASI/SDI Input Adapter The DTU-225 FantASI USB-2 powered input adapter offers a convenient, compact adapter that can be used in a variety of environments to test and analyze either MPEG2 transport streams or uncompressed serial digital video (SDI).
  • DTC-352 - AVC/MPEG-2 Elementary Stream and Video Quality Analyser Detection of black/freeze frame and encoding artefacts (blocking, blurring). Automated, watch folder based file analysis. HTML reporting. Audio peak level measurement and detection of audio loss and clipping.
    DekTec Digital Video
  • atscSAM - Analysis Pack for ATSC & ATSC-M/H atscSAM Analysis Pack for ATSC+ATSC-M/H consists of high-end software components for in-depth anlaysis of ATSC+ATSC-M/H live broadcasts and recorded ATSC+ATSC-M/H transport streams on all technical layers.
    Decontis GmbH
  • CSN - Convergent Service Navigator Handheld Tester CSN (Convergent Service Navigator) is our latest creation to the market. It is the only handheld tester that is able to do multiple HD video streams analysis and HD video stream playback. The device is designed to be ease of use for the field engineers, and the rugged case is also designed to take up the harshest operating in the field. Currently, the growing demand for IP Video service leads to a higher quality of HD contents for the consumers. With a tremendous success for CSA selling around the world, we believe the CSN’s high capacity and availability is the only solution to fully satisfy IPTV operators’ need.
    AnaCise Testnology

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