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  • FEMM - Finite Element Method Magnetics Simulation Software FEMM is a suite of programs for solving low frequency electro
    magnetic problems on two-dimensional planar and axisymmetric domains. The program currently addresses linear/nonlinear magneto-static problems, linear/nonlinear time harmonic magnetic
    problems, linear electrostatic problems, and steady-state heat flow problems.
    David Meeker Ph.D.
  • EM SLICE - Electromagnetic Radiation Simulation Software EM SLICE is a simple, cost-effective, flexible and user friendly simulation solution for systems involving electromagnetic radiation. While we currently have finite element (FDTD) and Ray Tracing solvers under development, we also provide a python scripting capability to allow you to control parts of the simulation exactly as you wish.
    EM Simulation Systems
  • HFSS - 3-D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software ANSYS HFSS software is the industry standard for simulating 3-D full-wave electromagnetic fields. Its gold-standard accuracy, advanced solver and high-performance compute technology have made it an essential tool for engineers doing accurate and rapid design of high-frequency and high-speed electronic components. Advanced Finite Array Simulation, Advanced Broadband SPICE Model Generation, Circuit Simulation Extensions.
  • CST STUDIO SUITE - Electromagnetic Simulation Software The electromagnetic simulation software CST STUDIO SUITE is the culmination of many years of research and development into the most efficient and accurate computational solutions to electromagnetic design. CST MICROWAVE STUDIO (CST MWS) is a specialist tool for the fast and accurate 3D EM simulation of high frequency problems. CST EM STUDIO(CST EMS) is dedicated to the simulation of static and low frequency devices.
    Computer Simulation
  • PSim - Multi-block / Confined Copolymer & Nanocomposites Simulation Software Framework that simulates phase morphologies of dense block copolymers melt systems. PSim quickly solves the numerical self-consistent field theory (SCFT) equations for modeling copolymers. Fully flexible chain model, Neutral, dense polymer melts, Flory-type interactions, Pseudo-spectral solution methods, Hybrid-SCFT and Arbitrary confinement
  • EMPro - 3D EM Simulation Software Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is Keysight EEsof EDA's electromagnetic (EM) simulation software design platform for analyzing the 3D EM effects of components such as high-speed and RF IC packages, bondwires, antennas, on-chip and off-chip embedded passives and PCB interconnects. EMPro EM simulation software features a modern design, simulation and analysis environment, high capacity simulation technologies and integration with the industry’s leading RF and microwave circuit design environment, Advanced Design System (ADS) for fast and efficient RF and microwave circuit design.
    Keysight Technologies
  • PSim - Copolymers Melt Modeling Simulation Software Object-oriented framework that simulates phase morphologies of dense block copolymers melt systems. PSim quickly solves the numerical self-consistent field theory (SCFT) equations for modeling copolymers.
  • EMX® - Electromagnetic Simulation Software EMX is an electromagnetic simulator for high-frequency, RF, and mixed-signal integrated circuits. EMX is a planar 3D, integral equation solver that uses a very accurate representation of Maxwell's equations. It features: 3D conductors and vias. true volumetric currents to accurately account for skin effect. accurate sidewall capacitances. layered and lossy substrate effects substrate and inter-component coupling.
    Integrand Software
  • SIMetrix/SIMPLIS - Circuit Simulation Software SIMetrix/SIMPLIS is an advanced simulation tool optimized for efficient design of power electronics circuits. SIMetrix/SIMPLIS combines accuracy and convergence in a unique and powerful design environment, enabling 10-50x faster simulation for power supply designs. SIMetrix is a mixed-mode circuit simulation package designed for professional electronics engineers. SIMetrix comprises a substantially enhanced SPICE simulator, schematic editor and waveform viewer in a unified environment.
    Simplis Technologies
  • NewFasant - Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite NewFasant is an Electromagnetic Simulation Software Suite that provides solutions for the defense and civil scopes: Naval, Aerospace and Automotive Industries, analysis of Antenna and RF components, and many more. Yhe main applications are: Electromagnetic Compatibility. Antenna Design. Antennas mounted on complex structures. Radar Cross Section (RCS), including ISAR and Doppler frequency shifts. Infrared. Radio Propagation. Radio system analysis. Design of passive microwave components. Radomes: analysis and design. Reflectarrays: analysis and design.
  • ModBus Constructor - Modbus Test & Simulation Software ModBus Constructor provides a comprehensive solution for testing and setting up the MODBUS devices. Modbus Constructor represents each data element exactly as you need. You may define type, format or scale independently. This makes them easy to read and analyze, especially if your device uses randomly arranged data of various types.
  • VSim - Particle-in-Cell Plasma, Electromagnetic & Electrostatic Simulation Software Flexible, multiplatform, Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulation tool for running computationally intensive plasma, electromagnetic and electrostatic problems. VSim enables you to switch easily between 1, 2, or 3 dimensions then watch your model run lightning fast using algorithms designed for the exacting demands of high performance computing systems, whether on your laptop or supercomputing cluster.
  • FEKO - Comprehensive Electromagnetic Simulation Software Tool FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation software tool, based on state of the art computational electromagnetics (CEM) techniques. Antennas: analysis of horns, microstrip patches, wire antennas, reflector antennas, conformal antennas, broadband antennas, arrays. Antenna placement: analysis of antenna radiation patterns, radiation hazard zones, etc. with an antenna placed on a large structure, e.g. ship, aircraft, armoured car. EMC: analysis of diverse EMC problems including shielding effectiveness of an enclosure, cable coupling analysis in complex environments, e.g. wiring in a car, radiation hazard analysis
    EM Software & Systems
  • EWPro™ - Electronic Warfare Simulation & Training Software EWPro™ is RDSI's Electronic Warfare simulation and training software. It combines scenario editing and scenario playback with tactical equipment emulation. Scenario Editing, Real-time Scenario Playback, AN/WLR-8 Receiver Emulation, Type 18 Early Warning Receiver Emulation, AN/SLQ-32 Receiver Emulation, AN/ULQ-16 Pulse Analyzer Emulation.
    Research And Development
  • OptoDesigner 5 - Photonic / Optics Design, Simulation & Mask Layout Software OptoDesigner 5 is the definitive platform for design, simulation and mask layout for integrated optics and photonics. The modular approach offers the advantage of a tailor-made or user defined software package with unmatched flexibility to meet every individual's specific needs. PhoeniX Software's OptoDesigner puts the designer in the driver seat! Optical modes are the basic ingredient of integrated optics design steps, varying from being a starting point needed in propagation analysis to waveguide geometry optimization.
    PhoeniX B.V.
  • AN-SOF - Antenna Simulation Software AN-SOF is the easiest to use software for the simulation of wire antennas and at the same time, it is the most accurate one. - Implements Full-wave MoM with conformal segments. Has an extended frequency range, from extremely low (ELF) to extremely high frequencies (EHF). Exactly describes the contour of the geometry. Uses a parametric curved-wire integral equation. Uncouples the number of unknowns from the number of segments. Minimizes the number of segments and simulation time.
    Golden Engineering
  • EMC Studio - EMC Simulation Software Powerful model editor. Analysis of single cables, cable bundles, twisted pairs, ribbon and shielded cables (coaxial, complex shielded). Schematic editor for circuit creation. SPICE 3F5, PSPICE, HSPICE circuit calculation module. DOLPHIN – SMASH VHDL – AMS circuit simulation interface.
    EMCoS Ltd
  • STAR-CCM+ - CFD Simulation Software Much more than just a CFD solver, STAR-CCM+ is an entire engineering process for solving problems involving flow (of fluids or solids), heat transfer and stress. STAR-CCM+ is unrivalled in its ability to tackle problems involving multi-physics and complex geometries. STAR-CCM+ has an established reputation for producing high-quality results in a single code with minimum user effort.
  • Simulation CFD - Flow Dynamics Simulation Software See how Simulation CFD software flexible fluid flow and thermal simulation tools can help you make great products. Predict performance, optimize designs, and validate product behavior before manufacturing. Flexible options let you solve on your local machine and use the cloud for additional solving capacity.
  • 3D Electromagnetic Wave Analysis & Simulation Software The Poynting for Microwave electromagnetic wave analysis software is a simulator equipped with various functions for high-frequency wave analysis. This product provides the solver based on the FDTD method. The Poynting for Optics electromagnetic wave analysis software is a simulator equipped with various functions for optical analysis. This product provides the solver based on the FDTD method.
    Fujitsu Ltd
  • LMS Imagine.Lab - Mechatronic simulation software Mechatronic simulation software for model-based systems engineering. LMS Imagine.Lab is the ideal solution to drive virtual, intelligent system design throughout the design cycle. Our mechatronic simulation software offers all of the necessary modeling and analysis tools and structured and collaborative methods to run the most complex multi-domain simulations.
    Siemens PLM Software
  • Modelica - Simulation Environments Software Modelica Libraries with a large set of models are available (overview, details and download). Especially, the open source Modelica Standard Library contains about 1280 model components and 910 functions from many domains.
    Modelica Association
  • KELVIN - 2D Thermal Simulation Software Get the complete electromagnetic-thermal solution of your device by combining the electromagnetic power loss input and the thermal analysis. KELVIN displays temperature, heat flux and temperature gradients using graphs and contour, profile or arrow plots. Explore the full possibilities of time-saving, cost-effective product design optimization with KELVIN, INTEGRATED’s 2D thermal analysis tool.
    Integrated Engineering
  • SuperHarm - Software for Harmonic Modeling and Simulation SuperHarm evaluates harmonics on electric power systems. SuperHarm enables you to develop a computer model of a power system to explore variations on system loads and configurations, along with the resulting impact on system frequency response and distortion levels.
    Electrotek Concepts

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