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  • Volt Sensor Pocket Tester Checks non-contact voltage from 40 - 600 VAC CAT III - 600V Audible and visual indication Tests for energized circuits Over-molded rubber cushion grip Compact rugged housing 1-year warranty
    IDEAL Industries
  • TSL-3 - Lambda sensor tester and simulator The TSL-3 tester is used to diagnose the most common zirconia lambda sensors. It also serves to simulate the rich and poor fuel mixture. In order to test the lambda sensor first, it is necessary to locate the signal wire of the lambda sensor (preferably using the diagram) and next to connect it to (in parallel - according to the technical drawing), for example by means of the pin sensor or just the pin itself, the blue wire of the TSL-3 tester.
    DeltaTech Electronics
  • ST 03 - Portable Inductive Proximity Sensor Tester Portable inductive proximity sensor testers- Proximity sensor tester. For DC Sensors. Suitable for use with capacitive sensors, inductive proximity sensors, photoeletric sensors & ultrasonic proximity sensors.
    Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH
  • ST-5 Series - Multi-function Sensor Tester Used to check photoelectric and proximity sensors.
    RiKO Opto-Electronics
  • STS-600 - Sensor Simulator & Tester STS600 sensor simulator & tester is a smart testing device with power-on self-test (POST) and range-switching functions. It is mainly used to conduct voltage test, resistance test and frequency test for sensors, and to simulate the output signal (voltage, frequency and O2 sensor signal).
    ShenZhen HuaWenYi
  • Universal LightProbe Unicolor Sensor - Single Color and Intensity and IR LED Test Sensor The Universal LightProbe Unicolor Sensors provide the fast, accurate and cost-effective LED test for any single color, plus white, and IR LEDs (between 700 to 1,000nm) providing a voltage output proportional to LED intensity when the LED is the color specified for the sensor.
    Optomistic Products
  • VX8800R02 - Hall-Sensor Test System The VX8800R02 Hall-Sensor Test System is able to test different types of Hall-Sensor and Switches such as: Differential Hall-Effect Sensor for wheel speed and direction detection. These Hall Effect sensors are designed to provide information about rotational speed, direction of rotation, assembly position and limit airgap to modern vehicle dynamics control systems and ABS.
    VX Instruments GmbH
  • ISL-4800 - Image Sensor Tester The Jova Solutions ISL-4800 is the highest performance interface and test solutions available for image sensors, digital cameras and video devices. This single piece of hardware supports nearly every sensor, camera, and video source interface standard in existence. A fully integrated, off-the-shelf, hardware/software tester package, ISL-4800 provides a full range of interfaces, controls, advanced image analysis test routines, evaluation and characterization capabilities in one easy-to-use, inexpensive, small-footprint solution. The ISL-4800 is a powerful, affordable, flexible, and expandable solution that supports future requirements with field upgradable FPGA code and a flexible interface board architecture
    Jova Solutions
  • Integrated MEMS - Sensors Test Cells The best technical performance, cost optimization, one-shot factory integration. A single unit integrates the modules for the handling, contacting and complete testing of MEMS devices, including the physical stimulus for functional test, and the tri-temp thermal conditioning.
    SPEA Italy S.p.A.
  • O-Level - Multi Sensor Systems Tester The O-Level Multi-Sensor Systems tester is designed for FLIR, day sight and laser testing at the flight line. Its configuration makes it easy to add test hardware and tests.
    CI Systems
  • Universal LightProbe Blinx Sensor - Sensor Test Blinking LEDs The Universal LightProbe Blinx Digital Sensors have been specifically designed for checking the blinking rate LEDs. These LED test sensors check the on/off status of any color LED, whether stable or blinking, up to a rate of 15 Hz.
    Optomistic Products
  • 130 - Oxygen Sensor / Fuel Circuit Tester Verifies that oxygen sensor and fuel circuits are operating properly.
    Thexton Manufacturing
  • ADD71A - Automotive Sensor Simulator & Tester The most complete hand held diagnostic tester for sensors,wiring,connectors and on-board computers DC voltage,lambda,frequency and pulse signals can be measured
  • Image Sensor Test Socket (dead-bug fully-grid) Image Sensor Test Socket (dead-bug fully-grid)
  • 20560 - ABS Sensor Pinpoint Tester The ABS Sensor Pinpoint Tester is the quickest way to verify proper wheel speed sensor operation right from the service bay, no road test required. Simply connect the tester to the sensor and spin the wheel right in the service bay. The parade of LEDs provide visual confirmation of signal output. The signal error LED indicates erratic or intermittent signal output. When used with a scan tool that provides wheel speed sensor data, the signal simulation feature simplifies pinpointing wire harness and ECU problems.
  • MEMS Sensor Test Systems Quality and reliability tests during the production of occupant safety sensors are very important. Therefore, electrical measurements, acceleration tests and temperature tests are performed during the production of the micromechanic components of airbag sensors.
    Spektra Schwingungstechnik
  • Image Sensor Lab - Test System for CMOS Digital Image Sensors Image Sensor Lab ™ is an advanced imaging system for complete communications, image capture, and characterization testing of a variety of CMOS image sensors and digital imaging devices.
    Jova Solutions
  • Universal LightProbe Spectra Sensor - Color and Intensity LED Test Sensors Universal LightProbe Spectra Sensors provide fast, accurate and cost-effective LED test for a wide range of intensity, and of any color in the visual spectrum, plus white. Universal LightProbe Spectra Sensors are well-suited for the test of "boundary" color LEDs, as they allow the user to set their own PASS/FAIL limits for color.
    Optomistic Products
  • Sensor Tester The handheld, portable Sensor Tester is designed to quickly and easily diagnose sensor problems in commercial and industrial motion control systems. The sensor tester powers the sensor and conducts 27 discrete performance measurements. The sensor tester includes both a static (motionless) and dynamic (sensor in motion) modes to accurately assess the sensors’ performance and viability.
    Industrial Technology
  • Sensor Test MT MEMS modules combine the advantages of well established and production proven tri-temp test handling equipment with innovative concepts to meet the special requirements of the MEMS market. The modular design concept allows greatest flexibility and best return on investment.
    Multitest Elektronische
  • ADD290 - Oxygen Sensor Tester and Simulator Oxygen Sensor Tester and Simulator are designed to test and simulate any Oxygen Sensor signal to quickly determine whether the Oxygen sensor is defective and needs replacement.
  • MEMS and Sensor Test System Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) include mechanical elements, such as sensors and actuators, that are integrated on a silicon substrate with microfabrication technology. KVD addresses this market by targeting challenges in performing dynamic tests on MEMS at an early production stage to reduce production costs and time to market.
    STAr Technologies
  • Universal LightProbe Sensors - Universal Color and Brightness LED Test Sensors Fast, small and versatile, and with unique patented voltage protection, the Universal LightProbes Sensors test LED color and intensity at all levels of product assembly: as components, on printed circuit-boards, and in finished products. Choose from a range of Universal LightProbe LED Sensors and Fiber-Optic Probes to accurately test color and white LEDs, plus Infrared LEDs, and the intensity or brightness of almost any LED in any test environment and in every field of product manufacture including commercial, industrial, automotive, and avionics.
    Optomistic Products
  • CT300-IS - Image Sensor Test System CMOS camera modules and
    Image sensors
    Application ranges:
    automatic production lines, In-line systems for single- or multisite test
    Research and development
    Production characterization and verification
    Quality assurance
    Particular advantages:
    Modular structure and compact design
    Very decent computer power
    Dr. Eschke Elektronik

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