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  • Planar R54 - Vector Reflectometer Planar R54 is a Vector Reflectometer designed for S11 parameter measurement. It provides high accuracy measurements for magnitude and phase in frequencies between 85 MHz and 5.4 GHz. With a weight of only 8.8 oz, this device is portable so that you can conveniently take it into any testing environment. Planar R54 is the ultimate compact workhorse analyzer, providing a variety of analytical capabilities in the frequency and time domains.
    Cooper Mountain Technologies
  • Interferometers and Reflectometers for Plasma Diagnostics up to 170 GHz Elva-1 supplies different solutions for measurement density and temperature profiles of plasma. Our systems are installed practically on all TOKAMAKs over the World.
  • Optical Timing Domain Reflectometer OTDR of high performance measuring instrument for testing FTTx network.
    Yueqing Iwiss Electric
  • PCI-3127 - Time Domain Reflectometer Card The PCI-3127 is a PCMCIA-form factor TDR that can be used to identify and locate failures in installed wiring and cable systems.
    CM Technologies
  • PCI-3145R/PCI-3160R - Handheld Time Domain Reflectometers Easy to Use Integral Stylus With Touch Screen Adjustable Backlit Sunlit Readable Color LCD Display Ergonomic Grip Windows® Menu Driven Operation 0.1% Distance Resolution Customized Screens Provide Cable Impedance and Vp Values Zoom and Pan Features
    CM Technologies
  • SR100 - Spectroscopic Reflectometer · Easy to set up · Easy to operate with Window based software · Advanced optics design for best system performance · Array based detector system to ensure fast measurement · Measure film thickness and Refractive Index up to 5 layers · Allow to acquire reflection, transmission and absorption spectra in milliseconds · Capable to be used for real time or in-line thickness, refractive index monitoring · System comes with comprehensive optical constants database and library
    Angstrom Sun Technologies
  • OFL-7 - Optical Fault Locator-Reflectometer OFL-7 - we offer new compact, handheld units for streamlined OTDR testing. The OFL-7 series, designed for short-haul network testing.
    Institute Of Information
  • InterFlex 130 - Time Domain Reflectometers The InterFlex 130 can be used by all utility companies to determine the location of cable faults in energy and control cables (underground cables and overhead lines).
    InterEng GmbH
  • OFL-5 - Optical Locator-Reflectometer The OFL-5 Optical Locator - Reflectometer is designed for measuring attenuation in optical fibers and their connections, length of an optical fiber and distance up to its any point. Application: installation, maintenance and repair work on optical fiber links.
    Institute Of Information
  • AQ7275 - OPTICAL TIME DOMAIN REFLECTOMETER The AQ7275 Optical Time Reflectometer (OTDR) is ideal for use in a wide variety of optical fiber installation andAQ7275 Microsite 3 maintenance applications. Yokogawa offers the world's only mini-OTDR with a built in dummy fiber option which is very effective at determining loss across the first connector and to determining return loss.
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • R54 - Vector Reflectometer PLANAR R54 is a Vector Reflectometer designed for S11 parameter measurement, in an unrivaled combination of small form factor and performance. It provides high accuracy measurements for magnitude and phase in frequencies between 85 MHz and 4.2 GHz.
  • FTE7000A - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer The FTE-7000A is an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) that features instant-on and immediate scan functionality. This model also includes an integrated Video Scope with a pass/fail grading map, an AutoTest/AutoWave power meter, and a CW/Fiber identifier light source.
    Allied Instruments
  • OFDR - Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometer Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry offers near-zero dead zone fault isolation and analysis for optical components and subsystems. With up to 20 micron resolution or up to 70 meter device length, complete backplanes and subsystems can be investigated for device errors before system integration.
    Luna Technologies
  • KE-TDR06 - Time Domain Reflectometer The KETDR 06 can locate the presence of cable faults, including shorts, opens, taps, splices, water ingress and other impedance anomalies, on copper communication cables up to a distance of 6000m (19,800ft). KETDR 06 has with the 3 nanoseconds pluse a "near End dead zone of 0.
    Kurth Electronic
  • OBR Optical Backscatter Reflectometer Ultra-high resolution OTDR with backscatter-level sensitivity designed for component- and module-level reflectometry. The OBR uses swept-wavelength coherent interferometry to measure minute reflections (< 0.0003 parts per billion) in an optical system as a function of length with spatial resolution less than 50 microns.
    Luna Technologies
  • Metro.Cable - Customizable Time Domain Reflectometer Metro.Cable is a customizable time-domain reflectometer (TDR) to characterize and locate faults in metallic cables of any nature (i.e. untwisted lines, twisted pair wire, coaxial cable, non-standard bundle, etc.). It can also be used to locate discontinuities, bandwidth, FEXT, or any other impairment in the electrical path. Applications: Ethernet LAN, E1 / ISDN installation, Antennas cables, Avionic cables & circuits.
    ALBEDO Telecom
  • IT-084 - TDR Cable Reflectometer IT-084 TDR Cable Reflectometer (MC-084 module plugged-in) for identification and precision fault location in cables up to 1600 m in length. Resolution 0.1 m.
  • TDR500/3 - Basic handheld time domain reflectometer The TDR500/3 is a hand held, compact Time Domain Reflectometer for locating faults on metallic cables. It has a minimum resolution of 0.1 m and a 5 km maximum range depending on velocity factor selected and cable type
  • MTS-5100 - Optical Time Domain Reflectometer The unique JDSU MTS-5100 is a fiber tester with a range of plug-in modules providing a comprehensive, integrated solution for OTDR and power meters with talk set option testing in one field-rugged instrument. Powerful, easy to use and highly cost-effective, MTS-5100 is designed to push the boundaries of field test productivity for network installers, operators and maintenance teams. A wide range of field-interchangeable modules are available for the MTS-5100 platform, including OTDRs for multimode (MM), very short haul/FTTx (VSR), short range (SRe), medium haul (DR), long haul (HD), very long haul (VHD), and 1625 nm, visual fault locator, and a range of light sources and power meters with talk set option.
    Shenzhen Tellid Communication
  • IRG 2000 - Time Domain Reflectometer The Pulse Reflection Test Set IRG 2000 is a portable, easy to use, single-phase unit for cable fault pre-location using the Time Domain Reflection (TDR) method on low, medium and high voltage cables. It can also be used on live cables up to 400 V. Further fault location methods are available with the application
    HV Technologies
  • IRM 232 - PULSE REFLECTOMETER The IRM 232 operates according to the TDR (Time Domain Reflection). The energy fed into the cable pulses are reflected by existing cable faults and shown on the display. From the shape and the duration of the reflection and the type of error can be read off the fault distance.
    KWS Electronics
  • ETDR 10C - TIME DOMAIN REFLECTOMETER Easy to operate ■ Small size, suitable for using in the field ■ 100 memories for waveform and setting storage ■ Cable library for standard and user defined cable types ■ Unit adjustment between V/2 and VOP ■ Automatic calculation of propagation velocity ■ Special program for performing the yearly calibration ■ Results can be transferred to PC via USB port
  • OR-2-3 - Optical Reflectometer Optical reflectometers OR-2-3 is designed to measure attenuation in optical fibers (OF) and their splices, OF length and distance to the fault.
    Institute Of Information
  • OBR 4400 - Optical Backscatter Reflectometer OBR MODEL 4400) The OBR 4400 takes the industrys first ultra-high resolution OTDR with backscatter-level sensitivity designed for component- and module-level reflectometry to the next level. With a small, easily transportable platform, the capability to see reflections out to 2 kilometers with no dead zone, and integrated temperature and strain sensing, the OBR 4400 gives you the ultimate in fiber diagnostics.
    Luna Technologies

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