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  • TDM - Protocol Identifier The Protocol Identifier application can identify various protocols carried on T1 or E1 lines. It is capable of detecting protocols such as ISDN, ATM, HDLC, MTP2, LAPD, SS7, PPP, GSM, GSM Abis, TRAU and Frame Relay. The timeslots and the subchannels within timeslots are also identified. Once identified, detailed analysis can be carried out by individual Protocol Analyzers. This application is helpful in identifying traffic types at a concentrated point, DSX patch panel, or multiplexed facility.
    GL Communications
  • Peryton-S - Protocol Analyzer The Peryton-S is a fully-featured, single-channel 802.15 ZigBee, RF4CE, 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks and protocols sniffer and analysis tool that captures data from any channel within the 2.4Ghz band.
    Perytons Ltd
  • Peryton-D - Protocol Analyzer The Peryton-D is a fully-featured, single-channel 802.15 ZigBee, RF4CE, 6LoWPAN wireless sensor networks and protocols analysis tool that sniff and captures data from any channel within the 2.4Ghz band.
    Perytons Ltd
  • Peryton-V - Protocol Analyzer The Peryton-V analyzer is a fully-featured, software-only data analysis tool with no internal capturing capabilities that allows the analysis of previously wireless sensor networks captured data files for protocols like 802.15 ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, RF4CE, DASH7 and more.
    Perytons Ltd
  • Peryton-SG - Protocol Analyzer The Peryton-SG is a fully-featured, single-channel 802.15/ZigBee/RF4CE/6LoWPAN (as well as non standard wireless sensor networks and protocols) sniffing and analysis tool that captures data from any channel within the Sub-1-GHz band.
    Perytons Ltd
  • CDMA2000 - Protocol Analyzer GL's CDMA Protocol Analyzer can be used to analyze and view protocols across A1 (between Base Station Controller and Mobile Switching Centre), A3 and A7 (between two Base Station Controllers), A9 (between Base Station Controller and Packet Control Function), and A11 (between Packet Control Function and PDSN) signaling interfaces.
    GL Communications
  • Peryton-M - Protocol Sniffer The Peryton-M is a fully-featured, multi-channel RF4CE, 6LoWPAN 802.15 and ZigBee wireless sensor networks and protocols analysis tool that captures data from all channel within the 2.4Ghz band simultnaously. When using the Peryton-M, the user gets a complete picture of the RF environment and 802.15.4 based network(s) activity.
    Perytons Ltd
  • GSM - Protocol Analysis GL's GSM Analyzer is used to analyze GSM protocols, a switching and signaling telecommunication protocol between MSC & BSC, BSC & BTS, MSC & HLR, MSC & VLR, VLR and HLR, MSC & SMLC, UMA & MS,. and so on. Also supports proprietary 'Mobis' Interface (Motorola equivalent of the GSM A-bis interface) with additional license XX151 between BSC (Base Station Controller) - BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and BSC (Base Station Controller) - PCU (Packet Controller Unit) with GSM.
    GL Communications
  • VisualEther Protocol Analyzer 1.0 - Protocol Analyzer VisualEther Protocol Analyzer 1.0 is an Ethereal based visual protocol analysis and system design reverse engineering tool. Visually debug protocol interactions by generating sequence diagrams from Wireshark (Ethereal) output. The sequence diagrams provide a visual trace of the packet flow between nodes.
  • Xgig 1/10GbE iSCSI/FC/FCoE - Protocol Analyzer Finisar Xgig 1/10GbE iSCSI/FCoE/FC Protocol Analyzer support analysis of IP SAN(Ethernet/iSCSI/FCoE)protocol and 10Gb/s Fibre Channel protocol, used for testing of high throughput, complex storage access network infrastructure. Xgig can make deeply data decode and help on figure out problem cause, it is a reliable protocol analyzer.
  • USB Explorer 200 - Protocol Analyzer The USB Explorer 200 is a non-intrusive high speed USB 2.0 protocol analyzer that enables you to display bus states, packets sent and decode descriptors of the USB protocol. It can detect errors in devices, host controllers, embedded softwares or drivers as well as measure their performance.
    Ellisys Sàrl
  • Saniffer RapidIO - Protocol Analyzer Sanifferr’ s RapidIO architecture incorporates its protocol analyzer and traffic generator into the same hardware, making it an elegant and complete solution for debugging devices within a Serial RapidIO environment.
  • SIGTRAN - Protocol Analysis SIGTRAN protocol decoder software is a VoIP testing tool that permits real-time analysis, call trace, capture, and filtering of SS7 and ISDN signaling messages over IP. SIGTRAN uses a new connection oriented transport protocol called Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP). SCTP is at the same level but more efficient at transport than TCP, UDP, or RTP.
    GL Communications
  • U4431U - Protocol Analyzer Up to Gear 3 HS data rates Up to 16 GB trace depth Up to 4 data lanes
    Keysight Technologies
  • Performer - Protocol Analyzer The Performer Protocol Analyzer, is a comprehensive high performance test solution for vendor R&D and QA labs, service provider QA labs and field service technicians. Providing protocol analyzer capabilities, it offers a range of interfaces and tools for troubleshooting and monitoring a wide range of technologies. It is an ideal tool for monitoring and troubleshooting performance of a wide range of networks at all seven layers. The Performer Protocol Analyzer is available in both portable and scalable rack-mount configurations.
    Radcom Ltd
  • buscheck PROFIBUS DP+PA - Protocol Analyzer The buscheck PROFIBUS Protocol Analyzer is an indispensable tool for analyzing and optimizing communication in PROFIBUS networks. It is ideally suited for continuously monitoring a network, detecting hidden errors early on, optimizing data throughput and analyzing configuration errors.
    Softing AG
  • G35 - Protocol Analyzer Accelerate time to market. Full protocol visibility down to bit level speeds-up diagnosis of design problems; real-time decoding capabilities reduce time to perform system and interoperability tests; complex filters allow quick problem isolation.
  • USBMobile - Protocol Analyzer The USBMobile HS (Hi-Speed) USB Bus and Protocol Analyzer System is the industry's first-ever compact, portable All-Speed Protocol analysis tool that attaches by PCMCIA to a laptop computer. USBMobile HS packs the robust functionality that customers have come to expect from LeCroy analyzers, featuring the CATC Trace software to capture, view and process USB traffic. 
    Teledyne LeCroy
  • Investigator AFDX - Protocol Analyzer Interface, Analysis and Test Support Investigator™ AFDX Protocol Analyzer supports network interfaces capable of full-line rate, multi channel and multiple protocol testing. Hardware supports analysis, traffic generation, statistics, impairment test, and BERT for both copper and optical interface connections. State-of-the-art FPGA technology is leveraged to facilitate flexibility and protect capital investments, while providing continued capabilities for development and support.
    Absolute Analysis
  • ComProbe USB 2.0 FTS4USB - Protocol Analyzer The ComProbe USB 2.0 Protocol Analyzer ships with a portable USB ComProbe® II hardware device and the powerful ComProbe Protocol Analysis System (CPAS) software which includes live display, simplifies understanding of what is happening on a USB circuit by simultaneously capturing, decoding, displaying, filtering, and detecting errors-all live.
    Frontline Test Equipment
  • MAPS-ISDN - Protocol Emulator GL's MAPS- ISDN is an advanced protocol simulator/tester for ISDN simulation over TDM (T1/E1) and generates high volumes of ISDN traffic. The tester can simulate ISDN signaling as defined by the ITU-T standards. Currently this test tool is used to perform testing using ISDN protocol messages over T1/E1, and offers a complete solution for testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of devices and networks implementing PRI ISDN. It is useful to test ISDN products designed for either U or S/T interface, including network terminations, Type 1 terminating equipment, and terminal adapters.
    GL Communications
  • DPA 4 Plus - Protocol Adapter The DPA 4 Plus is the fastest, most rugged, most reliable, and the most versatile RP1210 compliant Vehicle Datalink Adapter (VDA) on the market.
    DG Technologies
  • DPA 5 Dual-CAN - Protocol Adapter 5 The DPA 5 continues the Dearborn Group, Inc. DPA family tradition of being the fastest, most rugged, most reliable, and most versatile RP1210 Vehicle Datalink Adapters (VDAs).
    DG Technologies
  • Investigator SAS - Protocol Analyzers Investigator™ SAS Protocol Analyzers provide the most powerful and granular triggers and filters ever developed. Efficient pre-filter memory management permits data capture over lengthy periods of time, while intuitive application software formats capture data in easily understood graphical and tabled display formats.
    Absolute Analysis

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