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  • 6202 - Strain gage signal conditioning modules Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. of Concord, California, announces the 6202 Series of strain gage signal conditioning modules. Designed for cost sensitive applications, the 6202 provides precise excitation, amplification and filtering for any strain gage based measurement or control system.
  • 10-310/315 - High Voltage Switching Module The 10-310/315 Range of High Voltage Switching Modules will Switch up to 1000V with Isolation to 1500V.Two module types are available:8 x Normally Open Relays and an 8 Channel Multiplexer, available with either Dry or Mercury Wetted Reed Switches. 10-310/315 high voltage switching modules are available in both SPST Relay or Multiplexer versions with a choice of reed switch types. These units are designed for both hot  switching (close switch after load applied) and cold  switching (close switch before EHT load applied) high voltage applications, giving reliable switching with no disruption to internal logic. Two switch types are available: Dry reed switches are the most popular and economical type. Mercury wetted switches exhibit even more extended life with lower contact resistance and excellent contact resistance stability.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • M2CFP40 - Test module Xena's M2CFP40 provides two 2 ports of 40-GigE 40GBASE-LR4/SR4, or 8 ports of 10-GigE 10GBASE-SR.

    This unique low-cost high-performance 40/10G test module is ideal for carriers, enterprises and research departments testing both 40G and 10G.
    Xena Networks
  • M6SFP+ - Test Module The M6SFP+ is a wire-speed 6 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet test module, based on Xena's advanced architecture. Can be installed in either the XenaCompact or XenaBay chassis. Comes complete with software and free tech support.
    Xena Networks
  • 510130282 - Module, Receiver, Module, Receiver, Series, TAC, 320 Signal and 8 Coaxial/Power Positions
    Virginia Panel
  • M2SFP+T - Test Module 2-port 10G L2-3 test module with advanced timing features for SynchE testing
    Xena Networks
  • M12QSFP10 - Test Module The M12QSFP10 is a wire-speed 12-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet test module that offers industry-leading port density for testing 10G Ethernet at Layers 2-3. Based on Xena’s advanced architecture, the M12SFP10 is available for both the robust transportable 1U XenaCompact chassis, and the 4U 12-slot XenaBay chassis where it can be built out to provide 144 10G test ports.
    Xena Networks
  • M2SFP-T - Test Module This 2-port 1G L2-3 test module includes advanced timing features for SynchE testing
    Xena Networks
  • 458-AWGN2 - Dual Output AWGN Generator Line Module The Model 458-AWGN2 is the ideal solution for injecting Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, and VDSL2 chip/modem/DSLAM testing applications.
  • CION Module™/FXT48A The CION Module™/FXT48A was specifically developed for the integration in test fixtures. The module is based on GOEPEL electronic's custom CION ASIC ICs and the comprehensive analogue complex. The module enables extended JTAG/Boundary Scan test coverage for non Boundary Scan digital circuit clusters and edge connectors and, additionally, multiple analogue tests and voltage measurements. Each digital channel can be independently programmed as input, output, bi-directional or tri-state. All test channels provide an increased driver current and "unstress" protection feature to avoid interface damages by extended fault currents. The configuration of the analogue complex is wide-banded. Furthermore, the module provides extra resources for circuit voltage and triggering external actors/sensors e.g. switcher, LED, relays etc. The CION Module™/FXT48A is cascadable and can be hot swapped.
    GOEPEL Electronic
  • M2RJ45+ - Test Module The M2RJ45+ is a wire-speed 2 port 10Gbase-T/1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet test module that can scale to 6 ports via a software upgrade. Based on Xena’s advanced architecture, the M2RJ45+ is a cost-effective solution for testing 10G Ethernet at Layers 2-3. It is available for both the 4U 12-slot XenaBay chassis and the robust transportable 1U XenaCompact chassis.
    Xena Networks
  • Environmentally Sealed Power Modules When traditional forced air-cooled power modules are exposed to outdoor, industrial or other harsh environments, they ingest various contaminants including dust, sand, humidity, corrosive atmospheres, salt, fog and other debris. These contaminants cause untimely failures due to shorts, corrosion and physical damage.
    Transistor Devices
  • A5410C-30-1 VXI A5410C-30-1 - Synchro/Resolver (S) Module The A5410C-30-1 provides two (2) synchro/resolver simulation channels and one (1) synchro/resolver-to-digital measurement channel within a message based VXI compatible size "C" IAC per IEEE-STD-1014.
    North Atlantic Industries
  • 510108160 - Pneumatic Module, Pneumatic Module, ITA, 10 Position (1/8" ID)
    Virginia Panel
  • M2QSFP+ - Test Module The M2QSFP+ is a 2-port 40GBASE Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (QSFP+) test module for our XenaCompact and XenaBay chassis.

    This dual-speed test module provides 2 x 40G or 8 x 10G test ports via a simple software configuration and is compatible with 40G QSFP+ compliant transceiver modules, using MPO connectors.
    Xena Networks
  • M6SFP - Test Module Chassis module with 6 ports of GigE dual media SFP, 100/1000M optical or 10/100/1000 BASE-T
    Xena Networks
  • M2XFP - Test Module Test module with 2 ports of 10-GigE XFP 10GBASE-LR/SR
    Xena Networks
  • FOS-79800F - WDM DFB Fiber Optic Source Modules The FOS-79800F Series WDM DFB Fiber Optic Source Modules are designed for the most demanding WDM system and component test applications. This reliable source module platform provides picometer resolution, high power, excellent stability, coherence control, optional source shutter, optional PM alignment and accurate attenuation. 
    ILX Lightwave
  • M2SFP+4SFP - Test Module The M2SFP+4SFP is a wire-speed 2-port 10G and 4-port 1G test module. Based on Xena’s advanced architecture, the M2SFP+4SFP is only available for the robust transportable 1U XenaCompact chassis.
    Xena Networks
  • M1CFP4QSFP28CXP - Test Module The M1CFP4QSFP28CXP is a unique “triple-media” and “tri-speed” 100/40/10G test module for the XenaCompact and XenaBay chassis.

    It is “triple media” because it supports three transceiver form-factors: CFP4 (CAUI-4), QSFP28 (CAUI-4), and CXP (CAUI) allowing users to choose any one of these transceiver form factors to be active at any time.

    And it is “tri-speed” because when the CXP form-factor is selected, the user can, in addition to a single 100G test port, also use the test module to provide two 40G test ports or eight 10G test ports. This flexibility and price/performance makes it ideal for BERT, load-stress, and functional testing of Ethernet equipment and network infrastructure.
    Xena Networks
  • M2SFP+ - Test Module Test module with 2 ports of 10-GigE SFP+ 10GBASE-LR/SR
    Xena Networks
  • ADwin-Pro II Bus Modules ADwin-Pro II modules work with various bus systems and serial interfaces. An ADwin-Pro II system can simultaneously send messages and data via RS232, communicate with devices via CAN bus, and control a test stand.
  • MIC-2730 - 16-Channel Isolated Digital Input Module * 16 channel DI * 2500 VDC isolation protection * Plug-in terminal block included The MIC-2730 features a limit switch; alarms and/or sensors for noisy environments, and 16 optically isolated digital input channels for monitoring device On/Off status.
    Advantech Co. Ltd
  • The AXi™ 940 - Frontside Inspection Module The AXi™ 940 frontside inspection module is designed to reduce cost of ownership by improving defect detectability across multiple applications while also reducing engineering support cost through automatic recipe features.
    Rudolph Technologies

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