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  • 40-410-001 - PXI Relay Driver Module / High Density Digital I/O Module 32 Bit TTL The 40-410 range of Digital I/O Modules are suitable for operating external devices, such as heavy duty relays (power,RF and high voltage types),solenoids,lamps etc.,or for interfacing with external logic,e.g.a programmable instrument with a BCD interface. Two choices of output drive are available:TTL for interacting with external logic and Open Collector Transistor for operating external devices with voltages to 50V d.c.and currents to 500mA.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • M2SFP-T - Test Module This 2-port 1G L2-3 test module includes advanced timing features for SynchE testing
    Xena Networks
  • M6SFP+ - Test Module The M6SFP+ is a wire-speed 6 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet test module, based on Xena's advanced architecture. Can be installed in either the XenaCompact or XenaBay chassis. Comes complete with software and free tech support.
    Xena Networks
  • M2XFP - Test Module Test module with 2 ports of 10-GigE XFP 10GBASE-LR/SR
    Xena Networks
  • 10-310/315 - High Voltage Switching Module The 10-310/315 Range of High Voltage Switching Modules will Switch up to 1000V with Isolation to 1500V.Two module types are available:8 x Normally Open Relays and an 8 Channel Multiplexer, available with either Dry or Mercury Wetted Reed Switches. 10-310/315 high voltage switching modules are available in both SPST Relay or Multiplexer versions with a choice of reed switch types. These units are designed for both hot  switching (close switch after load applied) and cold  switching (close switch before EHT load applied) high voltage applications, giving reliable switching with no disruption to internal logic. Two switch types are available: Dry reed switches are the most popular and economical type. Mercury wetted switches exhibit even more extended life with lower contact resistance and excellent contact resistance stability.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • M2SFP+ - Test Module Test module with 2 ports of 10-GigE SFP+ 10GBASE-LR/SR
    Xena Networks
  • M2CFP40 - Test module Xena's M2CFP40 provides two 2 ports of 40-GigE 40GBASE-LR4/SR4, or 8 ports of 10-GigE 10GBASE-SR. This unique low-cost high-performance 40/10G test module is ideal for carriers, enterprises and research departments testing both 40G and 10G.
    Xena Networks
  • M1CFP100 - Tri-Speed Test Module This is Xena's unique tri-speed test module. The M1CFP100 provides 1 x 100GE, 2 x 40GigE test ports and 8 x 10Gbps test ports - all in one test module! A cost-saving investment for lab testing, pre-staging, field trials and early deployments, and applications where wire-speed testing, portability, and ease of use are required.
    Xena Networks
  • Z6/M - Weighing module for 50 kg ... 500 kg HBM supplies Z6/M... weighing modules for max. capacities from 50 kg to 200 kg and 500 kg. The weighing modules are designed mainly for use in tank weighing applications.
  • DBK51 - 8-Channel Isolated Voltage-Input Modules The DBK50 and DBK51 each offer eight channels of input via removable screw-terminal plugs. Provide 500V channel-to-channel isolation and 500V channel-to-system isolation. Provide eight channels of isolated input 
  • ransient Recorder Modules The Saturn Data Management carrier boards are designed in 6U cPCI format, equipped with reconfigurable logic and a large data memory. Each board can carry two different modules, either Basic 120, Fast 150, Event Marker or Analog Output. All the functions can be realised also in a galvanic isolation version via a digital fiber transmission module and battery powered "satellite" housings for the modules.
    Dr. Müller Instruments
  • cPCI-7200 - 12 MB/s High-Speed 32-CH DI & 32-CH DO Module 12 MB/s High Speed 32-CH DI & 32-CH DO Module. # PICMG 2.0 Rev 2.1 # 32-CH TTL DI and 32-CH TTL DO # Up to 12MB/s transfer rate # Bus-mastering DMA data transfer # On-board programmable timer pacer clock # Supports handshaking DIO transfer mode
    ADLINK Technology
  • M6SFP - Test Module Chassis module with 6 ports of GigE dual media SFP, 100/1000M optical or 10/100/1000 BASE-T
    Xena Networks
  • M2SFP+T - Test Module 2-port 10G L2-3 test module with advanced timing features for SynchE testing
    Xena Networks
  • Inductance Measurement Trainer Module Inductance Trainer comprises of a coil wound on a bobbin in which a magnetic material core moves as sensor. The displacement of the core is measured and displayed through a digital indicator.
    Unitech Scales And
  • FOD 3106 - Dual LED Modules The FOD Dual LED modules are designed specifically for test instruments application. They allow to have one output for two wavelengths in compact handheld device without couplers. The Module have an original ceramic ferrule that allows to incorporate the module on the front panel of a device and keep the access to the front face of the ferrule for cleaning and polishing.
    Fiber Optic Devices
  • DP-VXI-5106 - 32 Channel Analog Comparator Module The DP-VXI-5106 is a 32 channel Analog comparator module. It has 32 channels of differential analog window comparators. Each channel is software selectable on an independent basis.
    Data Patterns Pvt
  • SIM900 - (Small Instrumentation Modules) The SIM900 Mainframe is the platform on which a SIM system is assembled. The mainframe provides power, computer interfaces, clock synchronization, and individual module status. Eight internal module slots accommodate single-width and double-width modules.
    Stanford Research
  • M2428 - PCI module measuring the parameters of dynamic processes easurement of parameters of dynamic processes (noise, vibration, pressure pulsation, acoustic parameters, and so on. N.) With a sampling frequency up to 216 kHz.. 8 channels
    ± 12 V
    422 ... 216 000 Hz
  • 10-410B-001 - 16 bit Digital I/O Module The 10-410B range of Digital I/O Modules are suitable for operating external devices, such as heavy duty relays (power, RF and high voltage types), solenoids, lamps etc., or for interfacing with external logic, e.g. a programmable instrument with a BCD interface.
    Pickering Interfaces
  • POMO80/1/0 - Power Module Rack 19 inches, 3 HU high, 450 mm deep 1 DC-source, linear controlled, programmable in current and voltage, 0-80 V in several ranges, 0-30 V, max. 14 A, 30-65 V, max. 7 A, 65-80 V, max. 4 A, ramp and curve forms can be edited, true value can be re-read via RS232-interface, RS232-interface incl. connection
    Reinhardt System-
  • V450 - VME ANALOG INPUT MODULE The V450 is a VME 16-channel isolated analog-to-digital converter module which can acquire a wide range of DC voltages, including thermocouple temperatures. Each channel is independent with an isolated DC power supply, optoisolated interface, A/D converter, signal conditioning, input protection circuits, and test relay. An internal microprocessor manages all data I/O and communicates with the VME bus via a transparent, VMEbus-speed dual-port memory.
    Highland Technology
  • XRS-Medium Cartesian Robot Module Cartesian Robot Module. Standard XRS Systems are pre-engineered to optimize workspace, simplify selection, shorten delivery and lower costs. A unique mix of linear servo motor and ballscrew drive technology provides optimized dynamic performance for todays demanding automation applications. These systems are offered in three size platforms (Small; Medium; Large) and 124 standard variations.
    Compumotor Division
  • 2790-L - Single-module System The Model 2790-HL is designed for applications where it is preferable to segregate high voltage sourcing/ohms measurement and low current sourcing/ohms measurement into two separate modules. 
    Keithley Instruments

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