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  • Elgar ReFlex Power - DC High Power Module ReFlex Power™ is a high density, modular programmable power system providing DC, AC and electronic load assets all under control of a single controller. It provides a reconfigurable, flexible platform ideal for ATE and production test environments where RFP™ can provide programmable stimulus and bias power as well as programmable loads for the device(s) under test. The EIA 4U high RFP™ mainframe can hold up to 12 single-slot modules or combinations of single, dual and triple slot wide modules to configure (or reconfigure) the system for the particular requirements at hand. The mainframe can support up to 6 kW of output power.
    Ametek Programmable
  • PMC-8681 - 2-Port RS-232, 2-Port RS-232/485/422 UART PMC Module # PMC IEEE P1386.1 Spec. 32-bit/33 MHz PCI - PMC Module # 4-port Serial UART OXFORD OX16 controller # Port 1, 2 support RS-232 (two DB-9 front panel connectors) # Port 3, 4 support RS-232/422/485 jumper selectable # Four on-board headers for all four ports
    ADLINK Technology
  • Programmable Load Module (PLM) Thermotron's Programmable Load Module (PLM) provides a programmable current load for product testing. Minimum, maximum, and surge currents can be easily programmed, simulated, and measured using the PLM. The PLM is design to be used in large scale, high current testing situations via a Thermotron PLM chassis. 
    Thermotron Industries
  • CION Module™/FXT192A The CION Module™/FXT192A was specifically developed for the integration in test fixtures. The module is based on GOEPEL electronic's custom CION ASIC ICs and the comprehensive analogue complex. The module enables extended JTAG/Boundary Scan test coverage for non Boundary Scan digital circuit clusters and edge connectors and, additionally, multiple analogue tests and voltage measurements. Each digital channel can be independently programmed as input, output, bi-directional or tri-state. All test channels provide an increased driver current and "unstress" protection feature to avoid interface damages by extended fault currents. The configuration of the analogue complex is wide-banded. Furthermore, the module provides extra resources for circuit voltage and triggering external actors/sensors e.g. switcher, LED, relays etc. The CION Module™/FXT192A is cascadable and can be hot swapped.
    GOEPEL Electronic
  • VXI-429 - Four, Eight, 16, 32, or 64 Channel ARINC 429 Test & Simulation VXIbus Module Four, Eight, 16, 32, or 64 Software Programmable Tx/Rx Channels Programmable High/Low Speed Operation All Tx/Rx Channels can operate concurrently at high speed rates Full Error Injection & Detection
    Avionics Interface
  • VMA0055 - Measurement and Simulation Module The VMA0055 is a DC voltage and current measurement and simulation module for use with the Meriam MFT 4000 Series Multi-Function Tester. The module features the functionality of a DVM and loop calibrator for convenient field versatility. When used with other MFT functions, the VMA / MFT combination provides valuable functionality not available in other devices. Measurement ranges include ±500 mV, ±55 V, and ±100 mA. Sourcing capabilities include ±1000 mV, 0 - 24 V and 0 - 22 mA.
    Meriam Process Technologies
  • M1CFP100 - Tri-Speed Test Module This is Xena's unique tri-speed test module. The M1CFP100 provides 1 x 100GE, 2 x 40GigE test ports and 8 x 10Gbps test ports - all in one test module!

    A cost-saving investment for lab testing, pre-staging, field trials and early deployments, and applications where wire-speed testing, portability, and ease of use are required.
    Xena Networks
  • M2QSFP+ - Test Module The M2QSFP+ is a 2-port 40GBASE Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (QSFP+) test module for our XenaCompact and XenaBay chassis.

    This dual-speed test module provides 2 x 40G or 8 x 10G test ports via a simple software configuration and is compatible with 40G QSFP+ compliant transceiver modules, using MPO connectors.
    Xena Networks
  • NI FP-DO-400 - 8-Channel Sourcing Digital Output Module for FieldPoint Up to 2 A per channel, 9 A squared per module 5 to 30 VDC range LED on/off state indicator, per channel HotPnP (plug and play) operation -40 to 70 °C operating range
    National Instruments
  • XMC-664 - ARINC 664 Part 7 Test & Simulation XMC Module Supports IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Full-Duplex Ethernet links Utilizes SFPs to support both copper and optical interfaces XMC module with x4 PCI Express host interface Simulates multiple ARINC 664 End Systems, including VL traffic shaping and input VL redundancy management
    Avionics Interface
  • M304 - BITBUS Controller M-module The M304 BITBUS Controller M-module, featuring the i8044 BITBUS enhanced microprocessor provides all necessary functions to implement a BITBUS master or slave node. The resident firmware includes an extensive Remote Access and Control (RAC) command set, to allow specific functions to be performed on the remote nodes.
    AcQ Inducom
  • USB-4751 - 48-ch Digital I/O USB Module Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0 Portable Bus-powered Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI 48 TTL digital I/O lines Buffered circuits for higher driving capacity than 8255 Interrupt handling capability Timer/Counter interrupt capability Supports both dry and wet contact 50-pin Opto-22 compatible box header Suitable for DIN-rail mounting One lockable USB cable for secure connection included
    Advantech Co. Ltd
  • USB-4711 - Plug & Play Data Acquisition Module Your portable USB connection for analog and digital I/O. The USB-4700 series are true plug and play data acquisition modules. USB-4711 *8 Digital I/O * Analog Output 2 (12 bit). * Sampling rate up to 100kS/s. * One 32-bit counter. Connect to sensors with any USB enabled PC.
    B & B Electronics
  • M2SFP+4SFP - Test Module The M2SFP+4SFP is a wire-speed 2-port 10G and 4-port 1G test module. Based on Xena’s advanced architecture, the M2SFP+4SFP is only available for the robust transportable 1U XenaCompact chassis.
    Xena Networks
  • M2SFP-T - Test Module This 2-port 1G L2-3 test module includes advanced timing features for SynchE testing
    Xena Networks
  • PC Series - PC/AT/XT Compatible Modules The PC Series Modules are broken into two distinct categories, PC-B and PCI. The PC-B modules plug into PC/AT/XT compatible ISA bus slots while the PCI modules plug into PCI slots. Both are available as either switch modules or driver modules. The modules can be controlled either by direct hardware port access or by installable device drivers. PCI modules come with plug and play device drivers.
  • NI cFP-RTD-124 - 8-Channel 4-Wire RTD Temperature Module for Compact FieldPoint 8-Channel 4-Wire RTD Temperature Module for Compact FieldPoint
    National Instruments
  • M6SFP - Test Module Chassis module with 6 ports of GigE dual media SFP, 100/1000M optical or 10/100/1000 BASE-T
    Xena Networks
  • AQ2200-651 - SG MODULE The AQ2200-651 Signal Generator module reduces the complexity and cost of 10G optical transceiver testing by combining Signal Generation functions into the same mainframe that provides bus and power control while performing BERT and Optical testing. This allows a single programming interface to control all aspects of the transceiver test, simplifying test setup, decreasing test time and increasing productivity.
    Yokogawa Meters &
  • MU909020A - Optical Channel Analyzer Module The new MU909020A/Optical channel Analyzer module is a field modular device designed to measure and monitor power and wavelength over the 18 CWDM channels. It is a cost-effective alternative to more complex OSA for the emerging CWDM market, providing fast and reliable measurements in every environment. The small, lightweight and rugged handheld design makes this the ideal tool for field technicians tasked with installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of CWDM access networks.
  • M2SFP+T - Test Module 2-port 10G L2-3 test module with advanced timing features for SynchE testing
    Xena Networks
  • DADiSP / AdvDSP - Menu Driven Module DADiSP/AdvDSP is a menu-driven module that offers a wide variety of DSP algorithms, including advanced FFT analysis, power spectral density estimation, digital interpolation and cepstrum analysis.
    DSP Development
  • PCIe-FC4 Simulyzer™ - Dual-Port Simulator/Analyzer Test & Simulation PCI Express Module Half-size four lane PCIe board Supports Point-to-Point, Switched Fabric, and Arbitrated Loop topologies Two independent Fibre Channel ports Two SFP sockets accept fiber or copper transceivers Each port supports 1, 2, and 4 Gbps speeds Comprehensive decoding of FC-1, FC-2, and Upper Layer Protocol (ULP) frames
    Avionics Interface
  • PC104p-429 - Four or Eight Channel ARINC 429 COTS Interface PC/104+ Module Four or Eight Software Programmable Tx/Rx Channels Programmable High/Low Speed Operation All Tx/Rx Channels can operate concurrently at High Speed Rates Extended Temperature, Conduction Cooling, and Conformal Coating options available Rate-oriented Label Transmission
    Avionics Interface

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