Load Banks

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  • Inductive Load Banks Inductive (or inductive reactive) load banks are used in conjunction with resistive load banks for testing AC supplies at non unity power factors. Most generating sets are rated at 0.8 power factor (or CosØ), so to test at rated conditions requires both resistive and inductive load.
    N J Froment And Company
  • Load Bank System Froment Proofloader is a load bank system that replicates working load conditions and provides a rigorous test regime for power supplies from 1kW to many MVA. Resistive, inductive or combined load banks can be customised for any application.
    N J Froment And Company
  • Resistive Load Banks Resistive load banks can be used for testing AC supplies (at unity power factor) or for DC batteries discharge or UPS testing. The load bank size is expressed in kilowatts (kW) or amps (A) at the rated voltage. Froment's standard load banks can be used for testing supplies up to a voltage of 690Vac or 500Vdc.
    N J Froment And Company
  • Resistive / Inductive Load Banks Both resistive and inductive load are required for testing AC supplies at non unity power factors. Since most generating sets are rated at 0.8 power factor (or CosØ), testing at rated conditions is conveniently done with a combined load bank.
    N J Froment And Company
  • Load Banks Load banks are constructed with switched loads and are used to electrically load electrical equipment to test it: batteries, power supplies, UPS, welding power sources, etc. They can also be used to generate electrical conditions for testing specific electrical devices, such as electromechanical relays or breakers. In that case, they become a production or troubleshooting test bench or part of it. We supply load banks from a few kilowatts to several hundred kilowatts.
    Coudoint S.A.S
  • Load Bank Resistors Post Glover load bank resistors are systems that provide resistive electrical loads for testing critical power supply sources such as back-up or standby generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems at hospitals, data centers and industrial sites. Typical applications using Load Banks include: Testing battery systems. Periodic testing of standby engine generator sets.
    Post Glover
  • AC100 - Portable load banks The Cressall AC100 load bank is designed for on-site testing of three-phase AC generators and power supplies at 400/230V at continuous powers adjustable up to 100kW. Every model is complete with all meters, controls and power leads with quick-release in-line connectors.
    Cressall Resistors
  • Watt-MuncherPortable Load Bank The Simplex Watt-Muncher is a small DC rated load bank used to test battery systems, AC to DC rectifiers and power supplies, battery chargers, UPS systems and DC generators. The Watt-Muncher provides a variable test load used to measure charge and discharge rates, response, stability and endurance. Corresponding calibrations and adjustments can be made while maintaining a constant, precise, resistive load on the power source.
  • PT04-FC - Load Bank This model has been developed for Fuel Cell testing and low Voltage, Power Supply testing. 0 to 120A on the 24V range, (continuously rated) 0 to 60A on the 48V range, (continuously rated) CC, CP, CR and CV as standard
    Manatronics Pty Ltd
  • BTS - Multi Series - Multi-Channel Battery Testing Battery Cells, Packs or Modules. The Multi-channel system includes turnkey integration of Greenlight’s environmental chamber, load bank, power supply and data acquisition system, all housed in 19” rack towers.
    Greenlight Innovation
  • Innovator Series - Programmable Electronic Load bank The Fideris™ family of programmable electronic loads provides computer controlled loading of DC sources such as power supplies, batteries, and fuel cells. Our patented, ultra-low impedance design provides for full scale current flow with input voltages nearly an order of magnitude below competitor’s models. The units feature a user exchangeable shunt for current measurement to allow the load to be matched to the full scale current requirements of the test while retaining the extremely high accuracy of the voltage and current measurements.

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Load Banks - Test a power source by providing controlled amounts of load to create conditions found in thier application.